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Microsoft & Xbox One E3 Press Conference Roundup.

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The Second presser of E3 is over and we have everything you need to know about the Microsoft e3 2015 Conference, so read on!

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  • Halo 5: Guardians: Campaign gameplay was shown. The latest in the Halo series stars two seperate squads of spartans, one headed by the Master Chief and one by a newcomer named Spartan Locke. It seems that the UNSC back squad led by locke is out to eliminate the band headed by the Chief as it’s hinted that his actions in Halo 4 have led to him being labelled a renegade.
  • Dark Souls 3: In a move that is perhaps a counter to Sony’s Bloodborne, Microsoft were the ones to announce DS3 at their conference showing a gameplay trailer. The game coming ‘Early 2016’ will not however be restricted to Microsoft’s platform.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: After being teased way back at last year’s E3 Conference, the Xbox One exclusive title got a extended gameplay trailer. The title coming this December features multiple environments from showy mountains, burning deserts and yes frickin’ TOMBS.
  • Rare’s New Project is titled Sea of Thieves – Rare calls it their most ambitious game yet: introducing Sea of Thieves, an Xbox One exclusive game all about being a pirate. sailing, ships, swashbuckling sea captains. The best parts of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but playable with your friends, judging from the footage debuted today.
  • Rare Replay is 30 classic rare games on Xbox One – ‘Nuff said
  • Gears of War 4 Announced along with Gears original Remaster – The short demo shown featured two characters—one man, one woman—working their way through a destroyed mansion of sorts. The game is coming “holiday” 2016, so quite some time off. Hoping to satiate our lust for gears MS also annouced ‘Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’ a HD remake of the original that lands August 25th, beta starts today.
  • Microsoft Announces Elite Controller For Xbox One – The new piece of hardware for their Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms appears to include four new triggers on the underside of the controller, and the ability to change the sensitivity of the sticks and triggers along with swapping out components.
  • Xbox One will be Fully Backwards Compatible with Xbox 360 – Phil Spencer dropped a bombshell right at the beginning of the conference by announcing backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. The company promises that Xbox 360 games will run perfectly on the Xbox One this holiday season. The game will be able to be saved to the harddrive making the announcement of a new 1TB Xbox One earlier this month make a lot more sense.
  • Microsoft is Partnering with both Vavle VR and Occulus Rift – MS is seemingly hedging it’s bets against Sony’s VR prohect Morpheus by working with both of the big names within the VR gaming sphere. The partnership however isn’t currently set to have either headset working native with the Xbox One or it’s games, and instead has you able to stream video out to the devices.
  • Xbox One Is Getting Early Access – Xbox Game Preview is the branding and it’s starting today with Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark. Both Microsoft and Sony have talked about taking on Early Access-style programs in the past giving players the chane to try in development games for free before throwing down the money.
  • Forza 6 Shown – Microsoft gave fans a glimpse of the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6available exclusively on Xbox One the game toutes a ‘combination impressive graphics with new features such as dynamic weather, allowing users to race in night, day and rain’, according to Microsoft. There are also 26 locations, 24-car multiplayer and over 450 Forzavista cars, and the team honoured one of the oldest and hokyest e3 traditions by showing the new Ford GT in the flesh (steel?) on stage. The game is coming  Sept. 15.
  • Hololens Shown, Microsoft building a special version of Minecraft for it Microsoft’s demonstration at E3 today involved a full Minecraft universe running on a table thanks to the HoloLens headset, and it was very similar to the experience the company revealed back in January. The audience seemed impressed, and the demo kept the hologram perfectly positioned on the table while the presented walked around and interacted with Minecraft objects freely.
  • Fallout 4 On Xbox One Will Have Mods – Any mods created on the PC version of Fallout 4? Xbox One players will be able to play that too, Todd Howard announced during Microsoft’s E3 presse, and thankfully they’ll be free.

We’ll have more on the ID@Xbox segment and other indies shown at Microsoft’s conference later on in a fully comprehensive article

You can catch up with the conference here at Microsoft’s Twitch Channel 

Watch live video from Xbox on www.twitch.tv

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Site Owner and EIC of http://gamesnosh.com , Photoshop Wizard, http://Twitch.TV Streamer, Youtuber, Brit and Game Industry Pundit.

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