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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 – Way Back Review (Video)

Resident Evil 4 is…well you probably already know all about this game. Developed and published by Capcom in 2005, RE4 was a huge smash hit critically and financially. Shinji Mikami took the established franchise of fixed-camera survival horror and zombies, and turned it on its head by making this mainline installment an over-the-shoulder action shooter. Full of thrilling set-pieces, gore, and crazy Europeans, Resident Evil 4 is one of the most acclaimed games of the Sixth Generation, with a never-ending amount of re-releases following its original Gamecube exclusivity. Despite being one of my favorite games, I decided to go back and look at it critically.

Resident Evil 4

In the video I was playing the newest, Ultimate HD PC version, but there’s also the original version for Gamecube, the PlayStation 2 version which added new features including Ada Wong’s “Separate Ways” mission, the 2007 PC port of the PS2 version, the Wii Edition which added motion controls, and the HD remaster for PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Any console version is fine, although the new PC version has some issues with AI and animations. These problems are mitigated quite a bit with the higher frame rate.  Even with the weirdness, the PC is my personal favorite version.

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  • Jake Wilson

    I 100% disagree with this review! RE4 is clearly the worst in the series, RE6 is where it’s at…I especially like waiting for the AI partner before I can open a door. Such fun!

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