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September, 2016

  • 29 September

    Nidhogg 2 Announced; Looks Unrecognisable

    Nidhogg 2

    By popular demand(?) 2014’s fencing hit Nidhogg is getting a sequel due next year for PC, and likely some consoles. Gameplay-wise, Nidhogg 2 doesn’t seem to be introducing much new elements yet, aside from additional weapons such as an axe and a bow. The new soundtrack will feature electronic artist Mux Mool, as well as Daedelus, Doseone, and more to come. The biggest change to this ...

July, 2016

  • 8 July

    Intriguing Indies – July Roundup


    https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2524212/video-684642-h264_high.mp4 Prey For The Gods This game’s kickstarter went live on July 6th and is already gaining massive traction with backers. It’s easy to see why. Prey For The Gods is clearly inspired by the cult classic Shadow of the Colossus, borrowing its unique climbing mechanic, allowing you to scale the massive bosses in order to fight them. This borrowing could ...

February, 2016

  • 4 February

    Eitr – Interview With The Composer

    Cedric Thumb for vid

    Eitr is an upcoming indie game inspired by norse mythology. In this interview with Cedric Baravaglio we talk about his soundtrack to Eitr including the epic song ‘Infectious’ from its trailer. Other topics include his inspirations and other projects including the Neko Light Orchestra who have gained popularity through their covers of video game and film music. Also, the Noob ...

November, 2015

  • 20 November

    Jazzpunk Review – For Punks Who Love All That Jazz

    Jazzpunk Review

    Publisher: Adult Swim Games Developer: Necrophone Games Platform: PC Jazzpunk. The name brings to mind the other genres that have sprung up over the years. Steampunk, Cyberpunk, hell, even Seapunk is a thing these days, when people are left to their own devices. However, the title itself is a parody of these other genres, proving the point that you can ...

September, 2015

  • 25 September

    Evil Blue Koala – Interview With The Composer

    Evil Blue Koala

    Arne Goyvaerts, AKA ‘Evil Blue Koala’ is a composer and sound designer from Antwerp, Belgium. In this interview with the composer we discuss his work on the Skyrim ‘Additional Music Project,’ the upcoming game ‘Revolve‘ by Rusty Bolt Studios and his improvisational album ‘Seaside Piano’.

  • 6 September

    Review – Volume

    Volume Screenshot

    Developer: Mike Bithell Games Publisher: Mike Bithell Games Platforms: PC, PS4 (review platform), Vita I’m going to go on record and say I [with notable criticism] enjoyed Thomas Was Alone. Not in some pedantic or trivial sense of the word, but via an all-round acceptance that despite its appearance – of which a lot of people have (maybe for good ...

August, 2015

  • 25 August

    Review – Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

    Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Screenshot

    Developer: The Chinese Room, SCE Santa Monica Studios Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform: PS4 No longer can I proclaim there’s been zero games set in my local area. I’m still a little North (and some thirty years in the future) of rural Shropshire, but I digress. There’s no denying Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture has something of a familiarly personal ...

  • 17 August

    Former CD Projekt Devs Unveil Seven

    Seven Logo

    Fool Theory,  an independent studio formed by former developers from CD Projekt Red – and thus those who worked on The Witcher 3 – have officially announced the new game they’ve been working away on in conjunction with publisher IMGN.PRO. The minimally-titled Seven is a 3D isometric RPG that centres around an open sandbox World whilst also paying homage to ...

July, 2015

  • 9 July

    One Dreamer: A Twisted, Psychological Experience Now On Kickstarter

    One Dreamer Screenshot

    Built as ‘conveying a powerful and unique story using pixel art and voice narration‘, One Dreamer draws from the deranged, disfigured and often twisted fantasies of lucid dreaming alongside the seemingly normal workings of the real World. Inspired by games such as The Last Of Us, the team behind the game – led by programmer/artist Gareth Ffoulkes – hope to ...

June, 2015

  • 25 June

    Review – Badland: Game Of The Year Edition

    Badland Gameplay

    Disclosure: The author of this article was given a code for the game through Frogmind for the purpose of this review Developer: Frogmind Publisher: Frogmind Platform: Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U More than likely, no less than a title and introductory sentence in and you’re already curling your nose at that dreaded sub-title, right? The strawberries to ‘Remastered’s ...

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