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This Is The Police – First Impressions

This Is The Police

Disclosure: the author received a review code of the game from Dead Good Media Last year saw Belarus studio Weappy Games successfully kickstart videogame crime drama This Is The Police, starring Duke Nukem himself: Jon St. John. Back in January 2015 I came to this conclusion on what the game would be like: The mature subject matter and seedy player role means ...

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Edge Of Eternity – Interview With The Composer


Cedric Memendez is a composer working with Midgar Studio, a French indie studio currently working on the JRPG inspired Edge Of Eternity. The game was a massive kickstarter success and also reached its stretch goal to bring on help from Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda. In this interview we talk about recording with Mitsuda and the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. The ...

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Sonic 2017 + Sonic Mania Reveal Trailers

Sonic 2017

Tonight’s Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary party was host to the unveiling of two new games from SEGA’s flagship franchise. Sonic Team’s untitled Project Sonic 2017 is coming to Nintendo NX, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Holidary 2017. The CG trailer doesn’t give away much, but it will reunite the modern Sonic the Hedgehog with the Classic Sonic seen ...

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Overwatch Skin Criticised by Hindu Statesman


Overwatch has been the target of another round of criticism this week. This time, rather than accusations of sexism (or misogyny as some people incorrectly label it) Blizzard has been accused of “cultural appropriation.” Though some of the other Overwatch Skins have been labelled offensive too, the specific skin under scrutiny this time is the Devi skin for the character ...

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GGXrd Revelator: Dizzy gets a release date!


It’s happening, people. Daisuke Ishiwatari, director and series creator of Guilty Gear, just announced at EVO 2016 that Dizzy and a balance patch are coming tomorrow for GGXrd Revelator. There are also plans for future DLC in Autumn. No news on what exactly is in the balance patch, and Dizzy will be free for a short time after she releases, ...

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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness – Review


Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Tri-Ace Platform: PlayStation 3 (Japan only), PlayStation 4 (review platform) Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is an unfinished game. Not in the way you might have heard before; as a complete product that is 20 hours long (far too short for a JRPG of this type, and in the Star Ocean series to boot) and not ...

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Horror Games, Atmosphere & Modern Sensibilities


I don’t get how people can find horror games with unlimited saves/save anywhere systems frightening in the least. It’s similar to having an unlimited rewind button. If you can essentially rewind time, what suspense is left? How do your actions have any meaning? If mistakes become unpunishable, why bother having anything that allows mistakes in the first place? Just make ...

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Avalanche Studios Hires Just Cause 2 Mod Creator


If you’ve been around any modding communities at all, you’ve probably heard someone say something along the lines of “the developer should hire these guys to help with the next game.” Well, it seems Avalanche Studios have done just that. Now joining their ranks is Cameron Foote, lead developer with the team behind the popular Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod. ...

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Intriguing Indies – July Roundup

pftg Prey For The Gods This game’s kickstarter went live on July 6th and is already gaining massive traction with backers. It’s easy to see why. Prey For The Gods is clearly inspired by the cult classic Shadow of the Colossus, borrowing its unique climbing mechanic, allowing you to scale the massive bosses in order to fight them. This borrowing could ...

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EVOLVE Free-to-Play Launches This Week After “DLC Shitstorm”

Evolve Free-to-Play

2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced today the launch of an Evolve Free-to-Play version. The press release dubs it “Evolve Stage 2″ and will be changing the online multiplayer game so that it no longer requires the purchase of a copy of the game to play. Being made by the studio behind the original Left 4 Dead, the first-person shooter Evolve was highly anticipated up until ...

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The Gamechangers – Review


We watch and give our thoughts in this Retro Perspective Review of The Gamechangers. A BBC documentary drama film made for TV. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Sam Houser, creator of Grand Theft Auto. & Bill Paxton as Jack Thompson. The film takes place while Rockstar was creating Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & Thompson was trying to sue them for ...

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Banished Colonial Charter – Interview With Jeff Harr

banished interview

Jeff Harr is a developer and mod author for the incredibly expansive Colonial Charter mod for Banished. Developed by Shining Rock Software, a one person team of Luke Hodorowicz. With music by Joseph Hodorowicz. Banished is a city building, survival strategy game released in 2014. Shortly after the release of the mod kit, Jeff Harr and a few other mod authors ...

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Devil’s Third Multiplayer Servers To Be Shut Down


Well… that was quick. After just 10 months, Nintendo has announced that the multiplayer servers for Devil’s Third will shut down worldwide at the end of this year, microtransactions will also be shut down, and the game will be discounted to $35USD starting tomorrow, June 24th. Given the game’s miserable reception, I’m surprised it lasted as long as it has. ...

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FleetCOMM & Why Kickstarter is Still Awful


DISCLOSURE: I worked alongside the developer featured in this story on an unrelated project back in… 2010-ish? All information obtained via public record (Kickstarter pages, Steam forums, etc). We all know the big success stories. Those that made millions of dollars. Well, I say “success stories”, but if we look at what was actually delivered, the story changes. The “Double ...

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How Sony Absolutely Dominated E3 2016


Full disclosure, I am a Sony fanboy in recovery. There was a time I believed that Sony could literally do no wrong when it came to the video game industry. Even when they released their defective first model of the PS3 for a ludicrous £600 and removed backwards compatibility for the models that weren’t destined for the dreaded yellow light ...

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