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#Gamergate: The silly sounding, but sincere call for Fair Representation of ‘Gamers’ within the media.

Chris Heeley
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Chris Heeley

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What is #Gamergate?

So for those of you uninitiated, this weekend marks the beginning of the annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX): a communal event in Seattle for both the media and gaming community to come together, have fun, and celebrate/discuss everything related to-and surrounding gaming.

However this time something is a little off. Over on twitter the hashtag and pseudo movement #gamergate is giving a glimpse into what a significant portion of gamers at PAX and elsewhere think about the claimed weeks of censorship, wilful ignorance, alleged misdoings and general nepotism that is rife within the current mainstream gaming media. It seems that the catalyst for this movement are the reactions and information that came to light in the Zoe Quinn Scandal, a story that seemingly everyone is aware of, but nobody is willing to discuss openly and at full length outside of the few unmoderated discussion platforms such as twitter and 4chan.org.

The current driving factor and main gripe for the folks in charge of spreading the gamergate hashtag is the seemingly out-of-nowhere attack on the moniker and culture of the “Gamer” from the mainstream gaming press in response to the anger generated by the Quinn story.

Gamers’ don’t have to be your audience. ‘Gamers’ are over. Exclusive – Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra (Aug 28, 10:00am)
We Might Be Witnessing The ‘Death of An Identity’ – Luke Plunkett, Kotaku (Aug 28, 8:00pm)
A Guide to Ending “Gamers” – Devin Wilson, Gamasutra (Aug 28, 7:57 pm)
The death of the “gamers” and the women who “killed” them – Casey Johnson, arstechnica (Aug 28, 5:00pm)
It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Why Are Gamers So Angry? – Arthur Chu, The Daily Beast (Aug 28)
Gaming Is Leaving “Gamers” Behind – Joseph Bernstein, Buzzfeed (Aug 28, 8:29 pm)
An awful week to care about video games – Chris Plante, Polygon (Aug 28, 1:21pm)
Sexism, Misogyny, and online attacks: It’s a horrible time to consider yourself a gamer – Patrick O’Rourke, Financial Post (Aug 28, 9:33pm)
Misogynistic trolls drive feminist video game critic from her home – Callie Beusman, Jezebel (Aug 28, 4:05pm)
A disheartening account of the harassment going on in gaming right now (and how Adam Baldwin is involved) – Victoria McNally, The Mary Sue (Aug 28, 1:30pm)
This guy’s embarassing relationship drama is killing the ‘gamer’ identity – Mike Pearl, Vice (Aug 29)
This string of articles from several well known writers and sites within the gaming sphere all went up within a 48 hour period, all with a very similar message.
A message that If you consider yourself a ‘Gamer’ you should be embarrassed, ashamed, and that the industry should not cater to you.
Unsurprisingly, when you attack the same consumers that keep you employed, there is going to be a significant amount of backlash, thus #Gamergate.
A quick click over to twitter to check out the hash-tag feed however reveals something you wouldn’t expect if you subscribe to the mantra that the current ‘gamer’ is a loud-mouthed and abusive white 20-30something misogynist male that the recent articles suggest. What’s shocking is the sheer level of civil and rational discourse that is taking place by the accused. There is also a decent amount of shaming, and attempts at stifling the conversation that are coming from members of traditional press side and those that claim the ‘gamer’ is dead.
Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame gets flack for sharing the original IA Quinspiracy video from noted games journalists and Quinn.
Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame gets flack for sharing the original IA Quinspiracy video
Popular Youtuber Boogie2988 is attacked by Devin
Popular Youtuber Boogie2988 is attacked by Devin
Writer for Polygon, Edge and Ars Technica stifles discussion.
Writer for Polygon, Edge and Ars Technica stifles discussion.
"the gamers guide" kotaku
“the gamers guide” kotaku with comments from editor luke plunkett












There have also been several noted gaming figures speaking out against the clique-like nature of dev/press relations and the blurred lines of what is acceptable from a professional journalistic standpoint. These include John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, Jonathan “JonTron” Jafari and Stephen “boogie2988” Williams.

The fact that almost all claims of "the gamer" being dead is coming from the traditional media while youtube personalities are opposed to this viewpoint is not lost on boogie.
The fact that almost all claims of “the gamer” being dead is coming from the traditional media while youtube personalities are opposed to this viewpoint is not lost on boogie.

JonTron’s comments spawned their own Hashtag campaign #Istandwithjontron that was then hijacked by his detractors and used to ridicule him for his take on the issue.


So what are those in favor of #gamergate trying to achieve? This quote from an anonymous contributor sums it up:

The goals for the movement are exposition and deconstruction of corruption and nepotism in the majority of gaming journalism and the indie developer scene, a clique that excludes others and frightens them into silence or ruin if they don’t stay silence and fall in line. We want people to be aware that these sites have breached ethics and consumer trust again and again and are now lashing out with a wave of attempts to make this exclusively about gender, misappropriated allegations of misogyny, insults, and demeaning their core demographic by inciting the notion that the “gamer” identity is dying.

This movement is NOT at its core about Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian and whatever personal bullshit they have going on. They come up in discussion, but we have already continuously exposed Zoe Quinn multiple times in her wrongdoings, and the movement is no longer majorly concerned with her. Those opposing us continue to attempt to deflect the issue back towards her in order to avoid the actual discussion and to fool others into attacking anyone who dares to call for moderation and equal discussion.

There are bad eggs in our basket, but that does not mean our entire basket is spoiled. We are not all male, we are not all white, we are not all straight, we are not all losers, and we are definitely not all misogynists with no proof of anything.

The sort of vitriol that is apparently acceptable towards someone calling for reason and moderation in the hashtag shows how separated the people who are playing games are them those that are covering them.

Above all else, though, we just want the article to be fair and open for discussion, not censored and one-sided.


To read more on the events that led up to Gamergate:

click here to read about how 4chan funded a female inclusive game development program created by The Fine Young Capitalists, a group that quinn had ties to but cut after disagreements on transgender issues.

To read more on how Total Biscuit received a high level of critisim for his comments on the Quinn Scandal click here.

For info on how Kotaku changed it’s policies on funding Indie Dev projects in regards to the Quinn Scandal click here

If you’d like to hear the thoughts of our own Contributor Evo on the recent state of affairs click here to read his opinion piece

For the Original Quinn story (still up!) click here

Let us know your thoughts on #gamergate and where your sympathies lie in the comments below.
Freelance Dev and Site Owner Kirtaner
Freelance Dev and Site Owner Kirtaner
Writer for BadassDigest compares gamers to ISIS
Writer for BadassDigest compares gamers to ISIS

About Chris Heeley

Site Owner and EIC of http://gamesnosh.com , Photoshop Wizard, http://Twitch.TV Streamer, Youtuber, Brit and Game Industry Pundit.

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    Gamers are not dead, game bloggers are just out of touch with gamers.

  • unexpectedly fair article, but will you be updating this as information pours in? There are some great responses by female devs and gamers coming out, as well as some sjws even formerly on their side.

    Most recent one is this from http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s6j3sh

    and http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s70jhl from MissAngerist, a pseudonym of someone who is apparently ‘pretty big’ in other feminist-related spaces. Both are great reads for anyone from the middle who have been considering jumping fence to the gamer side.

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    I’ll be honest. I am afraid that since I have taken a stance and engaged against Faraci on Twitter, that I might lose my job. Especially since I called for him to be fired for referring to us as terrorist and worse than ISIS. I’m not in the gaming industry, but since I have made my real name and job public (Please note: I do not talk about my job on Twitter that much, if at all and nothing to violate its social media clauses), I’m afraid of someone going after it.

    On-topic, great article. Will return and comment here on this site.

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    Thank you for keeping this discussion going, and thanks for being unbiased, civil, and looking at the deal as a whole. You’re a great example of what other vidya journalists should aim to be like. Keep up the excellent work. Will be interesting to see how this whole debacle ends.

  • Billy the Squid

    Remember gamers, we’ve been spat on, looked down on and told we were sexist; that we’re dead as a medium and they (the outlets) don’t need us.

    Lets show them how much pull we really have by contacting their advertisers, and show how their behavior in these articles and on twitter has alienated the very market that actively contributes to the the developers and advertisers income.

    Help the guys at 4Chan /v/ to send emails to advertisers and sponsors of these sites and keep pressuring them until the likes of Kotaku, Polygon, the Escapist and RPS cave in. Keep at it and the advertisers will not accept damage to their reputation by associating with these media outlets and threaten to pull funding.

    These are the contact details of the outlets and their advertisers http://pastebin.com/faAxbF4E
    (PS. use the email, not twitter, twitter is poor for conveying clear information)

    Above all, and I can’t emphasise this enough; be polite, be clear and concise and have your evidence prepared in organised fashion as to why you are writing to them, before saying you feel you can no longer support the advertiser with your future purchases or custom in light of their support of such unprofessional and offensive behavior on the part of the companies and press outlets they are associated with.

    These people are professionals and CEOs and run business’s they don’t have time, nor will they take note of, petty rubbish about journalistic integrity or Quinn, they will take note of how the behavior of the people they are advertising with is alienating their customers, do not screw around here guys.

    If you need help, go to the guys on /v/ at 4Chan, there’s a lot of screen caps and info, they’ll help you if in doubt, whatever the media may paint them to be, they’re gamers at heart too.

    Ps: Watch out for the Shills.

    • Livnthedream

      I would say that The Escapist at least has gotten the message: http://i.imgur.com/uCgze7B.png

      I still want heads to roll though. I wouldn’t call making them print stories that they do not believe is true justice after all. I am not an SJW.

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    • I’ve been very disappointed in her recent tweets and articles. I did once enjoy her work, but recently, not so much.

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    On a side note, glad to know at least one gaming journalism site isn’t full of crap. I’ve had a guy who gives out dating advice even back up Zoe Quinn. When I called him out for pigeonholing gamers as part of some clique that’s dying off he patronized me. Then again he does articles for Kotaku so somehow I’m not surprised.

    Article in question that broke the straw on the camel’s back for me.


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  • It’s crazy that after becoming disillusioned with mainstream gaming websites myself & founding my own site, on the eve of its 1st anniversary (well, a week away on the 7th September lol) we now have #GamerGate. It’s good to see its starting to pick up traction, as the latest spate of articles from the mainstream are insulting to say the least. I’ve put my own personal support out there for #GamerGate & I think I’ll stick around GamesNosh for a while too n see how you guys get on. Enthusiast gaming press FTW! =)

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    So you whine how video game journalists are “corrupt sellouts” (and similar nonsense), but you intellectual hedgehoppers have absolutely no problems with the MSM operating like that on a much larger, much more open scale. Hmm… Once again proving how spoiled and over-entitled “gamers” are.

    Yes, “gamers” are dead. The distinction of “gamers” as some kind of special interest group or “minority” or something that makes the people who label themselves with it special (hint: it doesn’t) is another prime example of typical American cultural imperialism, just like “nerd” and “geek”, which the world can live without.

    Fact: “gamers” are consumers of mass produced mainstream entertainment, like people who watch movies in theaters.

    Fact: there are millions of people who play games, but who neither consider themselves “gamers”, nor would be considered as “gamers” by “gamers”, because nonsensical social dynamics of spoiled children.

    And yes, this “movement” of over-entitled, spoiled crybabies is 100% about about Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian. That’s what triggered it. There’s a reason this “movement” targeted women, because “gamers” are crybabies hiding behind their keyboards.

    Now go back crying onto your keyboards. Your tears are delicious.

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    Then when someone tells them to fuck off they alchemize it into piles of cash and media coverage. It’s no wonder why people are accusing them of faking harassment and doxxes–they profit off of these things. The moment any of them start to lose relevance all they have to do is create a new Twitter account and sockpuppet their way back to the frontpage.

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      I think the new phrase should be “Gamer Journalism is dead.”

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      I was very surprised by the way they acted, it was like they were lashing out. I’m beginning to think these “gaming journalists” were never real gamers to begin with.

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      Always insulting men, calling them little boys, and such, its pretty fucked up.

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      • @Zabant:disqus You know what? We need more guys and girls like you. (Apologies to you sir or madam for saying so) Honestly, I don’t like all that is transpired and I especially don’t like how some game journalists have often resorted to calling people who play games as somehow being the same as the group known as ISIS.

        There is so much silence going on. To say nothing of said silent support of people such as Zoe Quinn (aka Chelsea Van Valkenburg) by the likes of one Robert “MovieBob” Chipman and one Jim Sterling.

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  • Demo-Grafic

    It makes me smile to see you guys continue to build from the ashes of this ridiculous battle.

    I have yet to read anything on this site that hasn’t made perfect sense. This is exactly the shot in the arm gaming journalism has needed for years. The major sites been way too successful at silencing dissenting views and opinions for so long that most people have forgotten what a good gaming site is.

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel at least a tiny amount of smug satisfaction to watch these industry hijackers squirm in feigned self-professed superiority. They’ve been living off the smell of their own farts for so long they’ve forgotten how to make a meaningful argument.

    Instead, they just whine and start declaring that “Gamers are dead”. I think they need to revise that little phrase to “gamers are not our audience”, which is a sentiment I’m perfectly okay with, because these people aren’t even catering to “gamers” anyway, they cater to people who serially self-diagnose themselves with various mental anguishes in the pursuit of seeming more genuine to their equally self-obsessed audience.

    Someone who really cares about making a decent game won’t have time to have the kind of drawn-out twitter arguments these people have on a constant basis. Besides, if they can’t talk down to you, or shame you for a perfectly non-offensive viewpoint you may have, then they just declare you dead and bitch about you on social media to no end.

    If anything, all this #gamergate thing has really done for me is give me a list of people who will NEVER see a dime from me….ever.

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