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August, 2015

  • 31 August

    Mankind Divided Release Date Plus Pre-Order Campaign Announced

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Augment Your Pre-Order

    Mankind Divided, the forth game in the much-loved Deus Ex series, finally has a release date. Players will be able to get their hands on the game on February 23rd next year. However, as Square Enix followed up in their press release earlier this afternoon, fans could very well see the game offered a few days earlier as part of ...

  • 30 August

    Nobunaga’s Ambition Review and Breakdown (Video)


    Disclosure: the author was provided with a pre-release review code of this game by ONE PR Have you ever wondered how you’d fair as a Daimyo during the Warring States period of Japan? Waging war and attempting be the one who stands at the top of the mountain of Chaos? You ever wonder what it’d be like to use warfare, ...

  • 29 August

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Bizarre Practice of Early Reviews


    Watch the video or read the article, the choice is yours! You’re not tools of the government internet, anymore. Gone are the days when we could play a game without knowing everything about it beforehand. When my 14 year old self popped Metal Gear Solid 3 into the Playstation 2, do you know what I thought? “Damn, I can’t wait ...

  • 27 August

    Divinity: Original Sin II Reaches Kickstarter Goal In Less Than 12 Hours

    Divinity: Original Sin II Artwork

    It’s been a year chock full of reached goals and exceeded targets on Kickstarter game-wise and while it’s not the first follow-up title to surpass expectations in recent months, Divinity: Original Sin II has managed to achieve its original goal of $500,000 with a total – at the time of this article’s writing – of nearly three quarters of a ...

  • 26 August

    Secret World Dev Announces Single-Player Horror ‘The Park’

    The Park

    Funcom, developer of various MMO titles such as The Secret World and Age of Conan, have announced a rather creepy teaser trailer for their next game ‘The Park.‘ The game came as a result of a new strategy employed by the company amid some financial losses. They aim to focus on “small, experimental, and innovative” games. Despite the new strategy, ...

  • 24 August

    Rocket League – Best Sports Game of the Year?

    Rocket League

    Psyonix released their long-awaited sequel to the nicely named Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battling Cars last month. The successor, Rocket League is currently dominating the gaming industry. But how can such a simple game become something so huge in such little time? At face value, Rocket League seems a little bit dumb, it’s tiny remote-control cars playing football in a little ...

  • 18 August

    Rainbow Six Siege Delayed Until December

    Rainbow Six Siege Artwork

    Rainbow Six Siege is to delayed until December 1st, Ubisoft confirmed today via their official blog. Originally scheduled for release on October 23rd, the first-person tactical shooter now finds itself launching behind this year’s other major AAA shooters, including [Call of Duty] Black Ops 3, Halo 5: Guardians & Star Wars: Battlefront…as well as the studio’s other main money-spinners in ...

  • 17 August

    Former CD Projekt Devs Unveil Seven

    Seven Logo

    Fool Theory,  an independent studio formed by former developers from CD Projekt Red – and thus those who worked on The Witcher 3 – have officially announced the new game they’ve been working away on in conjunction with publisher IMGN.PRO. The minimally-titled Seven is a 3D isometric RPG that centres around an open sandbox World whilst also paying homage to ...

  • 17 August

    Avalanche Studios’ Upcoming Get New Trailers

    Avalanche Studios Mad Max Vehicular Combat

    It’s not all about a certain upcoming sneaky, stealth-based title that is set to lead the upcoming tidal wave of new releases within the final third of 2015. Avalanche Studios have not one but two long-awaited games coming out in the coming months and a pair of new trailers delving even deeper into either game’s variant mechanics have just recently ...

July, 2015

  • 25 July

    Hitman Closed Alpha: A Mixed Affair On PC

    Hitman 2015 Screenshot

    Videos and footage of the closed alpha testing of the new, upcoming Hitman game (easily-titled simply Hitman) have been uploaded to the web by a myriad of players over the past couple of days. It goes without saying, for those who hoped IO Interactive & Square Enix would offer unto us a scorcher of a Hitman game for PC as ...

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