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Play-Asia Decries SJW Nonsense, Receives SJW Nonsense

Stephen Welsh

Stephen Welsh

Stephen (or Steve(or Tojeka Steve)) is a kind young man who cares more about games, fiction, sleep and chicken than is probably healthy.
Stephen Welsh

The current climate in Western games media sees critics take a firmly aggressive stance, advocating for social justice, feminism, and a collective agenda of lashing out at anything seen as problematic. This is no secret, with the #GamerGate movement still active more than a year later, and a constant political battle between those who celebrate censorship, and those who are pushing back against the critics who want to dictate the material publishers and developers can release. It’s a long, drawn out battle that would take forever to summarise properly, but a lot of gamers are feeling the fatigue over every little thing in the medium now becoming a social justice issue.

Over the last few days, word has spread that Koei Tecmo will not be publishing Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West due to the anticipated backlash over the portrayal of its almost entirely female cast. The Xtreme series is well-known for being a shameless collection of girls in xtremely revealing swimsuits; with mini-games as excuses to get the ladies of the Dead Or Alive series to jump around, get wet, and altogether show off their lovingly rendered bodies. I’m not trying to be a puritan here; it’s explicitly the point of the game. There’s a mode called Butt Battle, where the girls smack their asses together to try and knock each other into a pool, seriously.


The decision to avoid localising the game has left many fans disappointed, and gamers are rallying behind a petition to see the release of the game in Western markets. Keep in mind, the game will be receiving an English language release in Asian territories, and there are no region locks for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita titles. So this led to retailer Play-Asia, who are a very popular choice for importing Japanese videogames, addressing the issue on twitter.

SJW stands for Social Justice Warriors. Some progressives wear the label on their sleeves with pride, but in general it’s used to describe obnoxious enforcers of political correctness. If your media has some issue with representation, or association with the wrong people, then expect swathes of SJWs to come in and make demands before your minor issue contributes to some great big problem in society.

Don’t believe me? Well this tweet promoting a problematic game and pointing out SJWs as the reason for it led to, of course, a backlash. Kotaku writer Luke Plunkett did not approve, but at least he wasn’t behaving like this former IGN writer, who made a rather sinister tweet saying she’d be contacting industry members connected to Play-Asia in retaliation to this SJW remark. NeoGAF members also appeared rather excited at the idea the manager of Play-Asia’s twitter account was going to lose their job, but the account confirmed that’s not going to happen.


I’m clearly not on the side of the offended party in this story, but if it’s not evident by now, disagreeing with these people even slightly on an issue like this will see them try to defame and bully you out of your job. This political clash is still a huge issue in the community right now, even if it’s not about games journalism. We’re seeing people attacked, games censored, and now even outright denied to the West because of a vocal minority who can’t tolerate anything that isn’t for them.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 itself? It’s a silly, dumb as hell game series, and I can understand why someone would look at it and be repulsed. But gamers and the industry itself are now feeling the wrath of social justice warriors who cry out “ban this sick filth” and will never make the effort to appreciate or defend a creator’s right to create something that isn’t for them, or an audience’s right to support a creation like that. I’m gay, and I’m actually interested in the game for it’s graphics. I want to play this silly vacation game for its sun, sand, and sea. So what if it’s sexually appealing to different people? As adults, we have a right to creative and consumer freedoms, and the efforts currently being made to compromise that is why this is a culture war that will keep rocking the gaming world, until people can accept that a game about busty women playing volleyball isn’t going to destroy society.


About Stephen Welsh

Stephen (or Steve(or Tojeka Steve)) is a kind young man who cares more about games, fiction, sleep and chicken than is probably healthy.

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  • DavidGX

    Play Asia handled this like pros. A textbook example of how to deal with these wailing hyper-complaining crybullies. Other companies, take notes.

  • Bravely Defiant

    I love Play Asia, Always used them. They’re not taking any BULL%$^& and they earned far more than my respect!

  • Jake Wilson

    It’s hilarious how the exact people you would think would have a problem with Play Asia’s SJW comment, DID have a problem with it. This is them outright admitting their ulterior motives as so called games journalists to be some kind of thought police and to tell us what games we should and should not like.

  • WhatIsAMan

    I preordered a copy from them. I don’t even care about the game, I just admire their gumption.

  • I have noticed a growing trend of self professed ‘SJW’s’ trying to get people fired that they take issue with, by either directly complaining to employers or suggesting that the person will lose their company business. (implying they should fired them)

    If one of these crybullies ever managed to get me fired from a job, then they would have a angry person with a sudden dearth of free time on his hands. Not smart move at all.

  • DeeeFoo

    I’m not even interested in this game, but now I feel like importing it just to spite them. Also, to show support to KT.

    • John Howard

      Same here. Even with the obscene price premium for importing.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I can’t see why it shouldn’t be available as download-only in Europe.

  • gerton shref

    PlayAsia gained tons of Twitter followers, new loyal customers, and tons of sales from this event. SJWs don’t have to be your audience. When popular SJWs, like Anita Sarkeesian, promote games, they don’t receive even the slightest sales bump. It’s been proven time and time again. Their “power” and numbers are completely manufactured and fake, because they’re politically active left wingers, so the left wing media backs them up.

    • Nathaniel Grundy

      Unfortunately, a miniscule minority can cry loud enough to get the attention of powerful figures. Anita proved that at the UN this year.

  • Nathaniel Grundy

    Criticize feminism, and you’ll be labelled an enemy of feminism. Doesn’t matter if you’re a feminist, a comedian, a politician, or a gaming company.

  • Kamille Bidan

    Hot damn, I wanna know where playasia learned to shitpost like that. This is almost as hilarious as the official Sonic twitter account.

  • Mr0303

    We’re seeing another Protein World situation here and it is glorious. I was on the fence about the game, but after Play Asia stood up for consumers I got the collector’s edition.
    Now I hope that Tecmo and other Japanese devs see the numbers Play Asia is selling and realizes that the SJWs are a tiny minority with no market influence.

  • Sevuz

    I to find this game silly to. But then again the trailers makes me laugh ^_^

    I have watched so many silly and outright bad shit insane movies and shows that DOAX3 seems like nothing. I mean FFS we have Games Of Thorns with sex, tits, ass and gore… and that is okay. But a silly bikini beach game with sexy girls… OMFG THIS IS GONNA KILL US ALL AAAAAARRRGH!

  • MonsterGogo

    More than double their 6-year follower count in one day, and seemingly going for triple!

  • Václav Lacina

    I still think this might be a clever marketing trick on the Play-Asia’s
    side from the beginning. But even if it is the case, it’s still cool.
    The Tumblr tears are making a geat internet river. 🙂

  • BarbEricScotaku

    I stopped playing video games years ago thanks to SJW nonsense!

  • Hitsuga Aorusaki

    these guys are sick

  • Bryan Jiménez

    Love when SJW feathers are ruffled

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