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October, 2014

  • 20 October

    Final Fantasy XIII Cut Content Uncovered by Fans


    Users at The Cutting Room Floor community (a website devoted to unearthing unused and cut content from games) have discovered a cut dungeon in the PC version of Final Fantasy XIII called The Seventh Ark. XIII’s producer Yoshinori Kitase mentioned this dungeon in Ultimania Omega (a companion book to the game giving insight into the designs and plans for the project), ...

September, 2014

  • 25 September

    Watch Dogs on Wii U will feature no DLC

    Watch Dogs Wii U No DLC

    Why? Why would they not release DLC for Watch Dogs on Wii U?

  • 8 September

    Pre-order incentives: are you even trying anymore?


    Pre-order culture has a noticeable stranglehold on modern gaming. Take a look through any huge retailer for the biggest upcoming games and you’ll see the likes of collector’s editions, day one steelbooks and pre-order exclusive downloadable content. Now, pre-order content is even announced when a game is revealed, such as the Harley Quinn DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight. This isn’t to ...

  • 3 September

    The Sims 4 – DLC Simulator


    The Sims has always been a game I could escape to during moments of boredom. I’ve never enjoyed action packed shooters and after a while I would get tired of playing the same campaign over and over in Total War games; The Sims offered me a gateway to peace and tranquillity. I traded in managing armies for managing a family, ...

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