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The Downfall of Bioware – Dragon Age: Inquisition

When it comes to western RPGs, Bioware is a pretty stable household name. Since its establishment in 1995 Bioware had produce many critically acclaimed RPGs such as Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Mass Effect. After their acquisition by EA in 2007 it seemed that the Canadian developer was still in a roll producing Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins with both games selling over 2 million units. However the taint of EA had begun to spread within the developer and after the releases of Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3, once loyal and quiet fans were beginning to voice their concern with the direction of both games. Not all hope was lost though; when fans complained bitterly about the ending of Mass Effect 3 claiming that it lacked closure and was confusing, Bioware responded by releasing the extended cut. This free to download DLC provided more “cinematic” scenes and explained each ending that the player had chosen in more detail.

All the same, the damage had been done and fans were starting to doubt whether Bioware could truly provide them with the sort of RPGs they were looking for. In this article I’ll be exploring Dragon Age: Inquisition, the next title from Bioware and how it spells the end of this once much loved developer.

Dragon Age: Origin’s story wasn’t exactly unique, a great evil attacking the world and the main character and his companions would do everything to prevent the evil triumphing. It’s a tried and tested storyline that has been used in close to every RPG, yet somehow Origin had a unique flair to it that would draw in many fans, even ones like me who hadn’t heard of Bioware before. When I first got round to playing Origins I wasn’t that impressed; the voice acting was rather bland, the combat wasn’t that engaging and the story at first seemed rather clichéd. By the time I’d finished the game however my opinion was very different, when I heard that a sequel was in the works I quickly pre-ordered the biggest and shiniest edition that I could find.

As the release date for Dragon Age 2 drew closer and closer, fans all over the world where waiting in anticipation for a great game that would hopefully carry on the story of Origins. Bioware had already made everyone aware that the sequel would not feature the playable character from the first game; however your decisions would affect the story of the next game.  When DA2 finally came out I was initially disappointed, the so called collector’s edition was just a normal DVD case with a black and white manual. This disappointment continued to grow as I made my way through the game, by the end I was rushing to finish the game purely so that I could be done with it and it seems I wasn’t the only one to feel this way. Brent Knowles, one of the lead designers behind Origins resigned during the development phase stating that “Bioware is not the same company” 

Dear fans, this game is not for you
Dear fans, this game is not for you

Whilst most major game review sites praised the game and buried it with awards, the fans disagreed and rated it much lower. The cracks were beginning to appear in the foundation Bioware had spent years building. Suddenly people weren’t too happy with the games they were producing and when Mass Effect 3 was released a year later, more and more fans were becoming vocal about displeasure with the company. Bioware on the other hand weren’t listening to the growing complaints, they were more interested in snaring the audience from Call of Duty to replace the fans they were losing.

Before we forget, the whole point of creating and publishing video games is to make money and by keeping your audience happy you ensure that they will purchase your games. The perfect company will balance its audience’s happiness with its own ideas and plans for a game. By listening to your audience you can find out what they want to play and how they want to play it, however it seems that Bioware has decided to forgo this and keep steam rolling on. In the first Mass Effect game you had to choose between two crew members to sacrifice and in the subsequent games whichever character you chose would no longer appear. If we can forget the ending of Mass Effect 3 for just a moment, we can see that the choices you made in the first two games have an effect on your game-play and dialogue choices. However it seems that this train of thought isn’t something Dragon Age writer David Gaider can follow.

Death, not that big of an issue to Bioware.
Death, not that big of an issue to Bioware.

On the Bioware forums Gaider has repeatedly mentioned that characters that had died in the first two games could still make an entrance in the third game. Now I’m no award winning author, but this seems like a very lazy approach to writing. Instead of creating characters with a rich and interesting past, Bioware are more than happy to revive dead characters from earlier games against the wishes of fans. This however does seem to fit their mode of operating when it comes to the series. Why limit yourself to a few games with one main character when you can release as many games as you want all with a new character in the same universe? Why create a new game for old characters when you can just have them make a cameo appearance in subsequent games, regardless of whether they died or not. It allows Bioware some breathing space to do whatever they wish when it comes to butchering the story of these games, if any fans disagree then David Gaider has provided some words of wisdom.

Bioware, IKEA style - Insert plot-hole A into storyline loophole A
Bioware, IKEA style – Insert plot-hole A into storyline loophole A

The question still remains, what is it about the story of Dragon Age: Inquisition that will ruin it for fans? The truth is, it’s not the fact that the story may or may not be bad but rather the fact that it’s unrelated. Sure, it may be set in the same universe as the first two games and feature some of the characters and locations, but there’s a reason people prefer the original star wars over the recent prequels. When you first come across a game, a book or a movie you enjoy the characters and the setting of the story. A talented writer supplies you with immersion to the point that the outside world doesn’t exist. This is what happened for many fans of Dragon Age: Origins, we were concerned about the state of Ferelden, we felt sorry for the Grey Warden and we fell in love with the characters. By producing sequels that are only Dragon Age by name rather than nature, Bioware and EA are merely cashing in on series by luring unsuspecting idiots, like myself, into buying a game.

This is what happened with Dragon Age 2, everyone was bursting with anticipation for the game and when it was finally delivered it didn’t fill the void that Origins left. Dragon Age 2 was projected to sell over 4.5 million units and in the first week it seemed that it might actually reach this target with just over half a million units sold. However after the first week it seemed like fans had caught onto what had just happened, Bioware had taken their ideas and hopes and dumped them in the shredder. By the second week Origins was out-selling the sequel and by week 8 it was out-selling it almost tenfold. After 10 weeks, Origins had out-sold Dragon Age 2 by just under a million units.

Dragon Age 2, RPD of the decade!
Dragon Age 2, RPG of the decade!

As of the last month Bioware have been keen to show-off the game’s combat system, customisation and the multitude of search and fetch quests. After reading articles that are generating hype for this game from sites such as IGN and Kotaku I wonder whether the twitter feeds and Bioware forums are not available elsewhere in the world. Admittedly Bioware HAS released videos showing off the game’s combat system however the main focus of attention seems to have switched from the story and game-play to what characters you can romance.

Now when I first played Origins I did romance one of the characters, however it was more of a side activity rather than the main focus of the game. If you were to read all of the twitter and forum posts in the last week you’d imagine that Bioware were actually releasing some sort of romance simulator rather than an actual main-stream RPG. The current hype is about a character called Dorian, who is supposedly the first gay character that Bioware has created. This raises two questions for me, firstly why is it that we’re focussing on the sexuality of the character rather than his actual past and story.


Whilst it’s wonderful to have more homosexual character in video games that are providing diversity for gamers, I wonder whether this is actually just Bioware trying to appeal to more people in order to replace the fans it has lost. Does this allow Bioware to paint anyone who disapproves of this game or doesn’t enjoy it as a homophobic person? Secondly, if Dorian is the first “fully gay” male character then what on earth happened to Anders? Have we all forgotten about him or is Bioware allowed to kill off characters that ruin their perfect little story?

Sadly, this is what spells the end of Bioware. The story of Inquisition may be solid, the game-play may be fantastic and the graphics….well it’s Bioware not Square Enix. However the fans have been burnt before and judging by the actions of Bioware employees on twitter and on their forums, it seems the company is more interested in ensuring that they are pleasing the political correctness crowd and social justice warriors rather than the fans that actually purchase their games. At the end of the day, pleasing the majority of people who buy your games is the route to success. By alienating these fans and not listening to their wishes you are in fact hurting your own income. Bioware have already used up their ‘get out of jail free card’ with Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2, rather than listen to the complaints of their fans they’re still deciding to continue on a path that hasn’t helped them out financially before. With EA barely giving Mass Effect 4 a nod at this year’s E3, are they also ready to drop Bioware if Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn’t prove to be a financial success? I guess Bioware’s chief weapon will be surprise.

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  • lilyWhite

    Such a shame that a site that doesn’t toe the idiotic line that other gaming journalism sites have regarding “gamers” still has a whiny, pathetic moron crying their head off about BioWare making games for people who aren’t them.

    Oh, and just to prove you’re a fucking idiot? No one claimed that Dorian was BioWare’s first gay character. No one in BioWare ever said that or emphasized Dorian’s sexuality. David Gaider stated that Dorian was the first fully-gay character he had written for BioWare in the character interview for Dorian, which didn’t emphasize that particular statement in the slightest. It was other people with their heads up their ass who decided that BioWare was making a big deal out of it. Also, Anders is bisexual, not homosexual, so that argument doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense (and you’re completely overlooking Zevran and Fenris, but this entire article is all about showing how you know fuck-all anyway).

    • Merrark

      Zevran is bi though, just saying.

      • lilyWhite

        I know that. The point is that he claims a character being bisexual is the same thing as “fully gay”—and yet only mentions one bisexual character anyway.

        • ZackRoyer

          This is a thing that got on my nerves since it emerged on most websites. “Fully gay”? It is possible to someone be like 17% or 64% gay? How is that measured? Like sugar in blood? “Your percentage of homosexuality is 46% per ml of blood”.

          • lilyWhite

            He means “not bisexual”. Not into women. It’s pretty obvious to anyone not desperate to be offended or find a reason to bitch.

          • ZackRoyer

            I thought gay and bisexual was two different things, thanks for the explanation.

          • HaakonKL

            And yet, gay men keep telling me that “Everyone’s a little bit gay”.

    • Idris Aylwin

      Essentially, you’re saying that it’s great when the site allows people to post opinions that match your own but if they differ to yours you call it whiny? Tad unfair but what ho! The issue isn’t the fact that Bioware aren’t making games that I want, but the fact that rather than listen to the criticism that people voiced from DA2 and from the videos they release for DA:I; Bioware decided to lash out at their fans. It’s not the fact that they’re not sending the game off in the direction that I want but rather they brand ANYTHING people like me say as misogynistic, trans-hating, homophobic etc. filth. I’ve been banned on the forums at Bioware merely for voicing an opinion as it;’s labelled as trolling.

      A good company would listen to their core group of fans rather than ignore them completely and pander to the SJW crowd. Just look at how they’re falling over each on twitter to ensure that they’re using the right buzzwords that would keep the tumblr crowd happy. I’m sorry that I’m not happy that a company is focusing more on ensuring that their game is politicly correct and pleases the small minority of gamers on tumblr rather than producing a good game after the mess that Dragon Age 2 was.

      As for Anders? I’m sorry but as far as I am concerned he was a gay character and the whole bisexual romance was purely to cover up Hepler’s mistake. Why is it that if you want to romance him as a female then you actually have to chase after him and initiate it as with the other characters but to romance him as a male it is not only thrust upon you but you also take a negative hit if you refuse it. I couldn’t care less if the negative hit was easily fixed; it was still forced upon you.

      David Gaider brought up Dorian’s sexuality with no prompt AT ALL, he stated that Dorian allowed him to explore factors that other characters didn’t allow him to and when he was prompted on this the only thing he mentioned was the character’s sexuality. I couldn’t care less whether the media got it wrong in claiming that this was Bioware’s first gay character or David Gaider’s; the fact is it was a publicity stunt to please the SJW crowd. It also allows Bioware to fob off any criticism of their game or characters as homophobic. Gay people are normal people just like straight people and their sexuality doesn’t define them, want to know how a gay character should be written? Look at Arcade Gannon in Fallout: New Vegas; he doesn’t bring up his sexuality unless you press him about it. He doesn’t blurt it out straight away and Bethesda definitely didn’t make it the character’s main quality or the centre of their personality; funnily enough just like how a gay person would be in real life.

      Sorry that you disagree with my points and my article, but that’s a funny thing about opinions. To each their own and they’re more than welcome to their own opinions. I only ask you afford me the same courtesy.

    • HaakonKL

      The issue here is not that Bioware is catering to people. It’s that they’re telling their older fans to fuck off. And they’re pretty miffed about being told to fuck off.

      Notice how nobody got mad at Zevran (or Leliana, unless that’s been retconned)’s existence. But once you start making a big deal about how gay people are, people are going to get miffed and say mean things like “How does this make for better videogames?”, which is an entirely valid question.

      • lilyWhite

        “It’s that they’re telling their older fans to fuck off.”

        …how? Is it because they’re not actively pandering to whatever YOU want to see in their games?

        “But once you start making a big deal about how gay people are”

        Again, no one in BioWare made a “big deal” about Dorian’s sexuality. Pull your head out of your backside and acknowledge simple reality.

        • Idris Aylwin

          “Is it because they’re not actively pandering to whatever YOU want to see in their games?”

          That’s generally how developers DON’T make money, by ignoring their core group of fans and pandering to a small minority of gamers on tumblr. You’ll find that most of the people that Bioware is pandering to not only don’t play Bioware games but most probably don’t play video games at all. Bioware has literally given David Gaider a platform to stand on and push his social and political agenda from and have disguised it, poorly, as a game. It’s no longer a RPG, it’s a tumblr romance simulator with a RPG mini-game.

          “Again, no one in BioWare made a “big deal” about Dorian’s sexuality.”

          Well apart from David Gaider who described Dorian’s sexuality in detail in an interview. And of course many Bioware staff who took to twitter to talk about each character’s sexuality and even using racial slurs like PoC to please all the wonderful white women over at tumblr.

        • HaakonKL

          Actually, yes, someone did.
          The writers have waffled on about how brilliant they are and how wonderfully diverse they are.

          When there’s a hashtag “RideTheBull”, and they point out that he’s Pansexual, and not bisexual, someone’s making a big deal out of the characters’ sexuality.

  • Matthew Hage

    You seem to also be missing the fact that BioWare is also coming into HEAVY fire from the “SJW” community as well. The recent announcement of Solas being a heterosexual-only option received many, many crude remarks to Gaider and Laidlaw, claiming they were giving in to “typical dudebro sexism.” When Varric was announced to not be a romance option, they took to arms and proceeded to attack the developers, some even offering rude remarks such as one rather vile person claiming BioWare probably left him single because they “prefer him fucking himself on his crossbow.” That’s also not touching upon the numerous accusations that they only left him out because they were trying to appeal to “dudebros” again and accusations of them “siding with bromancers.”

    The same type of people that some are claiming BioWare received sexual favors from (yes, this is an ACTUAL claim) to add in “LGBT” content are some of the most vile people against them.

    • Idris Aylwin

      To be honest this is partly my fault, I first wrote this article about 2 months ago and had it hosted on other site but it was deleted when I suggested my feminism article to my editor and my contributor account was closed. I merely transferred it over here so it’s not a new article sadly.

      I’ll wait for the game to be out in October before giving it another look and publishing another article about it.

    • Badmojo7

      This is ironic karma considering Gaider is a hardcore SJW person himself and tries to push its agenda into everything. When you try to please scorpions, do not be surprised when you get stung for your efforts.

    • KuroiAmaterasu

      SJWs eat their own, news at 11.

  • Aliana Blue

    Careful, you may anger the biodrones!

    It’s not surprising, though. Few companies survive the EA corporate takeover, and despite a valiant effort, Bioware has been no exception. What’s fascinating to see is how the storytelling element of their games (a very important element for the kind of games they produce) has been actively _devolving_. One would think storytelling is a new concept and they’re still flailing blindly trying to understand it.

    To see them dismiss the concept of “continuity” like that is quite astonishing. And amusing, too.

  • Badmojo7

    Bioware is dead and gone. Only thing left is the rotting EA zombie corpse wearing a bioware mask. All the real talent left ship as soon as possible, what is left is either wage slaves, or EA drones. Two problems within bioware, besides EA exist with the names of mike laidlaw, and david gaider. Mike Laidlaw was the lead of DA2 and was the one who said the infamous words “Press a button and something awesome will happen”. He has made it clear that he HATES old school RPG’s and want everything action oriented and that is what we got with DA2 and we saw how that turned out. David Gaider (lead writer) on the other hand is an extremist SJW supporter. At the gaming conference where he was supposed to talk about DAIII, he instead went on a SJW rant. He is way more interested in pushing his SJW politics in games than actually creating a good game. Months ago, before any info came out about DA3, he and another dev separately came out and said something like. “People will accuse us of pushing an agenda in DA3 and I am saying that is false”. Um, if you are defending something before it even comes out, then it seems pretty obvious you are pushing an agenda. Doesn’t matter, I have washed my hands of bioware, it is gone, nothing will change that.

    • Mikko L.

      Hear, hear! 😀

      Games are for fun! Not for social agendas!

      • enchantedblack .

        Grow up, you tools. You talk about how games aren’t about social agenda when for years Final Fantasy has been about countering higher authority or religious institutions. Do not act like having gay or trans or PoC characters is some kind of “SJW agenda”. That’s just bullshit. If you can’t cut the fact that people are tired of the stale, same old straight white male character then stick to playing only those games. BioWare is doing what most companies should be doing in the industry: diversifying. If white male gamers are going to whine then they need to stop playing games. You’re just complaining because no one is giving two shits about what that demographic wants anymore.

        • Mikko L.

          We’re not acting. We’re fed up. Not all are SJW propaganda. But recent games, like DA:I, are. :3

          Btw, FF gave us gamers a high fantastical world with issues of their own (i.e. I don’t see Mako Poisoning IRL.) They didn’t shove 21st century Earth issues into our faces.

        • Mikko L.

          Oh, but on the contrary, we at GamerGate, as well as the non-partisan game corps and devs, care about real gamers/ target market gamers/ the demographic who buys games the most. 🙂

        • MarxistMangler

          Poofters are an insignificant 3% of the population as evidenced by CDC findings. The only reason to pander to them and force it on the normal masses, is an AGENDA.

        • Jenny Bright

          lol. I’m writing a college thesis on the failed SJW gaming invasion of 2014 – and your post is going into it. Thank you!

        • Mikko L.


        • Michael Gaskill

          You’re a stupid little lady aren’t you?

  • Darth Kilth

    I find it funny when Devs put so much focus on that token gay character they created, “Look! we’ve got diversity!” they scream, but really, it’s more an insult then an improvement, a way to get some cheap positive press.
    Having a gay character is not going to be anymore then a marketing stunt untill you just play the game and realize, “hey, this character is gay” because of interactions and dialogue with him/her and not because the dev/publisher screams it of the rooftops to show how all inclusive they are and make the character fit a dozen stereotypes.

    But this is just a small complaint about bio-ware in general really.

  • AlessandroTheCynical

    I’ve already made up my mind to NEVER buy another Bioware game after the ME fiasco, unless it recieves an outstanding amount of praise from INDEPENDENT game reviewers, so unless i hear universal praise Bioshit is not getting money from me.

  • Eliah Ryan

    three terrible games in a row, I think a fourth will sink them.

    • Badmojo7

      At this point I kind of hoping it does. EA killed bioware a long time ago. This poor pitiful reanimated rotting zombie is not the bioware we knew. Please somebody take it out of its misery.

  • Momatottotiasos

    Wasn’t Steve Cortez Biowares first fully gay character?

    But yeah Bioware is really going down the drain.

    • Sexualtyrannosaurus

      Not really, I think Juhani from Knights of the Old Republic was. Except it was way more subtle and not as insulting as David Gaider writes gay characters. I was smh my entire playthrough of Inquisition. I have never been lectured so heavily in a video game before.

      • Cartier2028

        Truth. A good chunk of the game felt like it was trying to “teach” me acceptance or something. Just let me play my game!!

  • Tanooki

    After ME3 I decided to never buy another bioware game. Fool me once…

  • Stephen Smith

    “If we can forget the ending of Mass Effect 3 for just a moment, we can
    see that the choices you made in the first two games have an effect on
    your game-play and dialogue choices.”

    I apologise for being late to this article but I have to disagree with this line. I thought the lack of changes depending on choices in Mass Effect 3 was highly underreported.

    I carried over two saved games from Mass Effect 2; a Paragon save where every character was saved and a Renegade save where all but two squadmates died. In almost every case, the Renegade save had a generic cookie-cutter replacement character for every dead squadmate (Mordin had a generic Salarian replacement, Jack had the male redhead member of her biotic team taking down Atlas mechs instead of her, a generic doctor replaced Jacob and had the same shooting skills and the same smirk that he did, etc.). Most notably, the Rachni mission still occurred regardless of whether the player wiped them out in Mass Effect 1 or not. The only difference was a single extra line of dialogue.

    Personally, I feel like Bioware have been riding on their Knights of the Old Republic reputation for over a decade now and every offering since has been sub-par in some form or another. Usually just from failing to evolve and sticking to the same KotOR formula for game after game.

    • Gareth Brynn

      This, people have been claiming that “Bioware have lost focus” and “they are not the same anymore” when the real trouble is they are exactly the same, their games have always been formulaic and you can see that in every game.

      Save the world/universe plots with a team lead by a glorious leader that everyone follows for some reason, meet some characters (of which some are interesting some are not), have a romance with one of them, do some menial quests and some really important ones and bingo job done you are now a great hero that kissed babies and saved puppies or terrible villain that saved everyone by kicking everyone in the balls.

      Every game is the same as the last one just with a space skin or medieval high fantasy one, I think people have been slowly realising this and its making them mad so they are finally seeing the flaws.

  • mgs2ss

    Bioware has been my favorite dev since I first played Baldur’s Gate when I was 8 years old. It’s been sad to see their decline lately. They really do seem like a shadow of their old selves.

    This is coming from someone who had no problem with ME3’s ending and loved DA2 (DA:O felt like a watered-down Baldur’s Gate to me), as well.

  • Robert

    To be honest the signs that Bioware were going downhill started way back with Jade Empire. You look at Neverwinter Nights 2, then Jade Empire, then Mass Effect and DA;O It’s no surprise that Bioware is where they are now, if anything EA just sped up the process. As for David’s comments on people might or might not be dead that’s just BS and lazy writing, especially when they make a big deal about the Keep and bringing your game world into the game so that you can “Have it exactly the way you want.” Which would imply that if Leli died during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest that that being your game world should carry over, and yet clearly that will be one decision that won’t carry over because they don’t want it to be one.

  • King Kilo

    You guys must feel dumb now. Universal praise across he board fom both big time reviewers and independent ones. Gamers always feel so entitled now. Anyone who says mass effect 3 was bad clearly didn’t play the game. Yeah, the last two minutes were bad, but that’s only because the journey was so epic.

    • Idris Aylwin

      Pretty sure this is a troll as you’re baiting rather hard, but I’ll bite. EVERY AAA game that comes out is ALWAYS given good reviews because those reviews are simply bought. Dragon Age 2 was a financial disaster yet it still won tons of awards and had a score of 9/10; yet the users gave it a score out of 4/10. The users are the ones who decide how well a game does, since they are the ones who buy it.

      Oh, and only big time reviews have given it a good score, the user and independent reviews have said it’s worse than DA2. As for ME3? The game was average at best, but the fact that Bioware tried to end a trilogy with a shitty 2 minute slideshow showed that they have NO respect for their fans.

      I’d rather be entitled than bend over backwards and take whatever the developer spoon feeds me.

      • King Kilo

        Wth? What review is this? Can you link me? I’m not asking to be an asshole but out of pure curiosity and my desire to read “accurate” reviews. All of the independent reviewers i’ve read have actually given it more praise than big time reviewers, and even claim its better than origins. A guy can hope right?

      • King Kilo

        Dragon Age 2 was a financial disaster? Are you kidding me? You’re just spewing nonsense now. Dragon Age 2 wasn’t even a horrible game, it just had too much linear gameplay and recycled environments and didn’t live up to dragon age origins. It was merely an OKAY game. Mass Effect 3? Great game and story, until the end. I’ve yet to see a single independent review or a “USER REVIEW” that has said it is worse than DA2. You are talking bullshit. I’m not a Bioware apologist but people hop on the hate train so fast it is ridiculous. You posted that before the game was even released in NA, how have users given it reviews? Every independent review (and I checked A LOT, even Angry Joe gave it a 9/10) has given it great reviews. Have you played the game? I have. I didn’t even finish everything and my first run-through clocked in at 122 hours. It is definitely worth the money.

      • King Kilo

        Weird, I guess I had already replied to this.

      • Raul Bloodworth

        A two minute slideshow wasn’t enough? What the hell did you expect? A Return of the King style ending that drags the story on for another 30 minutes after you kill the Reapers? Explaining the fate of every damn thing in the galaxy?

        Not every story has *that* much closure. A recent TV show I watched had about 3 minutes of closure, and no one complained.

        The main plot of Mass Effect was the Reapers, not the characters. The ending wrapped that up quite well.

        Thanks to the people who petitioned, Bioware threw in some slides to show you what happened to everyone else. You know what? They didn’t have to do that, and you still complained.

        People like you are spoiled little brats, that deserve nothing.

  • KuroiAmaterasu

    Yet another victim of George Lucas Syndrome.

  • popg

    DAI, Done with bioware, i had no issue with gay peoople or feminazi’s, well played bioware now i do, as they/gaider

    felt the need to press agendas onto me.

    They have forgotten and disrespected the main demographic that buy their games,

    I will continue to spread my disgust for their pathetic pandering.

    It makes no sense that they put little to absolutely no effort into the straight male romances

    the majority of people who buy their game.

    however much effort was put into the female-

    who form a small part of the gaming community and even smaller part of the rps gaming comm.

    As almost anyone who pics up a tablet can call themselves a gamer, and has been recorded that many females play sims, angry birds and other mobile

    games, and the LARGE MAJORITY of gamers who(are hetero males) play time consuming games such as COD/DOTA and even more time consuming games where females fall an even smaller part of

    , them 100+ hour rpg’s etc.

    And to the smallest group the gay/bi romances, much much effort was put in-

    not only do gay people form a VERY SMALL part of any demographic, they will fall an even smaller part of the gaming comm, let alone the rpg comm.

    Bioware has created bad blood where there was none as i see many people complaining about this. Thanks for spreading the hate.

    The simple disrespect has made me dislike an, if i am fair, average game. and now see bioware in a whole new light.

    They will not get my money.

    I mean it is basic business that you please your main demographic. I never thaught i would have to deal with this in my damn games.

    I expected but did not need more options or effort put in for straight male chars, i did not have an issue with the feminazi or gay options

    You have actually just made it worse as i moved from zero issues, to very annoyed with forementioned groups pandered to

  • Akemi

    BIOWARE is spreading gay agenda to children through their games.

  • Dave88

    DAI is sux. The companions are fucking boring, and ugly. The male romance option is Cassandra, and the gypsy female… In the game you don’t really have choises, you just do thing, and chose one answer in 2 or 3 – but all lead to the same way… And everything is PC, and all about the tolerance, and the Liberal qunari, Iron Bull… That was one of the most pathetic part of the game (after the fucking boring magespells. You can be nature mage, and nature mage, and guess what? nature mage.. fire, earth, light, freeze – who needs spirit, and entropy, ha?)

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