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May, 2015

  • 29 May

    Kazumi Mishima and a Pet Tiger Join the Tekken 7 Roster

    Kazumi Mishima

    The next all-new fighter to join Tekken 7’s playable cast is Kazumi Mishima. She debuts in the fighting franchise sequel as the boss character, but the trailer above has now confirmed her as a playable addition to the roster. Despite having little presence or mention in the past games, she’s still got a stake in the series’ backstory, being the mother ...

  • 26 May

    Sleepers: A New Survival Horror For PC

    Sleepers Screenshot

    Good news for survival horror fans! A new survival horror game for the PC called Sleepers is in the works. Not much is known about the game so far but developer Camel 101 had this to say about the game: “Sleepers is a survival horror game set in the future, where the player controls a character who wakes up in ...

  • 26 May

    Savage Road Story Trailer Unveiled For Mad Max

    Mad Max Story Trailer Screen

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios today unveiled a new story trailer for their upcoming open-World iteration to the Mad Max series. The new trailer, titled Savage Road, gives some further insight into Max’s predicament during the events of the game, finding the titular protagonist one less Interceptor and left for dead in the baron & hostile Wasteland environment. ...

  • 26 May

    Woolly World Gets Extra Amiibo Functionality

    Wooly World Amiibos

    In what’s shaping up to be one of the cutest and most adorable titles of the year, Nintendo have today unveiled a brief new trailer that offers insight to some further expanded functionality of Amiibos within Yoshi’s Woolly World. Those who’ve purchased any of the Smash Bros tie-in models can use the Amiibo, via tapping the Wii U gamepad, to ...

  • 16 May

    All Tekken 7 Characters Confirmed So Far

    Tekken 7 characters

    Bandai Namco have been releasing a steady stream of updates to the roster for new fighter Tekken 7. The game is still exclusive to Japanese arcades for now, but a version for home platforms is certain to come soon enough. There are new faces and returning favorites alike confirmed already, so here’s a look at which Tekken 7 characters fans can ...

  • 12 May

    DMC4: Special Edition Releases June 23rd


    The time has come and so shall I. That time is the 23rd of June, when Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition releases digitally. The updated edition of DMC4 was confirmed last December to be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this Summer. More than just a remaster, Capcom will be adding 3 new playable characters to the 2008 action game. DMC4 ...

April, 2015

  • 28 April

    Just Cause 3 Gets New Gameplay Trailer

    Just Cause 3 Gameplay

    Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have today unveiled a new gameplay-focused trailer for the eagerly anticipated third installment in the Just Cause series. But for those skeptical the trailer is primarily cinematics and scripted events, well you may want to reconsider that assumption. In a follow-up tweet, Avalanche Studios claimed this isn’t the case, stating the trailer contains ‘no scripting, ...

  • 16 April

    Tales of Zestiria Due This Fall With Japanese Audio Option


    The newest installment in Bandai Namco’s massive JRPG Tales franchise is set to make its way West in Autumn of 2015. Tales of Zestiria is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and follows the journey of a young boy called Sorey, who seeks to bring peace to his world as a “Shepherd.” The game acts as the 20th Anniversary milestone for the Tales franchise, which ...

  • 9 April

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Confirmed; Premise, Co-Op & Reveal Announced

    Black Ops 3

    Looks like that whole World At War II dream was essentially that…a dream. Activision have confirmed today that Treyarch are indeed working on the third installment of the Black Ops arc with Black Ops 3, the twelfth main game in the popular First Person Shooter franchise. Alongside a new teaser trailer – which sees audio extracts of the series’ characters ...

March, 2015

  • 30 March

    Halo 5: Guardians Out October 27th

    Halo 5

    Halo 5: Guardians will be released October 27th Worldwide for Xbox One, Microsoft have announced. Along with the confirmed date, two live-action trailers have also been released which seem to shed some surprising light on what both Master Chief and not-Master Chief (sorry…Spartan Locke, as he’s referred to) will be up against in the fifth installment of arguably Xbox’s biggest ...

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