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Sony Adds The Last of Us to Standard PS4 Bundle for Free

The Last of Us

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced today that they will be adding a copy of The Last of Us Remastered to all 500gb PS4 systems without raising the $400 price point.

The new bundle, which was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s VP of Platforms Marketing John Koller on the Playstation Blog, will be available “over the next few days.” It is worth noting that the announcement was made on the North American portion of the Playstation Blog, possibly hinting that the bundle will be exclusive to that region, although this is unconfirmed. The European PlayStation Blog has yet to announced anything pertaining to this offer at the time of writing.

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  • John Batal

    Smart move for Sony in my opinion. A lot of people aren’t interested in buying a remaster only a year after the original is released, but there’s no denying that TLoU is a flagship title, and one that definitely shows off what can be done with the console in a great way. Attaching it to the console for free could be the extra bump that brings some consumers from “maybe” to “yes.”

    • durka durka

      still a maybe for me, something missing, i cant quite figure out what.

  • Someone or Other

    Will they still sell PS4s without TLoU? If not, is this a physical copy or a download? I’m glad I already have a PS4 because MAN do I not want this game

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