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The Ugly Side of “Justice”; Total Biscuit denounced over Zoe Quinn Scandal Comments.

Chris Heeley
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Chris Heeley

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Chris Heeley
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This thing doesn’t seem to be settling down does it?

The internet’s self professed “Game Commentator” and fellow Brit John Bain aka TotalBiscuit has been raked over the coals by a significant segment of the indie dev Community over his comments regarding the Zoe Quinn Scandal in the past 2 days.

After he took to twitter to share his thoughts in regards to Zoe Quinn’s alleged inappropriate press relations and the general Nepotism between Developers and and the Press, there’s been a groundswell of negative reactions within the indie dev community; seemingly instigated by controversial Indie Dev and Fez Developer Phil Fish, after he posted a series of (now deleted) tweets where he goes on a tirade against Bain. The tweets eventually degenerated to the level of school-yard insults.



Fish has had a history of disagreement with Bain after TB spoke out against fish’s comments that game developers are entitled to all the royalties from youtube videos that feature footage of their games.

Following these tweets several other indie devs including Quinn herself have denounced Bain for being a “Parasite” and they claim that he’s trying to capitalise on the Quinn situation in order to promote himself and boost an apparent harassment campaign from MRAs (Mens Rights Activists)


Prior to this Bain had been known within the community as a huge advocate of the Independent Game Developer Community featuring several indie games on his popular youtube channel The Cynical Brit, some of which later went on to gain critical and commercial success.

Bain points this out himself in the following tweet:






Revision: Quinn claims that her tweet was not directed at TotalBiscuit, though this was 12 hours after it initially went up and thus the damage had already been done
Update 1: developer of Canabalt, Adam Atomic, threatens to DMCA any future TB reviews of his games.

Here at Gamesnosh we have also had to think long about, and deal with the implications of sharing news and information that involves the Personal Information of a game developer and potentially gives-fuel-to and incites certain unsavoury elements within the gaming community to harass Quinn and her Associates, (the latter of which we do not condone and are staunchly against) however we do believe that there should be a platform out there to discuss this story and it’s implications and thus kept the original article up.

About Chris Heeley

Site Owner and EIC of http://gamesnosh.com , Photoshop Wizard, http://Twitch.TV Streamer, Youtuber, Brit and Game Industry Pundit.

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  • Sombrero Joe

    Picking a fight with TB, I think they’ve overestimated their relevance.

    • Buscus

      Yup, they should look at Wildstudios to see how bad that can be.

    • Isaiah Denis

      The definition of “Bad Idea”.

    • Michael Pelland

      Yeah that’s like a roach trying to pick a fight with a lion. The roach is gonna end up getting squished

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


    • Exaladum Exaarch

      What, you think TB is the god of gaming? News flash kid, he isn’t.

      He is just a corrupted Imbecile as IGN, Gamespot and others who’s purposes is gaming reviews.

      • MindFever

        That’s a demagogue statement because you haven’t explained how that is true nor given any examples. Without that your opinion is worthless.
        It is easy to putt everybody in the same basket because it takes effort to differentiate between different types of reviews.
        Back it up or do you retract your statements?

      • Gomly

        Bit late to the party but nevermind.

        I’m going to assume you have some evidence to back up this statement?


        You’re just being a gobshite moron?

        We’ll all move on then.

    • madethatway

      I’ve always hated seafood anyway. It stinks.

  • It seems Bain at least has a sense of humour about this whole debacle, kudos to him.

    • namegoeshere

      At least Totalbiscuit doesn’t have hideous mutton-chops

      • McMutton

        *Looks at own mutton chops*
        Hey, now.

        • jake

          hey, mutton chops mean evil

          • C-Scratch

            That explains my tendencies to gank people in Dark Souls.

    • Guest

      All I can think of at the moment

      • PinkCrocodile75

        If that was sent to a girl, it would make sense, otherwise you look a dick

        • swag


    • Cyberspark

      Thankfully it’s Zooc that has control over his twitter, otherwise TB would be coming out in hives XD

  • EnoughFish

    Pathetic. Manipulative. Spineless.

  • Jason Burton

    Keep up the good work, Gamesnosh. You’re one of the last legitimate sources for decent gaming journalism. FIGHT THE POWER.

    • Zaccardo

      you can also try vidoegamer.com or their youtube channel videogamertv. british games channel based in croydon. some of their vieos are quite funny and they are a relatively new and small business. they seem genuine. you could try tam’s response unit, explaining [insert here] to yir auld da, or the one off happy meal unboxing. won’t be everyones cup of tea, but i like them.

    • Fenntastic

  • Arty McBert

    Bahahahaha!! That human colostomy bag Phil Fish quit Twitter again. Serves that piece of shit right.

  • asasaojij

    Thank you for not twisting the actual truth of this story and being unbiased.

    • C G Saturation

      Ugh. I saw so many more sites focusing only on the “female having sex” aspect and ignoring everything else. They all had comments blocked, moderated and/or banned.

      Information control much?

      • Cyberspark

        With the shit storm as it is and the whole community whipped up into a frenzy of badmouthing everything in pre-emptive defence it’s probably best the comments are disabled. They’d only be filled with vile mud flinging

  • asd

    wow Gamenosh ur brave as fuck
    hope they dont force you to delete this

    • Lenny

      The Indie Gaming Mafia is a scary thing

      • ZackRoyer

        What are they going to do? Say “you don’t get it” to us to death?

  • iblewbubblesinthebathtub

    Its funny but through this ordeal I’m learning on what gaming websites to follow and which ones to drop.

    Thanks Zoe!

  • shrapnelgunner

    Why is Phil Fish such a pussy?

    • Arty McBert

      Because he clearly lacks balls or any shred of masculinity.

      • Varcolaci

        Ugh is that all you have? Always with the “beta/alpha” bullshit. It’s just too easy. Tell me, does it give you peace of mind when you say these things?

      • Varcolaci

        Every human being’s definition of masculinity and femininity are different. You do realize this, don’t you?

        • Arty McBert

          Maybe so, but Phil Fish doesn’t fit under anyone’s definition of a man. He’s nothing more than an immature man baby who’s also a dick. Perhaps if you could take off your rose-tinted glasses and actually see this guy for who he is , and the other group of indiedevs and game “journalists”, you probably would be sick of them too and understand why we’re calling them out on their BS. The guy’s a total faggot.

        • Tommy Meliet

          are you claiming that testosterone levels are subjective?

    • C G Saturation

      Apparently, he has donated money to Quinn under an alias.
      No idea if it goes deeper than that… ie. donated for what purpose?
      Maybe he’s just going into denial that he funded such a terrible person.

      • Fabian Blaha

        From what I have heard, hes one of The Five Guys.

        • Junoh315

          Not one of the initial Five Guys but some people are saying that he gave her a burger with fries.

      • Niall T

        He is friends and co designer with one of the FG.

      • Varcolaci

        CG Saturation, at least you have a good head on those shoulders. And my respect.

  • Yo Mero

    And Phil Fish just quit twitter. Again

    • namegoeshere

      He also probably cancelled Fez 2 for like the billionth time.

      • C G Saturation

        I was thinking maybe I should make a better Fez 2 anonymously and distribute it for free. He would probably break down and implode.

        But then I realized I could just make a better game of my own.

        • ChatWraithUpsilon

          Spell it “Phez” and market it under the name Fillip Phish

        • L.Payne

          Please make Phez under the alias Filip Phish. I will design things for you and stuff, sprites, backgrounds, anything I can help with. Pretty pwease? On a side note, if I had the time I could probably make Fez 1 using YoYoGames’ ‘game maker’ tool. lol.

          • Moose

            I fucking love you guys

          • Some guy you saw online

            I will buy it.

        • I am with you if you’re interested though. I have a background in both music and programming. The music in Fez is really easy to expand upon, as it’s not very complicated. My work can be found at soundcloud.com/buriedstpatrick.

          Beating Phil at his own game would be fucking amazing. I’m so sick and tired of this industry’s childish behavior. Zoe and Phil should NOT represent it.

        • GoldenPrince

          i know i’m probably too late but,

          Replace all dialogs with phil fish’s tweets.

      • Joseph Tadaon

        He’s nothing more than a one-hit wonder who thinks he’s the cock of the walk.

    • ChatWraithUpsilon

      Queue the most sarcastic “oh nooo…..” you can possibly muster.

  • Superscooter

    Gamesnosh being the based Batman of all this

    Gonna follow this website.

  • Timstuff

    Based TotalBiscuit. Situations like this are where we all see who our real friends are.

  • Prospero

    In this branch of the SJ movement you can make out the ghost of every governmental classification board, every parent’s association or lobby group for censorship, every self-publicist that has made bank on the ire of the gaming community in the past, only now trying to sideswipe us under the cover of the media that used to ridicule such opportunists. They have been for years, now. It’s hostile, it’s hateful, and at the end of the day it plays right into the hands of “the man” by distracting another discerning community of enthusiasts with divisive garbage unrelated to their interests. TB has been around for too long, he hasn’t been worn down by working “within the system” for years, he is immune. Going to be interesting to see the video.

  • simonli2575

    Are they seriously going to fuck with TotalBiscuit? I can’t believe this.

  • iamjesus

    Omg phil fish is so fuckin pathetic, holy shit…….

  • Wrathful

    I used to hate Totalbiscuit for his self-important attitude but since yesterday I started respecting him more.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Oh my god, that would be beautiful.

      • Some guy you saw online

        I can already imagine Cartman as Phil Fish…. my god, it would be so beautiful.

        • Shabutaro

          “Screw you guys, i’m going home~” – Cartman as Phil Fish

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • C G Saturation

    I read TB’s reaction and it was completely reasonable. This reaction is interesting indeed. The indie community backlash echoes the allegations that nobody is allowed to question Quinn if they want their game to be a success.

    As a game dev myself, that is a damn serious issue. Gaming media sites and communities apparently don’t want people making games unless they agree with and support Quinn 100%.

    Does anybody not see how serious and ridiculous that is? Because I’m not seeing news sites cover that at all. Why should I have to agree with Quinn’s morally bankrupt behavior to be accepted as a game developer?

    Let’s not forget that Quinn and her cronies also sabotaged a female dev event, and brought abusive hate upon innocent groups by framing them.

    She is clearly a terrible person. Why are people defending such a terrible person?
    Maybe I should do terrible things too. Then everybody will love me too.

    • Cyberspark

      Maybe so, but mass harassment and insulting never solved anything or brought attention and clarity to anything.

      • Lenny

        But discussion =/= harassment. People are told it’s harassment merely for discussing it, when it is a serious issue.

        • d0x360

          Exactly. It doesn’t matter what angle anyone comes from. Zoe Quinn immediately labels it as harassment and or sexism and so do her “friends”. How this woman got this kind of sway over people is mind boggling but she is evil.

          • Cyberspark

            See my comment above for a more accurate stance. I’m not being swayed, I don’t even listen to her and have no intention of doing so until there’s some clarity involved. Regardless that’s what it is. If it was some guy screwing female writers the focus would be where it should be, on the writers apparently taking sex as a bribe for good reviews. Instead of where it currently is and that’s whose insulting who and who she had sex with and the fact that she had sex at all.

          • d0x360

            What I don’t understand is how a woman who has done nude modeling for soft core pornography not art is then turning around and being upset over the objectification of women. Then berated men for doing so…that’s the entire point of pornography. fantasy and objectification.

            The issue isn’t just a single review or reviewer. The main guy in question didn’t write a review. The issue is she uses her influence over certain people to not only get favorable press but press above and beyond what they would normally cover as well as negative press or information being buried about other developers that she doesn’t like.

            There have been a few people who have stepped forward with evidence of this stuff happening but its not being objectively reported which is exactly the issue.

            I don’t care who this lady is, I’ll never play anything she makes simply because so far there is absolutely nothing of interest. I also don’t care about her opinions or views. People can believe whatever they want. What I do care about is someone gaining and using influence to sway opinions or coverage. I don’t care the method whether it be sex, money, being ostracized.. Whatever it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the end result. So I can easily ignore all all this sex business because it isn’t any of mine but its the results that bother me along with the blatant hypocritical viewpoints and double speak.

          • MindFever

            Because double standards don’t matter…she knows this. She is using that argument to have a defense. You really think she doesnt realise her double standards? Oh she and they do. You can see how “they” avoid the real issues and how they compose their arguments. But they need to win or they will succomb into nothingness of internet pastpast.

          • Varcolaci

            SHE is the sexist, using her sex as some kind of defense..

          • d0x360

            Well she certainly is. Her argument might have held weight but she has in the past taken money from the very same men she hates so they could subscribe to nude photos of her.

            Its like an actress in porn getting angry at men for watching their videos. Its absurd. Then she goes on rants about people passing around nude photos of her…nude photos she purposely put online for men to pay and look at… Well duh.

          • MindFever

            And not only this…but the whole moral debacle and conflict of interest story was perpetrated by men but Zoe and the company of idiots made it out to be somehow about feminism. It boggled my mind

        • Cyberspark

          Some people are discussing it, yes. Most are making simple insulting statements and most of them are sexist and wouldn’t be doing this if Quinn was a guy. But this happens every time the community gets outraged at something. There’s a little controversy with a personal element and it’s the person that gets attacked, not the deed.

          On top of that anyone that highlights the mass amount of abuse being hurled at her is seen as derailing things. It’s the mass abuse being hurled at her that’s stopping there from being a discussion, people bringing facts up, all of it is drowned by the sea of insults. They’re the entire reason for this article in the first place. Someone says something reasonable, but in the sea of insults and harassment it simply gets taken as an insult or easily passed off as one.

          The insults might be based on truth, but when there’s thousands of them there’s just no excuse. In the playground it’s called bullying, so what do we call it when it’s on the internet being committed by thousands of people worldwide?

          I wouldn’t have an issue if people were actually contributing to the conversation, but things like ‘.@TheQuinnspiracy Like sucking d***?’
          ‘GET. THE. D***,’
          ‘”Attractive” You clearly haven’t seen the photos, have you? Diamond Cutter to flaccid in 4 seconds.’

          None of these are progressing the discussion, none of them are valuable in any way. They’re part of a wall of spam being flung in her face.

          Everyone’s too busy with the nude pictures and her being a woman and having sex to actually focus on the fact that (supposedly) she did it to get better reviews. (Though at least from some sources I’ve heard they didn’t even review her game anyway).

          The issue here is not who did it and how they did it but why they what they did and what that means for the industry, what steps need to be taken, who do we need to not trust any more?

          • d0x360

            I’m with you there. 100%. The people making death threats or sending out nothing but insults are just as bad. That’s what gaming has become online. Insulting throwing nonsense.

            This is potentially a major issue. One that has been brewing for years. We might miss our opportunity to get some integrity in the press because of some immature fools just harassing people and lowering the level of the main argument into nothing more than a bunch of kids whining.

            That benefits nobody and it goes on to further damage the ability to speak on journalism.

            On the other side of the coin we need to move away from this reviews business because that’s not all its about. The claims are she influenced not only reviews but also coverage for her and her friends. On top of that there are claims for devs and others that she also used this influence to prevent coverage of things from people she doesn’t like. Just because one of the people she had supposed relations with didn’t write a review doesn’t mean he didn’t also talk to a bunch of people and try to garner positive content from them. We must consider that these are all people and will fall prey to using mob justice just as easily as the larger internet as in we must reward person x because this happened to them or punish person y because they supposedly did this.

          • I was with you until you said “That’s what gaming has become online.” No. No it hasn’t. The people sending threats and such do not speak for/represent the online gaming community.

          • d0x360

            You are right I should have added a qualifier. The entire gaming community isn’t awful. Its a small but incredibly vocal subset. Unfortunately they are so loud its become most of what we see and they immaturity gets pushed onto the rest of us by people who aren’t in the know. They think we all act that way when we don’t. Most of us just want to have some fun playing games.

            Make sense?

          • Perfect sense. I knew what you were going for from the beginning. That’s one of the main problems with this. A select few are (who may or may not be gamers in the first place) are extremely vocal about the subject, and it’s making the rest of us look bad. Myself, I’m taking a neutral standpoint. Some people just need to shut up play games.

          • Daniel

            Here’s the dealthough: a small subset of human beings are fucking awful. Go to any article on the internet, and you’re bound to find a comment about flailing someone. In every facet of life there is a small subset of hateful vocal assholes. Ya’know “the dumbest person in the room is also the loudest”.

            So why are we suddenly piling on gaming for having these? Why is it such a big problem in gaming, but not other hobbies(like say football, where hatred, violence and misogyny are just, if not more prevalent (soccer football, dunno about american that much)). There’s nothing we can do about them. Oh.. wait.. cause we’re suddenly piling on gamers and discussing gender-related issues. That’s why.

            And the actual issue has been drowned out by the gender-extremists(on both sides), and the gaming media is free to report on

          • d0x360

            First off the only thing the media is reporting on is how sexist and horrible their target audience is.

            Second I dont consider the unresearched, hypocrital, lie filled propaganda being belched all over the place adds to any discussion of value.

            The “extremes” on both sides are equally stupid. The problem is the press is fully supporting and some incredibly ignorant people are funding one of these extremes. Then we have the other extreme running around like a bunch of 12 year old dip****s making those of us who are rational and can form cohesive thoughts based on facts be ignored and swept under the rug.

            The issue has absolutely nothing to do with gender equality. Nothing. There is no hatred towards women en mass in gaming. Its a myth held up with hyperbole, nonsense word play and ignorance.

          • Daniel

            yup. We’re in agreement.

          • MindFever

            Actually they do,but in rare cases…just recently a guy was sentenced for prison time because of death threats on Facebook because of WoW. But I know what you mean. It happens but in very rare cases …at least to my knowledge

          • Spiderbait

            There’s a lot of static on the internet, which is understandable when you have thousands upon thousands commenting on this.

            What you’re supposed to do is ignore the static. Let sites like Reddit sieve it for what matters, if you’re interested in knowing what everyone thinks. Focus on what the influential individuals are saying. The ones hundreds or thousands listen to. There are always stupid comments on every issue on the internet. When Fukushima happened you had hundreds saying it was payback for Pearl Harbor, when Katrina happened hundreds said it would wash away the filth. Highlighting stuff like that serves little purpose to any discussion. Saying that it is stopping the discussion is untrue and contradictory with every other discussion ever made online.

      • ChatWraithUpsilon

        consider it social “time-out”

      • Varcolaci

        I think she should be shamed, yes.

      • MindFever

        Bogus argument. The definition of harrasment is bogus. If it were anything close to truth it would be already a lawsuit filed. I didn’t see one.
        This is typical intellectually dishonest arguments…a sort of weapon of mass DISTRACTION. Fabricating charges of mysoginy when this has nothing to do with that.
        Quinn is a borderline personality… They resort to blatant lies to start drama around them.
        Real intellectuals are actually amused at the imbecilic arguments people put forth in favour of Quinn’s drama. The other side is sadly not accustomed to pressure so they get dragged in emotionally.
        FACTS,stick to facts people. You can demolish any crap argument with it.

        If gaming journalists knew anything about journalism they would use it

  • Cyberspark

    This is a wonderful time to find out just what indie games I’ll be boycotting for the future.

  • Brolaire

    Excellent piece. I would almost suggest including some of the supposedly ‘offensive’ tweets that TotalBiscuit made. The article clearly isn’t biased, but I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would like to say it is.

    Regardless, thank you for reporting on this when no one else would. And for refusing to back down when the indie clique tried to have it removed.

  • Ms_Fortune

    Finally, its all tumbling down.

    Its about fucking time.

    • Oldenheimer1913

      It’s all Tumblring down.

  • Thanatos2k

    In his post, Totalbiscuit basically said he didn’t respond right away because he was busy getting chemo for his cancer. Yes, they’re ganging up on a guy with cancer.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      “Oh my gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwd!”

      Those fucks! But really, this whole shit show is crazy. How people can defend her actions is beyond me.

    • Olympion

      Having cancer apparently doesn’t score you many Victim Points with the SJW scumbags.

      • Varcolaci

        Oh, so this makes you an SJW.. Doesn’t it?

  • C G Saturation

    I’m currently skimming through http://factualwiley.tumblr.com/post/95257701354
    According to that, there’s someone accusing Quinn of sleeping with their boyfriend, and another person complained about Quinn molesting them.

    At this point, I’m not so sure we can rule out that she has literally been sleeping with everyone.

  • MundaneMatt

    Damn. Just fucking damn. Good reporting guys!

    • Cameron Fleming

      What happened with your vid?

      • toot_toot_goes _the_poot

        it was taken down for using a single image of her game. video should be up again though.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Hi 🙂

    • dodoking

      since you are here I officially add this to my trusted vydia site

  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    Phil Fish, the bill o’reilly of the videogame world. Acting like a tremendous asshole for the look-at-me factor.

  • Amazing ThetaMan

    I love it when non-entities try to act like the actually well known celebrity is using them to boost themselves up.
    Fish continues to prove why we’re all better off without him and his overinflated ego.
    finally go on Adam Atomic take on TB, it worked so well for the people at Day one Gary’s incident and the guise of the wolf.

  • Lenny

    This is the kind of thing that goes on in the indie video game scene. Look at how much of a scammer and manipulator we are dealing with here:



  • Nami

    Since people seem to be using sexual favors as currency in the gaming industry, who do I have to cuddle up to in order to get a PS4 with alternate OS capability?

    • Dima Wisotski

      We are probably talking about kilometers worth of penises to orally please. With tongue action.

      • Nami

        Wow, it’s been a while since the internet has caused me to dryheave.

    • Junoh315

      A PS4 with alternate OS capability? If you could still play PS4 games on it, that would be awesome.

  • Dima Wisotski



    Ill just leave it here. Grab screenshots while you can, until they realise what EXACTLY they said in thoose posts.

  • Petter Helland

    Gamenosh, you’ve got yourself a new follower for posting FACTS and being reasonable, gg.

  • Spokker

    Total Biscuit: Makes reasonable arguments.

    Phil Fish: Petty insults.

    That seems to be the dynamic between SJW’s and those that don’t like them.

  • HurlockHolmes

    Good read, it’s nice to see the other things that have come from this whole “Zoe Quinn” debacle.

    I don’t agree with TB’s inflated ego, but Phil manages to be worse in that regard and only seems to care about insulting people.

  • d0x360

    These developers are idiots. I dont know what Zoe has over these guys but they are fighting the wrong battle. TB has been a HUGE advocate of the indie scene for Years. He promotes indies over AAA constantly. Any Dev who threatens to try to censor critical content (reviews, opinions etc) via DMCA is not only an idiot but also just absolute scum. The videos TB makes are covered under fair use in the copyright code. All these devs would find in the end is massive amounts of negative press and in gaming negative press is actually bad.

    I’ll never buy anything from any of the devs that are currently on the attack and Phil fish…you have some serious mental problems. You genuinely need help. I say that in an as honest way and without any hint of insult. You are ill.

  • Zefar

    WHO would pick a fight with TB? WHO is that stupid?

    It’s like the 3 million viewed Garrys incident video had no meaning to these people.

  • Well, Quinn is most likely someone with depressive BPD.

    Borderline Personality Disorder is hard to diagnose, but there’s similar traits that people can observe through language, personality, actions, habits and personal interaction. Typical BPD traits include being self opinionated, manipulative, righteous, needs to be around people, plays the victim, and becomes confident when they can control others around them. Your garden variety Narcissist or Sociopath would be afraid of dealing with someone with BPD on a regular basis, because they often run towards others and will manipulate others, playing the victim in order to feel empowered and safe.

    The problem is, they become depressed after that high, and they need to lash out at something or someone again in order to feel justified or righteous or validated and safe. BPD is rare, but the people who are untreated, are also very callous and vicious about who they manipulate, and to some extent it’s not personal. you’re either in their way, or you’re the problem.

    Phil Fish appears to be on the same unbalanced spectrum here too, more than likely to be bipolar and using it as a filter towards creativity, but he is making it worse for himself and others to be involved in this event in such a way.


    I have nothing against Zoe Quinn, or female games designers, or anyone else in particular. i can hold an opinion without it flavoring or offsetting how i feel about them, and i often work with people whom i like or don’t like, it doesn’t affect my professionalism.

    The problem is that you can’t really hold any opinion on this topic without some form of legal body armor and expect to come out unscathed.

    Quinn vs Humanity debate isn’t really the issue, it’s not even Quinn vs Internet, it’s Quinn vs People who don’t like/know Quinn vs Everyone else.

    and if there’s a BPD, it’s most likely Quinn vs Everyone who knows Quinn personally.

    If the sex, harassment and slut shaming were removed, it would be a more abrasive commentary on games journalism. but in an american audience, you can’t get past the titillation and gender/ feminist oppression because the argument is invalid without sex coming into a discussion and becoming filtered on one side of a long standing argument that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    I can completely ignore the affairs and promiscuity. it’s not an issue, it’s sordid, and cheap to bring it up.

    To me, Quinn seems less than genuine, because i know the kind of personality that is involved that would promote themselves like this, and try to use it for their own advantage. I can give Quinn the benefit of the doubt in a lot of things, but it’s hard to know if it’s untrue, or true, but i’d have to say that it is true, and it’s defendable. because it is being defended. There’s so much damage control on this topic, that people are confusing people asking questions with being on the wrong side of the issue, or the wrong side of Quinn’s friends.

    And while this might “blow over” in a week, any rational person is going to look at the reaction and be convinced that there’s some reality to this, the streisand effect becomes illuminatingly stronger when a reddit post from TB, hits 30,000+ deleted comments and 6000+ votes.

    Quinn has nothing to lose right now, because while she might be victimised and harassed and oppressed, if she has BPD, this plays right into her delusion and reinforces it. Her friends aren’t going to help her get better through defending her. If anything, it’s helping her feel empowered and self righteous and in control.

    Doing nothing, would be the best course of action, but it seems like that’s not going to happen anytime soon,

    So, pass along the popcorn and watch the fireworks as people try to defend the monster behind the mask. good luck with that.

    • So, in shorts, she needs help otherwise it will end so badly.

  • luvthesnapper

    Why is Phil Fish such a bitch? Also, If you’re supporting zoe quinns actions, you’re also a bitch.

    • Jason Mounce

      She probably slept with him too.

      Anyone who defends her or helps her, she’s probably already legitimately slept with them. Your mom? Dad? Grandpa? Your dog? Yes. Even your dog. If you see your dog turning against you, the reasons are clear.

      • Koyomi K

        she probably actually fucked Philippe though.

  • Jan Compaf

    who, who, what?
    what is this drama about?

  • Dbusterplus

    I want to thank this site for its even handed and backed-by-evidence reporting of the facts in this case. You’ve been a refreshing beacon in a very corrupted and jaded industry.

    You got yourself a new regular visitor and reader. Keep up th the good work GamesNosh

  • Dbusterplus

    Also, after reading Adam Atomic’s twitter along with serial antagonizer and fight-starter Samantha “You’re part of the problem!” Allen…I’m thoroughly convinced that I will be paying VERY close attention to which indie devs get my money from now on.

    I’ve deleted Canabalt and I’ll be making damn sure I know what kind of person is making the games I give money to

    • Jeremy Comans

      Good stuff, that is something I also do. Unlike the AAA space, which is hard to change, indies are mostly bought by a small number of more invested gamers, and our individual actions are more likely to have an effect on developer behaviour. They will either learn respect, or they’ll fold.

  • Koyomi K

    these losers would just rot and die in their caves if not for the low access granted by the internet. this is one of those reminders of how a good thing can bring about very bad baggage.

  • Auslander

    If I had to pick a side its Biscuit all the way. Fish is a loser who complains and cries about developing all the time. He has 1 game and keeps flip flopping on making a sequel. He is the loser in this and maybe he should back off before he never makes another dime again.

    • Koyomi K

      seriously. one hit indie wonder.

  • Niall T

    Damn right you keep this article up. These C U Next Tuesdays are trying to censor this absolutely huge scandal. I don’t give a iota of a shit about ‘she who must name be named or you will be banned’ but I care about every single review I have read. Are any of them true? Have I been lied too for the better part of my life? Wtf?

    Doesn’t which side of the gender you take, if people have been (possibly) giving sexual favours for good reviews or forcing sexual favours for the same. It is just so fucked up.

    I am so glad you are talking about it. One of the very few that are and one of the even fewer not (apparently) taking sides

  • Morpheus Ancano

    Just thought I’d point out that Quinn clarified on her personal twitter that she was not referring to TB. I think TB jumped the gun in his reply to Quinn by assuming she was referring to him, when I think she was referring mostly to Internet Aristocrat et al, the clique of anti-feminists on youtube who seized on this.

  • Koko

    I usually disagree with TB fair bit, I respect him for this. Phil’s the type of person I’d deck in the jaw if came across him in real life.

  • Snackster1001

    These disgusting humans never cease to amaze me

  • DaTroll Troll

    Ah, Phil Fish. Always a reliable source of lulz.

    • Joseph Tadaon

      Maybe he’ll cancel Fez 2 again….and again…..and again.

      Seriously this guy either needs to shit or get off the pot. And stop giving fries and burgers to Zoe.

  • Nathan Merrill

    The funny thing is, if Adam Atomic actually carries through on this threat, he has just admitted to knowingly committing perjury, as a DMCA claim is a legal document and when you sign it, you are attesting that you believe it is all legal and valid. If you are doing so in order to censor critical content, you are committing a crime because your claim is falsified. He could, in fact, go to jail for several years for doing so, and has actually confessed to committing said crime proactively.

    • Jeremy Comans

      Adam Atomic is definitely added to my ‘TB’s List of Anti-Consumer Devs Not Worthy of Your Coin’.

  • Tyrannikos

    WHY do people pick fights with TB and his insane network of lawyers?

    • Michael

      I think they think they can win because he is British. “We got out independence from them, so I can pick on TB!” They’ve already proven themselves to be irrational and emotionally driven, so I can’t think of a sane reason why.

    • Daniel

      very simple:he’s a youtuber. He makes videos for a living, while they, holy indie devs, hallowed by their names, do the most holy of works of creating “art”. So on the scale of holiness TB is obviously below them. They are the angles from heaven and TB is a gross nerd…ewwww.

  • anonymous

    the part that zoe wrote wasn’t about totalbiscuit as stated in this tweet:

    • I love how she calls him gross when she’s sleeping with multiple reviewers to get good reviews on her game.

  • kespertive

    Didn’t know 10 years old kids can be game developers

  • Jose Alves

    I say let them kill each other.

    I couldn’t care less about them.

  • Rodrigo_Girao

    Anyone who uses “MRA” as an insult implies that men have no right to express their concerns about social, cultural, and political issues that affect them negatively.

    • Jon Stone

      No, they don’t. I use ‘MRA’ as an insult to refer to people who are so desperate to rationalise their irrational terror of the feminist movement and their inability to successfully rebuke its arguments, that they have to invent/join a completely pointless counter-movement. Men are better off without the obnoxious and imbecilic MRA or anyone who thinks that way.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      • dodoking


  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    Reportedly, he and zoe were hacked but evidence is suggesting that he faked a hack on his own site. His website requires authentication from multiple devices, which means that he is virtually the only person with access.

    Don’t believe phil fish’s bullshit. Let him disappear.

  • jjj0309

    Truth: ZQ and PF, they are sleeper agents.
    Something big is going on; remain vigilant.
    Fight against censorship and corruption.
    This is a full-scale media invasion.
    Defend what we love and care.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Zoe Quinn and Phil_Fish are a part of the government’s agenda, unfortunately. 🙁

  • Nytezero

    Just wanna come on here and say that I approve of the stance that you’re taking gamesnosh. Keep it up and fight the good fight. Spread the word.

  • JackPoint

    What is amazing is the massive amount of… rational thought, logical reasoning, and downright respectful shit people are saying. I mean, within the context of the whole thing. There are some hateful things being said, yes, but the vast majority of what I have been reading about this is just “wow what a conflict of interest” and so on. Basically, people are just generally really flabbergasted at the complete lack of professionalism. The hate-speech and buzzwords that are being thrown around are generally of the “you all hate women!” variety, and are pretty baseless. I hate to say this about the internet ever, but I am almost proud to be reading the vitriol today people.

  • //

    Interesting to see how far Miss Van Valkenburg will go to keep this quiet in light of the Streisand Effect. Then they want to complain about something they are mostly (and in a few cases, literally) doing themselves – harassment.

    The only good thing is that the ZQ fans are not going to be coming out of it smelling like roses, but of something else unsavory.

    • Arty McBert

      >Encyclopedia Dramatica
      Hahaha, no. As much as I hate Quinn, that place is filled with a bunch of idiot tryhards who try too hard to be funny and shocking all while spamming memes. They even make /b/ and Reddit look good by comparison.

      Trying to advertise your article?

  • Capital_7

    Are all of these guys in line to fuck Zoe? Let her shower first, Jesus Christ.

    • Stilluff Fogg

      This whole situation is a fucking mess. I cannot comprehend what kind of grasp Zoe has on the industry to be able to get mods on pretty much all big boards (reddit, 4chan, tumblr etc) to delete and sensor EVERYTHING. It is absolutely insane. It’s like the entire “gaming journalism” industry is rotten to the fucking core, and at the bottom you have Zoe pulling all the fucking strings. It’s absolutely shocking.

      Yes, it may have started out as a scorned lover posting about his ex, but holy FUCK did it bring with it a lot of news and revelations people have been suspecting for a long time.

      TotalBiscuit has done nothing wrong here, and he is getting shit on by these fucking losers who have their heads so far up Zoe’s ass they can’t even breath on their own.

  • Billy Magada

    Phil Fish, the self imposed one pump chump that is the most sensitive snowflake on the planet? Oh my game was a success? Better not make another one because it might fail! Oh someone “hacked” the my official developer page? Have to sell the Fez IP as soon as possible!

    While I may never design a successful game I know two things, almost every other developer on the planet has tried to make more than one game, successful or no, and not a single developer has completely overstated their importance like Phil Fish has. I wish he would just go be a douche somewhere where I don’t have to see him.

    • Jeremy Comans

      He wants to be left alone, but he can’t stop shoving his self-important face back in front of us. How hard his life must be?

  • Arthromenace

    Mother of… Wow. Got a whole new side of this discussion. The tweets thrown around at TB for saying essentially “if things that are, at the very best, morally ambiguous are true, then you dun’ goofed” are absolutely outrageous. Threatening with fake DMCA claims like this is complete and utter duck-nuttery. I’ma need whoever put that DMCA law into effect to apologise and then kindly ducking /cease and desist/.

    Kudos to you Gamesnosh (aka people I’ve never heard of) for reporting relatively unbiased view.

  • Quelandoris

    Y’all have done good by me, posting actual information that isn’t just a hock of crap like every other major journalist. Hell, if i hadn’t stumbled on this site, i never would’ve realized that several reviewers that i actually respected were also making an extra something-something under the table, in particular Jim Sterling who has chosen to dodge the question in its entirety, choosing to learn towards Quinn’s side for no better reason than “We’ve talked a bit.”

    Congrats, this site has made my short list of folk who’s opinions are trustworthy, along with Yhatzee Croshaw and Total Biscuit.

  • So yeah, you just got yourself a new reader. I’m sure I’m joined by many others as well.

    • BahhDa

      Joining you on this one.

  • LickTheEnvelope

    I still can’t believe the ire that indie devs and journos have for gamers. I know they get mean comments often but sheesh…

  • pobilo

    This is something I don’t get on multiple levels. I mean how could they not understand how stupid this move was? How is your first move to bully someone when you claim to represent justice? How do you plan to effectively bully someone who dwarfs you in influence and popularity? Why even attack TB at all? Does Zoe think he would actually refuse to have a discussion with her if she asked? I mean think about that for a second, there are about a dozens levels between where TB was and where they took this to. We could have had a debate, a casual conversation, some clarification from either side, questions, answers, anything.

  • Jeremy Comans

    The people attacking TB either didn’t read what he wrote before they got on the bandwagon, or they support the things he was speaking out against. Thanks to him I have a growing list of devs I will never support with my money, though fortunately the number of deserving devs uncovered is vastly superior.

  • wild fish

    Whore. Disgusting.

  • Chairman Mao

    I really like how he tries to understand the opposing view and somewhat defends Phil Fish’s statement by stating how difficult it is to say what you mean via Twitter.

  • David Szymanski

    You know, I disagree with TotalBiscuit on some things, I think his opinion of what is/isn’t a videogame is utter crap, and I think he sometimes comes across as being utterly full of himself, but I’m behind him 100% on this. There is nothing wrong with his Twitter post. It’s probably the most sensible response to this fiasco I’ve seen. And frankly, you can accuse him of a lot of things, but dishonesty is not one of them. And it seems that we’re going to need some journalism sources we can trust.

  • Che Bob

    Simple solution to this nonsense (as well as most of the problems with the internet): If you have a position on any subject that you can’t sit down and have a calm discussion about without emotional bullying and demonising, FUCK OFF.

  • lemec

    I sometimes make fan art for indie games. Your article informed me of Adam’s stance on false DMCA claims, which I have reflected in my work.


  • I am trying to understand the whole GamerGate vs IndieJackasses , Cheating Low Moral Sexists .Women and Feminism . But if you attack TB , i am hella fuckin against ya .

  • Markmid

    Mr fish gets money from his game sales.
    He gets exposure from reviewers and fans, which leads to more sales.

    Then he wants to tax them for the privilege for helping him.


  • Primary

    Thank god, a gaming news site I can actually read again.

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