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Fraud in the Indie World? – FEZ Investors outed as Judges for Title’s Awards

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Some of the information in this article pertains to documents that were obtained illegally through the hacking of Polytron.com. Gamesnosh will not be directly linking to these documents, (you can freely find them yourself online). We will however be reporting on them as we believe the contents of the documents are of legitimate public interest. Any claims of fraud or foul play are (at this point) speculation.

FEZ Designer Phil Fish receiving the grand prize for FEZ at IndieCade 2011
FEZ Designer Phil Fish receiving the grand prize for his game at IndieCade 2011

Back in 2011, Independent game studio Polytron and it’s owner Phil Fish were the recipients of the awards for Disciplinary Excellence in Story/World Design and the General Excellence by Grand Jury (grand prize) for the title FEZ at the IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games.

The following year at the Independent Games Festival (or IGF) FEZ again walked away with another Grand Prize. These awards in conjunction with FEZ’s release a short while after the IGF led to a plethora of coverage in the media and huge sales and profits for Polytron and its owners/investors.

Recent information that has come to light in wake of the hacking of Polytron’s website reveals that several investors of FEZ have a direct connection with the IGF and IndieCade and could  potentially have had a hand in the allocation of the awards.

The List of Fez's investors (unrelated investor names have been removed )
The List of Fez’s investors (unrelated investor names have been removed )

In 2009 (the year of Polytron’s inception) the company received funding from a number of individuals to finance the development of the title FEZ. On Page 19 of the loan contract that was drafted up as a part of this deal; it lists all the people who had invested, how much they invested, and what profit percentage and voting rights they received for their investment.

The 7 people (listed to the left) later went on to form Indie Fund, the “funding source for independent developers” who were “looking to encourage the next wave of game developers.” As FEZ was an investment prior to the creation of this group you can consider FEZ to have received the “Beta” Indie Fund, as such it is not listed on the official IndieFund website as a funded Project.

The connection between these investors and the relevant awards becomes apparent in 2011

via: lordkat.com

In 2011, the Independent Games Festival (or IGF) had 5 members of Indie Fund on the finalists panel, and 3 members of Polytron’s staff. That’s 8 out of 10 judges. Mere days before IGF was to accept submissions, FEZ creator Philippe Poisson had to announce the delay of FEZ. Had Polytron finished FEZ on time, the game would have been a shoe-in to win the grand prize at IGF that year as they had a controlling interest.

In 2012, FEZ gets through nominations and wins big. Of note here is the IGF anonymous nomination panel: all of the finalist judges are invited back to nominate games the following year. So the Indie Fund judges from 2011 would anonymously judge entrants for 2012.

The nomination process is simple: a majority of people who vote on your game is all that is needed to push you through to the selection process. While judges are explicitly told that they can only vote on the games they are given, this is not the case, and any judge can vote on any game; for example, eight people who are members of a small clique can give one game a huge starting bias.

In this instance FEZ would have started off with a bias of +8, and since it only takes a majority of people who voted to push a game through it would take at least 8 other judges to vote no, plus the number of judges that legitimately vote yes for FEZ.

Even more interesting is that judges are not even required to play the game to submit a ruling on them. So, no time need be wasted by the submitting judges: they merely must say yes or no to continue the process.

We know all of this thanks to leaked conversations of anonymous judges from past IGFs. We’d like to thank these judges for coming forward.

Coincidently, Fez was delayed a second time during its development; releasing just after the Positive Press coverage from the IGF awards resulting in high sales.
Coincidently, Fez was delayed a second time during its development; releasing just after the positive press coverage from the IGF awards. This resulted in boosted sales.

Interestingly, the anonymous voting software used by the IGF in the voting process was created by FlashBang studios (owner Matthew Wagner), one of the above listed investors for Polytron and FEZ.

As it stands with the current information; there are 8+ people with a financial investment in FEZ that were directly involved with the judging process of the IGF awards. While it cannot be currently confirmed that they did indeed vote for their investment, many are pointing towards this and the fact FEZ came away with the grand prize as evidence of foul play.

Moving onto the IndieCade Awards the following year; another of the Investors of FEZ listed above seems to have a very direct connection to the Judging process of this event.

In 2011 Kellee Santiago (Listed FEZ investor) became the chair of the Awards jury for IndiCade; the same year that FEZ won two awards from the same event.

IndieCade’s rules on the voting process state that:

The IndieCade jury is comprised of more than 100 jurors from around the world. These jurors are artists, academics, independent game creators, industry specialists, and more. The jury chair works with these jurors to review all of the games anonymously. At the end of multiple rounds of jurying a selection of finalists are identified. These finalists are then reviewed by the awards jury for additional recognition.

This isn't the first Time IndiCade have been accused of Conflicts of Interest. Robin Arnott and Maya Kramer were sexually involved with Zoe Quinn when their group gave her an Award for Depression Quest.
This isn’t the first Time IndiCade have been accused of Conflicts of Interest. Robin Arnott and Maya Kramer were sexually involved with Zoe Quinn when their group gave her an Award for Depression Quest.

Kelle Santiago, chair of the IC’s awards jury, having a direct financial interest in FEZ, worked with the jurors judging FEZ to determine their vote in a festival in which FEZ won two awards. She directly had involvement in every single vote that was cast during the IndieCade awards.

The implication of these accusations is that Kelle Santiago used her influence as Chair of Jurors to siphon IndieCade sponsor money and ticket sales into the prize fund that Fez won, she then received a percentage of this money due to her investor status. While this is just an accusation, the fact that Kellee (who had a direct hand in the judging process) received a percentage of the prize fund money due to her 2009 investment in FEZ is a cause for concern within itself.

If all of these claims turn out to be true, Indie Fund appears to be responsible for manipulating events at both IndieCade and IGF in order to maximize their profit margins on FEZ to the detriment of all the other Indie developers that entered the events looking to win the awards that FEZ received. Any publication that gave FEZ coverage due to these awards, or any customer who bought FEZ based on these awards (or the coverage of them through the media), seems to have also possibly been duped.

As always, let us know below what you think of the accusations.


LordKat Article: http://www.lordkat.com/igf-and-indiecade-racketeering.html

ShortFatOtaku Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM_Z5YTop7g 

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  • AlessandroTheCynical

    i think the single most damming piece of evidence is that depression quest won over Papers please, that game was fantastic, DQ was a piece of shit in comparison.

    • Mr Stabby

      I don’t think it’s so much damning evidence, but it is at least enough to warrant a proper investigation.

    • AIR_CAV

      DQ won over Papers Please?! That is an insult to Lucas Pope!

      • Vanguis

        That is not a thing that happened.

    • DeathBattleFan123


      The SJW folks seem to think that “Papers Please” is a white male power fantasy:

      Patricia Hernandez: “…And when I think about things like how my grandmother likes to go off about a time before you needed a piece of paper to prove the land you lived on for generations is actually yours, the fact that your chief activity in the game is sorting through paperwork makes the game feel profoundly white, profoundly of an empowered class. A well-disguised power fantasy, if you will….”

      • AnarKreig

        I’m amazed this Patricia hasn’t outed Super Mario as being ‘white’, going around and jumping on brown goombas and yellow koopas.

      • No Excuses VTW

        The regularity with which Patricia Hernandez’s writing hits me with Poe’s Law until I check the by-line is quite spectacular.

      • James Morales

        What the fuck did I just read!!!!

        • ImperialFists


    • Mediin

      Where did depression quest won over Papers, Please?

    • Vanguis

      It didn’t.

    • Papers, Please won the grand prize. You idiot.

  • Goodgrief

    Keep it up gamesnosh. Turned off adblock for this entire site.

  • blimble

    The implications of this are huge. Not only to the indie scene but reaches as far as sony and Microsoft who have worked with these people. It makes sony’s promotion of no man’s sky a super difficult area for them

    Then there is stuff like double fine working with indiefund and Tim defending them on twitter recently

    • Goodgrief

      “Not only to the indie scene but reaches as far as sony
      and Microsoft who have worked with these people. It makes sony’s promotion of
      no man’s sky a super difficult area for them”
      Please explain how that statement even remotely makes sense? What the heck does a console manufacturer buying a new ip from a third party independent dev have to do with prize fixing in an award show????

      • blimble

        Blow is implicated in it. Having a flagship title be made by a criminal would be very bad press

        • Goodgrief

          What the hell does Blow have to do with No Man’s Sky????

          • blimble

            my mistake, got mixed up

  • Wargreymon559 .

    OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ano

      “Now, I give you fair warning,” shouted the Queen, stamping on the ground as she spoke; “either you or your head must be off, and that in about half no time! Take your choice!”

  • XorFish

    via: lordkat.com link is down

  • Arty McBert

    The ride never ends, does it?

  • Knightwing19

    Great article! Thanks for continue to support gamers and reporting facts. It’s refreshing & good to know some people still have ethics and morality.

  • Demo-Grafic

    This just gets deeper and deeper.

    No wonder these people were completely losing their minds over this. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s no secret these people scratch each others backs, but these are supposed to be the kinds of people who rail against the “Good Ol’ Boy” kind of clubs, and here they are engineering one for years.

    I wish I could say I was surprised….

    • Vanguis

      I know you’re all new to this, but the developers were very vocally critical of the IGF judging process (though for somewhat different, overlapping reasons) at the time it was happening are many of the same as those being assaulted as ‘SJWs’ by the Gamer Gate crew.

      • Sheep

        No, they weren’t.

  • For those interested, the rewards for the IGF grand prize are as follow:
    Cash prize ($30,000)
    Award Plaque
    Three All-Access Passes to the 2014 Game Developers Conference
    Mention in Game Developer magazine
    Mention on Gamasutra.com
    Press release coverage
    A one-year limited use license to use a version of the official Independent Games Festival name and IGF Winner logo in promotional materials relating to their game entry.

    • AnarKreig

      Don’t they also get a straight highway to the Steam store frontpage?

      • Darth Kilth

        The coverage and publicity ensures that Steam will either notice and allow it or that everyone reading about it will vote for it on greenlight.

        So pretty much yes.

    • Don’t Taze Me Bro

      If planned correctly then getting the award and then BAM getting released as with Fez means that it will earn alot more due to all that publicity that comes out at the same point. These guys know their stuff in regards to marketing, well educated/trained/experienced.

  • oooole

    Thank you for reporting gaming events…

  • Daniel

    I just want these people out of gaming.
    Indie games should be the future of the medium, free from the shackles of AAA companies’ need for incredible profits.
    Seeing them being taken over by opportunistic thugs is shameful.

  • NextGame

    This rabbit hole goes for miles and miles. Given the way Phil Fish has been behaving lately, suddenly looks like a petulant guy on the verge of being found out, doesn’t it? 😉

    • ShitBiscuits

      Which is funny considering that some of the documents were apparently leaked during the Polytron hack, which most people seem to think Fish either did to himself or got someone he knew to do it so he could play victim. If true, that means it’s possible Fish himself leaked the very documents that could destroy him.

      • Jay

        That doesn’t make sense unless we accept that Fish is very deranged to do something like this.

        I think there’s two possibilities.

        1) He was legitimately hacked and knew that some stuff would hit the fan so ran for the hills

        2) His camp leaked this without his knowledge in some form of whistleblowing.

        For Fish to do this, I’d have to say that this would be the worst thing for him since it implicates him in racketeering at least.

        Just very odd imo…

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          I’m about to insert some of my home-grown canuck insight. Fish is from Quebec, the land of self-entitlement, corruption, nepotism, and “special favors” at all levels of life. Leaking something to gain traction is well known there.

          Leaks like this happen quite a bit there, and when it happens it’s usually done to show that “someone is doing something much worse than me, just look at THEM!”

          • PhilthyMcnasty

            I think that there is a strong possibility that they did not know this was illegal.

            It has other ramifications. Under GAAP, if these people applied for a bank loan, They would have to reveal these relationships.

  • uanime5

    I can see why so many people at Polygon are trying to censor Quinnspiracy, to prevent people looking too closely at them and their own corruption.

  • icecreamjones

    Jonathan Blow hadn’t released his first game and made any money by the timeline you’re suggesting. Soooo I question all of this.

    • Lawrencein

      Braid was released in 2008 and the earliest allegations mentioned are from 2009.

  • Kr1spness

    Wait…how did it win twice without backlash? Did it undergo some crazy overhaul starting form scratch with new mechanics that made it seemingly a different game?

    • pablocr7

      Nope, it just did apparently.

      • Vanguis

        There was a lot of backlash, it created a minor controversy and they changed the rules around submitting a game twice (but it also was nearly completely rebuilt between those years)

    • AJ_G

      There was backlash from the other indie devs that weren’t in the clique. Why wasn’t it reported? Well, if you haven’t noticed the gaming media protects the clique even at the cost of its own reputation.

  • pablocr7


  • Ghost

    I’m a little skeptical on this, so I’ll reserve judgment for a later time.

    Even so, it’s a little strange that all those people lead back to each other. Just seeing Gamasutra there lit a few alarms already. I know most of them are friends, but still.

  • Snoopy

    but but but… misogyny ?

  • Don’t Taze Me Bro

    Awesome article, good work

  • yet and this is the guy that was talking tough all the time:/

  • Vice

    Simply despicable,this whole gamergate movement was the best that could have happened to gaming,exposing all this dirt among “journalists”(I mean bloggers,mind you)and a certain section of the indie scene.

  • Jay

    Hold the phone…

    Mention on Gamasutra?

    So you’re telling me that Leigh Alexander benefits by being able to select games from IGF to talk about?

    Is that why she’s so pretentious and annoying?

    • Demo-Grafic

      Leigh Alexander is pretentious and annoying because she just is. It’s the same with Samantha Allen along with every writer on Kotaku and Polygon.

      These are people who claim to love games but hate everything about them and everyone whose involved with them that aren’t actively fighting against their chosen bogeymen or other perceived systemic blights because OUTRAGE!!!

      These people are the TMZ of the gaming world, and should be disregarded as such.

      • Jay

        It’s not a mistake that I think of Samantha Allen as the Michelle Malkin of liberal gaming…

        And I just can’t STAND Leigh Alexander. The sooner GamerGate takes them out of this area to go complain about movies or music, the better in my view.

        They’re hacks and they should be treated as such.

        • Ghost

          Every Leigh Alexander article is about how awesome she is. Also New Games Journalism. Or something.

          “New Games”

    • Oto

      “Is that why she’s so pretentious and annoying?”

      That goes to show that power tripping woman is every bit just like power tripping man.

  • Ano

    I feel bad for those honest contestants who’s dreams were crushed because they never won an award. Maybe a gift to Maya Kramer would have done the trick!

  • Haldeva

    You are awesome for reporting on this! This information is extremely important and needs to be seen so thank you for covering it

  • ragething

    if feminists were black, they would want to ban pool.

  • Mr0303

    These people make EA look good in comparison. I’d rather have online passes than the presence of these parasites.

  • Vanguis
  • No Excuses VTW

    Wowee, and here was me thinking the Spike VGAs were kind of a joke…

  • k00lkyle

    What’s wrong with people… Stop ruining the game industry and making it look horrible, it’ll come back to you. >:/

  • The real question here is ‘so what?’
    The top-voted comment on this site is about Depression Quest vs Papers, Please, which *IS NOT TRUE*.

    People, your bias and hatred against ZQ is showing. PAPERS PLEASE WON THE GRAND PRIZE.

    It did not lose to Depression Quest. Papers Please won the *big prize* of them all.

    IndieCade is a small, industry event, which is not funded by YOU but *by* games companies. Developers who submit games and think the judging is unfair are free to complain. Giant title sponsors that pay for IndieCade are free to complain. The rest of you are just whining as you desperately find something, anything, to badger ZQ about.

    Reading the top-rated comments here, it’s clear you all think Papers, Please is amazing. Well, IGF agreed and gave it the top award.

    System working as intended; everyone, go about their days.

    • MaidKillua

      Someone ignored the article just to look at comments in the hopes of finding an excuse to make this about Zoe again. Nice try but clearly the article is mostly about Phil Fish and Polytron. The number of comments pertaining to Zoe or DQ are inconsequential too. There was like one little comment thread about DQ and Papers Please. I mean, CLEARLY that must mean this entire thing is an attempt at badgering Zoe, right? Because a couple of people speak for everyone. And preferring one game over the other makes them awful ZQ harassers??? Smells like derailment. White knight harder buddy, it might work for you some day.

      • I’m a happily married man, so I’m not sure what you think ‘white knighting’ will do for me.

        You’ve ignored the part of my comment where I point out that the Phil Fish/Polytron so-called scandal is nonsense; these are small industry events, funded by the industry, and the policies that are clearly outlined on their website were used to determine the winner.

        Although I did, I don’t *have* to respond to the article; it’s not a valid complaint. Nothing illegal has occurred whatsoever; a private awards group has followed their own documented rules in awarding a prize that they raised the money for. That is their right.

        GamerGate, and by extension 4Chan & Reddit, are sophomoric entities that want freedom of speech for their views, but not for anyone, anywhere, else. That is why GamerGate is hypocritically demanding that industry prize shows, and press they aren’t financially supporting, operate the way they want.

        It’s about an entitled majority derailing, double-talking, and demanding that they get what they want when they want it, for free, from people they don’t pay. It’s a ridiculous display of childish temper tantrums.

        • MaidKillua

          “People, your bias and hatred against ZQ is showing”

          “The rest of you are just whining as you desperately find something, anything, to badger ZQ about”

          White knighting by anyones standards when this wasn’t about Zoe at all. Dunno if it was on purpose or how you being married affects anything, but it’s all there. But whatever.

          As far as the awards show goes, if all of the allegations are true then it’s technically racketeering, which is highly illegal. That’s why people are looking into it. Of course at the moment it is just allegation, sure, you can’t just discredit it as “omg ZQ hate” when 1: It hasn’t been disproven just as much as it hasn’t been proven and 2: It was talking about Polytron, not Zoe

          • Racketeering? Let’s wait and let the FBI determine that, OK? I don’t think I’d want you as a circuit judge.

            Illegally obtained documents from a hack do not equal proof of ‘racketeering’.

            You should probably read the RICO law before you think you know how to determine ‘racketeering’. I don’t think you’ll find this behavior listed there.

          • MaidKillua

            I did say “just allegations” several times. I simply also said that brushing everything off as whining and Zoe hating is ridiculous. Which it is. As I said, i’m not really on either side, I just think that anyone trying to shut down what they consider to be the “other side” is absurd and stifling discussion. I don’t profess to be qualified to say what their behaviour is or isn’t, I’ve simply read the allegations from multiple sources and it does look like there is potentially something going on. “Potentially”. People trying to shut down discussion by bringing up Zoe is derailment. Personally i’m mostly just fence sitting, but like I said, when I see people simply trying to brush things off it irks me somewhat

          • Except, there is no ‘everything’ to brush off. There is nothing. There are illegally stolen files, which do not prove ‘racketeering’, and 1000s of sexist insults.

            That, and the vague sense that games journalism shouldn’t be enthusiast/trade press anymore, mixed with an ignorance about how news gets funded and a refusal to accept that the traditional press you claim to love thinks that GamerGate is a nightmare fiasco of misogynists and children.

            There is literally nothing of substance here at all.

          • MaidKillua

            “1000s of sexist insults.” Well in my time sitting on my comfortable fence perch I have seen these, though at least 80% of them have been leveled by the journalists and their supporters, which is, to me at least, hysterical. I’m sure to the people receiving them it’s actually quite offensive but I enjoy the irony.

            “refusal to accept that the traditional press you claim to love thinks that GamerGate is a nightmare fiasco of misogynists and children.”

            Implying that the word of the press is law, that most articles aren’t horribly biased and that insults are the way to get points across? (While complaining about insults no less. How delightful).

            “which do not prove”

            At no point did I say they did. Reading comprehension… They are the basis of ‘allegations’ (I use this word a lot and you keep overlooking it). Allegations which can’t be looked into properly if people like you keep insisting that there’s no reason to because “omg everyone’s just a sexist manbaby” or whatever.

            I mean if you believe there have been no wrongdoings on the part of journalists, indie devs or the IGF, why try to stop it from being looked into? Instead of saying “lol you’re so we won’t talk about it”, the correct response is “go ahead, look, there’s nothing to hide”. THAT would end this much faster, and is why despite taking a neutral position, I call out comments like yours.

          • Sure, if you don’t understand what sexism is, you might think that!

            So basically you expect respect because you and your paranoid sexist friends are making unfounded allegations about corruption. You have no evidence. You have no proof. Tons of the same people using the same hashtag have said repeatedly that this is really a smoke signal so they can harass and intimidate Zoe Quinn because they are misogynistic psychos who are one bad date from going Elliot Rodgers.

            I’m sorry, but you’re making incredible accusations when you suggest that there is wide-spread racketeering and illegal behavior going on in the games industry. You actually need to have credible proofs to make incredible accusations.

            Until you have any real proof, I’ll stick by my assessment, based entirely on the output of many people using your hashtag.

          • MaidKillua

            “You and your paranoid sexist friends”

            Fence sitter. How many times. I don’t even have a Twitter account. I’m following this just to see where it goes. Really, I mentioned reading comprehension in my last response and you still refuse to brush up on it.

            “you’re making incredible accusations”

            I haven’t made any accusations at all. Simply pointed out the fact that they are there and need to be looked into. Like I said, i’m not involved in the movement.

            “You actually need to have credible proofs to make incredible accusations.”

            ‘You need proof. But you aren’t allowed to talk about this or look into it because it makes you sexist’. Literally what you’re saying. You (most likely willfully) try to stop people from even LOOKING for proof by telling them that in doing so they are harassers or some shit. And then demand proof. On the bright side, if there were an olympic event for mental gymnastics, you’d take the gold.

            “Tons of the same people using the same hashtag have said repeatedly that this is really a smoke signal so they can harass and intimidate Zoe Quinn because they are misogynistic psychos”

            I could use this same logic to say “A journalist said all gamers should die (they did) so all of you think that you horrible genocide apologists”. Of course I don’t do that, because i’m not stupid

          • I bet you’re fun at dinner parties. Are you the type of person who enjoys being devil’s advocate?

            If you’re not part of this, then why are you saying anything to me at all? I literally was not talking to you; you’re need to address me makes me assume that you have some stake in this & disagree with my points. Why else would you write me? I don’t know, maybe you’re bored.

            By all means, look into it. Feel free to investigate it. I will continue to mock, deride, and insult the idiots who think there is something behind all of this until one of you can produce evidence of anything at all.

          • MaidKillua

            “One of you”

            You’re still doing it. I only called you out because I find derailing conversation, insulting people and trying to pressure people out of looking into things by way of insinuating that they’re bad people for doing so only hinders progress towards this whole thing ending one way or the other. I really don’t have any kind of stake in at all, I’m just waiting till the dust settles and I know which game sites I can visit (because some of them have already come out and admitted they were doing shit, and some of them have journalists who like to fling shit at people, which I find distasteful regardless of my lack of involvement).

            So yes I followed it just to see where it all goes and who’s still good to go to for games info. I saw your derailing comment (though I do get why you think what you do, I don’t think it’s necessarily right). I called it out. That’s all there is to it really. If you must insist on continuing to insult and derail then I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it.

            Also yes I do quite enjoy playing devil’s advocate and was extremely bored

        • Oto

          “I’m a happily married man, so I’m not sure what you think ‘white knighting’ will do for me.”

          White knighting is a form of both introverted misandry and misogyny, what it could do for you, it’s obvious it already did.

        • Ghost

          “GamerGate, and by extension 4Chan & Reddit, are sophomoric entities
          that want freedom of speech for their views, but not for anyone,
          anywhere, else”

          You couldn’t be more wrong. If you want to make sweeping generalizations, be prepared to be generalized back. You’re completely mis-informed about the issues at hand, and is basing your opinion on less than half of the pieces. Or you know all the pieces and is doing it because you want, and that makes you a big hypocrite.

          See? I can generalize too.

          • I don’t mind if a bunch of ignorant bullies make generalizations about me. I’m just judging you on the content of your movement. Feel free to take offense & insult me.

          • destroy_all_monsters

            Nothing defines “ignorant bullies” more than those hellbent on hiding their inherent corruption and bigotry as if behaving like the SA if you’re a left winger is any different or better than behaving that way in Germany.

            Immoral is what you people are.

          • Let’s be frank about something. Invectives hurled at others accusing them of behaving like the Nazi party are a pretty clear sign that you’re probably past being ready for bed.

            As far as I know, speaking up about oppression and discrimination by white men vs minorities isn’t something the Nazis ever did. In fact, they did the opposite. I’m not sure why you’d compare someone who is talking about systemic oppression as being like a Nazi, but you did it, and maybe you should just have a nice decaf tea and take a rest instead.

    • ZackRoyer

      What the heck are you talking about? Where the hell did you took Depression Quest or Zoe Quinn from?
      Seriously, did you read the text at all? Or you just filtered “Phil Fish” and came here in defense of “beloved and pure Zoe, the saint”?

      • Is there something wrong with commenting on the inaccurate top-voted comment? is that a part of internet reading etiquette that isn’t spelled out?

        The top voted comment alleges that Depression Quest beat Papers, Please. That’s not true, and it’s interesting that 90 of your comrades agreed with/liked the comment.

        If you don’t like the behavior of the idiots you’ve aligned yourself with, dis-align yourself.

        • ZackRoyer

          So… you are so mad because a single comment with wrong info got 90 likes?
          You already replied that comment, why create another one? To get more attention?
          Also why do you call him idiot? Do you like to feel superior to others just because they’re wrong?
          You could post all this rant you wrote in a reply to the inaccurate top-voted comment, as you did calling him “idiot”
          Looks more like you want to start a flame war.

          • I’m not mad, I’m pointing out how the stupidity your community is displaying, along with the paranoia. The comment writer, and the 90 geniuses who liked his comment, all revealed that they are very willing to believe lies if those lies support their point of view.

            That’s all. I’m just pointing out a hilarious example of bias and ignorance. Please, carry on.

          • ZackRoyer

            “Stupidity of your community” Of course, because, if “we” are at least 1000 persons (I bet it is a LOT more than that, since you consider everyone that doesn’t agree with you your enemy), you are saying that ALL of “us” are stupid and ignorant because 61 persons (the same as 6.1%) of EVERYONE is? Who is biased now?

            Look at who is raging a war with everyone that doesn’t agree with him, labelling them as “your community”, who is paranoid now?

            Seriously turn off the “war machine” mode and stop embarassing yourself online.

          • Why would I be embarrassed? A bunch of anonymous have doxxed, hacked, and harassed real people. Traditional news, including The New Yorker, have said it’s the work of anonymous cowards and wanna-be bullies.

            I’m not embarrassed to stand with the professionals and the professional news organizations. I saw the channel logs where a large number of mostly white straight males planned to run GamerGate in order to humiliate, scare, and belittle a woman &, in their words, hopefully make her commit suicide.

            I’m not embarrassed at all to point out how stupid & vile your people are being.

          • ZackRoyer

            “I saw the channel logs where a large number of mostly white straight
            males planned to run GamerGate in order to humiliate, scare, and
            belittle a woman &, in their words, hopefully make her commit
            Source please? Also do you checked if the sources of where you’ve read it where truthfull? if the source wasn’t involved in any other scandal at all? It is 110% truthful?

            “I saw the channel logs where a large number of mostly white straight males”
            Can you prove that they are all white straight males? Do you got to everyone of them and saw them in person? It is not like anyone could lie on internet right? Again, did you verified if the info you’ve read is truthful?

            Please stop calling people names like “stupid” and so, it will not make your argument be or appear more valid.

          • Hey Champ
            a. 4Chan released the logs themselves. You can find it online, come on champ.
            b. I don’t need to make my argument appear valid. People who matter (i.e. intelligent, rational, non-misogynists who can read) will already have read the actual coverage by real media like the New Yorker. They will already know that I’m right and that this is a sexist and stupid campaign.

          • ZackRoyer

            a. 4Chan released it? Can you prove the source where the owner of the 4Chan domain affirms that 4Chan released the logs? Or did you meant “4Chan USERS” that make all the difference in a sentence? again you can’t prove that ALL 4Chan users are the ones who released this logs, you can say at least that “SOME 4Chan USERS” released the logs. As 4Chan is a website where anyone can create anonymously new accounts, can you verify if those “logs” are valid? I think not.

            b. So everyone that doesn’t agree with you is a sexist, irrational and dumb because they didn’t read the coverage on your legitim, bias proof, truthness god ONE website AND have interpreted EXACTLY like you? Can you see how pretentious do it look? (I’m not saying you are pretentious, just to be clear)

            Also you were discriminating straight white male in your previous comment, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU STILL CALL YOURSELF (or “people like you”, if you preffer) NON-MISOGYNIST OR CALL ANYONE MISOGINISTS? you are not being ONLY misoginist but you’re also being RACIST sir.
            Racism to white IS STILL RACISM
            Sexism to male IS STILL SEXISM
            Being those things only make “your side” on your imaginary war between people who agree with you and people who disagree with you lose credibility.

          • ZackRoyer

            Also you didn’t said how you know they are all white straight males…

          • I don’t need to know they are all white straight males; I’ve seen enough of them identify as such.

            Even if they aren’t straight white males, they are still participating in a campaign that is sexist & racist. I don’t know if they have internalized the racism/sexism, or if they are blind to it, but it’s there even if you don’t see it.

            Don’t worry buddy. You’ll learn what sexism & racism are some day if you want to. If you don’t want to, that’s your choice.

          • ZackRoyer

            Oh really? Racism is the act of discriminating someone based on
            his/her race, Sexism is also the act of discriminating someone but based
            on his/her sex. Both racism and sexism are a two way road, I think I’m not the one here that doesn’t know what those words mean. And by your definition, “THE KEY TO EQUALITY AND RESPECT IS TO DISCRIMINATE AND DISRESPECT THE OTHER”? Do you even realised how that doesn’t even make sense?

            I’m not reading some biased crap texts about sexism and racism on internet, sorry.
            Racism to whites is a thing, sexism to men is also a thing, it isn’t because you’ve read out there that it isnt that it makes so.

            Disrespecting and discriminating the other one is not the way to bring respect and equality, as I said it only discredit your point. How you expect to achieve respect when you do not respect someone based on his/her color of skin and sex? HOW CAN YOU “FIGHT” FOR RESPECT AND EQUALITY IF YOU DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF?

          • ZackRoyer

            Just to make your point that sexism to males and racism to whites doesn’t exist more invalid that it already is:
            Definition of Sexism:
            Definition of Racism:

            Note: On the sexism one the british dictionary says “esp the oppression of women by men”. “esp” means especially, NOT EXCLUSIVELY.

          • Right. It’s inaccurate & meaningless, because! dislike of men by women is well-grounded in fact; it isn’t on the basis of our genetic makeup that women may dislike or mistrust us, it is the legacy of centuries of sexist oppression of women.

            There is absolutely no evidence, whatsoever, that men are the victims of sexism in any large, broad manner. That’s why ‘sexism against men’ is a joke and not a real conversation topic. There are, quite literally, thousands of pages of documentation of systemic abuse and oppression of women by men. There is absolutely no evidence that the reverse is true.

            So, while hypothetically as a CONCEPT ‘sexism against men’ is theoretically possible, it doesn’t exist in our society and we’re unlikely to ever see it.

            I don’t know how else to explain this to you. I’m sorry if you think that a woman not wanting to date you is sexism, or a woman being suspicious about you is sexism. Neither is an example of sexism.

          • ZackRoyer

            Just because it isn’t in a large, broad manner it doesn’t mean it does not exist. “There is absolutely no evidente” because you never cared to look at those evidence, a “rational, non-misogenistic” person would search for both, not take one as dogma.

            It is not I who did not got it, it is your explanation that doesn’t makes any sense, it is illogical.

            I never said anything about the examples you put and I do not know where the hell you got them from. There are cases of domestic violence and even assassination from woman to man, why is it not documented on the biased websites you do visit? Huhh, I do know, maybe because they’re biased and doesn’t show the two sides?

            It exist, I (white) suffered racism in a public school where I studied and there was more black students than white students, Even eminem sufferend racism.

            I can assure you that there IS sexism against man, it is not because you do not read about it that it doesn’t exist. There is a lot of shit happening in the world, or just because you do not read about the corruption in the government of Brazil and Petrobras (for example) means it doesn’t exist because you haven’t read it? If you haven’t been taught about gravity you would be floating now too? That doesn’t even make sense…

          • dodoking
          • You agree that there is no broad persecution of men by women; that is the first step. The next step is admitting that, if it isn’t broad or systemic, it’s not a very meaningful example.

            There are reams of evidence that women are discriminated against in every sector–industry, academia, housing, and criminal justice. Literally in every sector of our public existence, women are treated with less respect and less decency than men.

            ‘Sexism against men’ does not exist, because on a societal level, men are privileged over women. Any example you can possibly show me is an individual issue, between individuals, not an example of societal discrimination against men.

          • ZackRoyer

            Well, it seems that you people ARE doing this kind of persecution against man RIGHT NOW, look at how you are alwais demonishing white straight male christian right wing man (phew! Did I forgot any?) YOU people are doing this discrimination in a broad way IN THIS MOMENT. You people are being the MISOGINIST, RACIST and etc that you SO RELIGIOUSLY TOLD YOU WOULD NOT BE. You really can’t see that? You are the monster you thought you were fighting.

            You still did not answered me HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO ACHIEVE RESPECT AND EQUALITY IF YOU DO NOT DO IT FOR YOURSELF? how can you achieve peace if you keep doing war?

            I really, really can’t see HOW disrespecting men will help in respecting women, how disrespecting white will help in respecting black.

            Why can’t we see all of us as human beings? Why can’t we all respect people for what they are? disregarding if they are white,black,womam,man, kid, old, straight, homo, alien. Why can’t you be what you preach so much? you look exactly like fanatic christians who say a heck of world about jesus and what jesus think BUT. KEEP. DOING. THE. OPPOSITE.

            You can say that it is a blackslash to what white man did in the past, but doing it again will only spin the wheel more and more, it is an infinite loop. I’m not saying that you should accept discrimination, BUT. THAT. IS. NOT. EXCUSE. TO. DO. MORE. DISCRIMINATION. YOURSELF.

            A crime is not excuse to another crime, You should respect and love the other, even more if they are your “enemy”.

            Bro, do you even Buddha?

          • Demo-Grafic

            ZackRoyer, it was nice of you to try and point out the color Red to someone who will say it’s Blue until the day he dies, but it’s long been established that people like him cannot and will not listen.

            He falls in with the established status quo of the current sad state of gaming Outrage Culture. They feel like they’re entitled to hate a certain group of people because of their perception of them based on a some bad examples.

            If I avoided going to certain neighborhoods because I got robbed there once, by his logic I would be a racist. But when the so-called “privileged majority” is the target of their assumptions and accusations, then it’s okay because “you can’t be racist against white people” and “men are all pigs, especially the straight white ones…”

            Even though the real irony of that statement is it’s mostly straight white males going around saying it. Somehow, they’re allowed to try and excuse themselves from their own assumptions, yet feel they have the right to condemn anyone they encounter with those statements just because they don’t necessarily agree with them.

            It makes no sense, and to try to reason with irrationality is a waste of your time and effort, as good intentioned as it was.

          • TheSharpeful

            Your indoctrinated non-sense is not welcome here 🙂

            Please go be a sexist and racist in your SJW circles all you want.

            Much like the nazis and KKK members were indoctrinated by propaganda to hate certain races… you have been indoctrinated to hate a certain race and a certain gender on top of that.

            “There are reams of evidence that women are discriminated against in every sector–industry, academia, housing, and criminal justice.”

            No there isnt. You have absolutely nothing that isn’t feminist created advocacy data that can be traced as such. You would know this if you weren’t brainwashed with propaganda 😉

            Males are 6 times more likely to suicide than females for instance – this little fact alone should tell anyone reading your sexist and racist drivel alot 😉

            Males are the vast majority of the poor and homeless.

            Males are sentenced to 63% longer sentences than women for the exact same crime.

            Women have quotas for high paying and high prestige jobs like boardroom executives and STEM fields… yet there are no female quotas to work in coal mines and other dangerous and hazardous jobs… which are vastly male dominated.

            Men were 54% of the workforce but 93% of workers who died at work due to fatal accidents or violence last year…

            I can go on and on with this 😉
            Please… take your feminist bigotry somewhere else.

          • Godwin’s Law

          • TheSharpeful

            Oh no need to strawman 😉
            Not comparing you or your mentality at all to their horrible actions.
            Merely explaining that AS THOSE people were indoctrinated to hate certain races… so were you.

            But I like how you strawmaned your way out of answering any factual evidence in the post… like any proper feminist (SJW)… lol

          • Why am I going to spend time ‘answering any factual evidence’ when speaking with a person who doesn’t understand what feminism is? Why would I waste time speaking to someone who literally doesn’t understand the topic at hand, who has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about feminism except inaccurate information relayed to him by sexists?

            Your response to me is all I really needed; I was curious if you and the others were ignorant or knowledgeable. You’ve made that clear.

          • TheSharpeful

            It’s funny how you are calling other people sexists and yet you’re the only one here negatively generalizing entire genders and races.

            As “understanding” feminism.. You can keep your little dicionary definition of it 😉

            Im more interested in what feminism does in reality. Like you for example… you come into a discussion, insult people of one gender and one race.. and then you belong to a movement for “equality”? lol

            You are the only bigot I see around here 🙂

            “who has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about feminism except inaccurate information relayed to him by sexists?”

            Well, I dont need to distort and lie about reality with advocacy data and emotional appeals to make my narrative relevant.
            Every single thing I mentioned in my post that affects males and females are true. And like any other feminism you try to divert the argument with blaming and guilt (calling people sexist, ignorant etc)

            I’m sorry that facts and reality are “oppressing” to you. Peer reviewed statistics tend to do that to cult like ideologies.
            But you should probably study a little more about the world before you go on your little anti-white / anti-male tirades.

          • I’m sorry I don’t have more time to help you get over your incredible bigotry, misogyny, sexism, and prejudices; I hope you someday get it together and grow up.

          • TheSharpeful

            “I don’t have more time to help you get over your incredible bigotry, misogyny, sexism”

            I don’t think those words mean what you think it means 😉

            You are literally the only one in this conversation talking negatively about one particular gender and one particular race… and you’re calling other people bigots?
            That’s just brilliant ;D
            Stay classy!

          • destroy_all_monsters

            Misogyny doesn’t exist. Never has. Only a psychopath can claim that women, long held up on a pedestal in the west, don’t receive preferential treatment.

            Still I hope you have some wipes to clean your face and the screen from the spittle.

            I’m wondering – when your wife is cheating on you – is it your fault?

          • Maybe consider that the reason you can’t see misogyny is because you’re a part of it, and like most of us, you’re blind to your own faults?

            If my wife cheated on me, it’d be a combination of her fault and my fault, on a sliding scale, based on our own personal relationship. The reality is that I love her very much, and in the unlikely event that she cheated on me, I’d ask her to go to counseling and save the marriage with me. In the continuum of our relationship, our relationship matters more to me than an indiscretion.

            Every minute I spent focusing on who was at fault would be a minute I couldn’t spend working to save a marriage which has brought more goodness into my life than I’d ever explain to a rando who probably hates women.

            I don’t know why you don’t understand that a woman on a pedestal is suffering from misogyny. A woman on a pedestal has to live with men’s ideas of who she is based not on who she is and what she does but on what they think about women in general & not her specifically.

            If you don’t understand why that is problematic, or at the most basic level a huge dehumanization of women by men, I’m not sure why I should talk to you about any of this. I’d love to help you figure out your own damage, but I suspect you’ll be mean & childish about the whole conversation.

          • Huh? Dude, I’m sorry, I tried to explain racism & sexism to you as best I could. If you don’t want to understand it though why are you writing back at all?

          • Hey chummy!
            You’re completely incorrect about sexism and racism.
            Sexism and racism are systemic forms of discrimination that empower whites & males (like myself) at the expense of females & non-whites. That’s why ‘racism to whites’ isn’t really possible.

            Sure, there is a definition that agrees with you, but it’s a meaningless one, because racial minorities who do not trust whites/do not like whites are not really behaving out of a sense of the ‘inferiority’ of whites. You know? it’s a response to the very real discrimination they face from whites.

            So, sorry, but you’ll need to do some more reading on sexism & racism. That’s why I’m so comfortable asserting that the GG people are mostly racist & sexist; they literally do not understand what either concept is, and instead think it’s ‘not liking’ people.

          • destroy_all_monsters

            You really are an idiot. Sexism is bias and discrimination against a sex – something that men face every day and women don’t. Racism is bias against someone based on race which happens to everyone everywhere.

    • Ghost

      Your cherry-picking skills are top notch. Keep it up.

  • ZackRoyer

    Wow, And I thought Brazil’s politics were messed up in corruption!

  • ZackRoyer

    I was thinking since my last comment, It doesn’t matter if he is the one who leaked his own info or if he was a legitime victim of hacking.

    WHO, I ASK DAMN WHO put his most critical and sensitive information in the clouds? The celebrities leaked photos have the excuse that Iphone sync automatically with the cloud, but WHY ON EARTH YOU PUT INFO THAT CAN INCRIMINATE YOU IN THE CLOUD? Can people be that dumb?

    • Ghost

      It’s astounding how everything points to an inside job, and people repeatedly dodge the issue.

      • ZackRoyer

        Because everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But to SJW “everyone” means “everyone that doesn’t disagree with my dogmas”

  • Jim Ford

    Modern western leftists are like the 21st century equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition.

  • Potato Salad

    Damn it, and I like FEZ.

  • Mr0303

    This is terrifying. Please watch the entire thing.

    • TheSharpeful


  • MonsterGogo

    Adblock off. There we go, good job guys.

  • dodoking

    this article is wrong no credible source even the resources provided at the bottom do not work please remove it

    • ZackRoyer

      “…and could potentially have had a hand in the allocation of the awards.”
      It does not affirm nothing, just say that he MAY have did it, stop trying to censor it!
      As there is nothing that does confirm this ALSO there is nothing proving the contrary.

      • dodoking

        not a matter of censorship the evidence have not been confirmed why throw someone under the bus without concrete evidence. they can put this article back up once the evidence is confirmed until then

  • Person Person

    So what has happened, has there been any investigation, any fallout from this?

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