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August, 2014

  • 28 August

    Review: Infamous – Second Son


    # I want to leap over buildings, Want to fly over the shores, Save the people from the villains, Catch the crooks who rob the stores. # Write my name upon the sky, When you call me I’ll be there, Faster than a lightning flash, Rushing through the, cool night air. # Ohh woah So start ignition count to zero, ...

  • 22 August

    Should the Call of Duty series go back to its roots?


    “Who remembers stories of old?” There has been something that has been constantly floating in my mind for many years now, something that I believe could bring back the importance and heart back into the Call of Duty series. It is time for them to go back to their roots and create a next gen game set in World War ...

  • 13 August

    Review: Killzone Shadowfall


    When selecting a launch title, console creators need to choose wisely as they will be setting the tone for their machine, whilst gamers are aware that better things come over time, standards are still high and with console prices being as high as they are a decent bait is needed to lure consumers in before the hook can be set. ...

  • 9 August

    Review: Thief


    Thief’s original release by Looking Glass Studios way back in 1998 was a bold one to say the least. Thief: The Dark Project stepped from the shadows at a time when the first person shooter genre was a fresh new idea; people were bewitched by the visceral charm of Doom and the likes. So telling the player that the aim ...

  • 7 August

    Review: Outlast


    Outlast is a First person survival horror experience. Originally released in September 2013 on PC and was made available in February 2014 for the Playstation 4. It was initially a free release as part of PS plus membership but is now available on the store for purchase. In outlast you play as investigative Journalist Miles Upshur,  with the camera remaining fixed ...

  • 6 August

    Review: The Last of Us Remastered

    Last of us feature image

    The world we know has ended and the lives of the dwindling population will never be the same. Coping with tragic loss, starvation, bandits and torn between the fascist, bullying government who control the cities and the rag-tag rebel forces who oppose them, people seemingly don’t stand a chance. Mankind has fallen into chaos, the catalyst, a fungal plague which turns ...

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