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Corruption and Misrepresentation: A Minority Perspective of #GamerGate

The following Guest article was Sent and Written by Asian-American Writer Binh Tran

One of the fascinating things about communications in this information age of ours is the speed in which ideas and messages are spread. A single tweet or hashtag can be seen by millions of people all over the world in the blink of an eye. Online trends can radically reshape the landscape of popular culture, and at times even mainstream society itself. But, unfortunately, while the message reaches everyone, something is often lost: nuance. Seemingly inherent to the nature of communications mediums, particularly the internet, is its tendency to veer towards extremism in all directions. Often times the inertia driving these trends and discussions leads to extreme polarization of issues. It devolves into simplistic cases of good versus evil. In the case of the video gaming world, the conversation has been distilled into two extremes: Gamer and Anti-Gamer.

If you’re reading this, there’s a very high chance that you’ve already seen the kind of discussion i’m talking about. Zoe Quinn. Gamer Gate. Misogyny. Corruption. The battlelines have been already drawn, and if you’re wondering what side you’re supposed to be one, all you need to do is look in a mirror. The current narrative on gamers contends that if you are white, straight cisgendered and male, you are by default a misogynist and an opponent of feminism and diversity in gaming at large. Conversely, if you don’t fit into these categories, you are automatically assumed to be a supporter of diversity in games, social justice, etc. This is the constructed reality that shapes the current GamerGate discussion; a simple, binary scenario that forces everyone into a convenient, neatly labelled little box.

It is also a terrible oversimplification of the situation; one that conscripts people involved in this issue into specific ideologies based upon demographics. This is a concept that unfairly ignores the wonderfully complex and beautiful range of different perspectives that make up the human experience. The people that are most left out of this discussion are minority gamers themselves. “Gamer vs. Anti-Gamer/Feminist/SJW/Whathaveyou” is a scenario manufactured by a hostile games media. The issue ignores the perspectives of minorities and even those who may share the same progressive-egalitarian values and opinions that the games media claim to champion. People who identify as persons of color, LBGTQ, left-leaning liberal, etc. are all being ignored and misrepresented by a corrupt gaming media that claims to speak for them. They don’t. It is a fallacy to even assume that minorities in the gaming media are somehow a monolithic entity or hive mind; that people of different racial groups, gender identities and sexual orientations can all be lumped together as a single collective. THAT is broadly stereotyping about people. THAT is stealing agency from minorities. THAT is racist. THAT is sexist. THAT is appropriation. THAT. IS. OPPRESSION.

Some statistics about gender and gaming, from the Entertainment Software Association’s 2013 report  http://www.theesa.com/facts/pdfs/ESA_EF_2013.pdf
Some statistics about gender and gaming, from the Entertainment Software Association’s 2013 report http://www.theesa.com/facts/pdfs/ESA_EF_2013.pdf

The gaming media at this time, writes from a perspective of false moral entitlement, propped up by institutionalized corruption and cronyism. Issues that should be important to all gamers are sensationalized and cheapened to produce clicks and page views. It’s not even about the cause for these writers and bloggers; it’s about the paycheck. It’s about ad revenue. The most ridiculous part about it is that most of these writers and editors aren’t even making that much in the end. I’m pretty certain no one is making six figures off any of this garbage. Sure, I get it, politicians and corporate executives are corrupt and shameless, but they do it for billions of dollars, and the power to control the lives of every man, woman, and child on Earth. A gaming “journalist” wantonly engages in corrupt practices to do what? Make a few bucks on ad revenue? Get some nice freebies at E3? Get a job at some indie gaming company that’ll go under in a year? The idea that anyone’s pride and dignity can be so cheap astounds me.

You know truthfully, I never wanted to have to write this. I don’t. I would have been just as happy playing my video games, laughing with my friends, and occasionally complaining about Nintendo and/or JRPGs don’t seem to get enough respect these days. I would’ve been fine with that. But after seeing the gaming media devolve into SJW demagoguery the last few years, as well as the insanity of GamerGate unfold recently, I felt the need to say something. For years, I have stood in silence on these issues, but as of late, I find the situation simply intolerable. The use of identity politics as a smokescreen for corruption in the gaming media is sickening. It reeks of the most vile kind of yellow journalism; the kind that even William Randolph Hearst would have condemned. The pervasive narrative in the gaming media these days is hateful and appalling, and makes a mockery of the values in which I believe and hold sacred.

I’m going to lay my cards out on the table. I am a straight Asian-American male from a working class family. My family survived wars, political purges, and 3 different refugee camps just to be able to come to America. I consider myself politically a left-leaning liberal. I do support worker’s rights, women’s rights, gay rights, transgender rights, religious freedom, and oppose racism. Yeah, the whole deal. Hell, number of the writers and commentators that are vilifying me right now are people I used to enjoy reading and watching. It’s not as if I was always against everything they had to say all the time. I’ve often shared very similar views at times.

This is why the behaviour of the gaming media as of late sickens me. They use the causes and values that I sincerely believe in, and turned it into a shield they can hide behind to avoid criticism. As if claiming to fight for justice forgives corruption and general cruelty to others. They’ve weaponized these issues and values for their own cynical gain. The gaming media presents the narrative as if opposing their corruption and insanity would mean turning my back on the values and issues I care about. As insane as it sounds, this is deeply troubling to me; painful even.

I’m not going to lie, a part of me is uncomfortable with the fact that more and more of the opposition against games media corruption are turning out to be right-wing fringe entities like Men’s Right’s Activists, Religious Right Groups. I’m already starting to see videos on this issue pop up and see MRA commentators, Conservative Christians, and borderline White Supremacists coming down on opposing this kind of anti-gamer narrative. I readily understand the idea that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but I don’t want to be drawn into that. I realize how much of a tightrope walk that can be in some ways. I suppose I’m less liberal than the crazy SJWs in the gaming media, but way too liberal to want anything to do with ultra right wing conservatives, MRAs, and other groups I consider just as bad if not worse. I realize in many ways how how unfair it is to paint that side of the spectrum with a broad brush as well. I’m really really sorry if I’ve offended anyone. (And unlike some of the feckless cronies supporting Zoe Quinn, I actually mean it.)

One thing that I’ve noticed that the gaming media needs to be called out on is their own diversity issues and hypocrisy. I’m probably getting a skewed perspective only looking at the bigger sites like Kotaku, Gamespot and IGN, but it seems to me that most of the people talking about diversity and misogyny are mostly straight white men. A number of them seem to be from pretty well-off middle class families. (I mean come on, Stephen Totilo has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia University, for god’s sake.) That’s only one perspective on diversity, and in my opinion as a minority, it’s a skewed one. In my personal experience, the kind of white liberal radical view that a lot of gaming writers subscribe to is outright offensive to me as a minority. Whether that’s due to ignorance or subconscious racism is an issue for another day. Oh, but what about minority writers in the field? Yeah, there’s a few. The problem is a lot of the minority writers and editors in this field seem to be more cases of outright tokenism to me. (Hell, Patricia Hernandez seems more like a three-fer to me.) Though I’m sure if anyone said anything about that, they’d be accused of using rhetoric and gotcha journalism to prop up “The Patriarchy”. In the case of various minority individuals calling them out on this stuff, the common response seems to be a condescending assertion that we’ve internalized our discrimination and been brainwashed; that we’re victims broken by the system. How someone doesn’t find THAT disgustingly offensive, I don’t know.

Video gaming, hell, nerdom in general has come a long way. From fringe to someone mainstream fashionable. It’s still strange to me. I think the old story is true; a lot of gamers get into the hobby because they feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. It’s not simply because they weren’t wanted by anybody else, but because this is where we all felt comfortable. Felt happy. Being who I am and dealing with some of my identity issues certainly hasn’t made things easier, but gaming really did feel like it was something for people like me. Though I have my doubts at times, I still feel that this is who I am and where I belong. I hope that in time, these scars in our community will heal, and we’ll all be back to arguing over game consoles and systems specs before long. There was a certain immature sincerity to that which I now miss.

In the mean time, I urge anyone who reads this to just slow down and think about it all. Take it in, and form your own opinion. This rant of mine is simply intended to show that there’s a lot of diversity in the range of views and opinions you see on this matter; it’s not just a 2 sided issue. If you decide after reading this, considering the facts, and forming your own opinion, that gamers are indeed misogynists and worse, I’ll still respect that. I’ll fight for your right to express that view, no matter how much I disagree. The games we play may be digital, but the people who play it can’t be categorized as 1 or 0. There’s a lot more perspectives out there than you think.

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  • Jason Alexander Marshall

    Wish I had the ability to express my feelings as well as you have expressed them here. Thank you for this, many many times over.

  • A good piece that echoes my own thoughts. While many of us see the issue for what it is, and we call for more inclusivity for Women, POC and the fair representation of LGBT People and even sex workers, i am wary of people who want to points score against the left and against feminists and will hitch their wagon to Gamergate.

    Nicely written

  • Wrathful

    I agree I don’t want politics in my game. I think most gamers don’t. For that reason, by the time this is over, I wish SJW go somewhere and get on the soapbox elsewhere. It’s already clear as day that the gamers are easily the most diverse race, ages and genders, it’s ironic SJW calling us, the white racist basement dweller.

  • AnarKreig

    Was refreshing piece that more people ought to read, if just to dispel the notion that one can speak for many and then ignore those they’re advocating for.

  • Billy the Squid

    Yep, that’s what all SJWs do, when faced with facts and reason they brand you a misogynist, bigot, sexist or racist. Hiding behind the holier than thou art attitude to sling insults at people for daring to criticise their deranged ideology.

    Because that’s what it is, it’s not an individual set of beliefs anymore, based on various points and opinions which differs from person to person, it’s a rigid ideology used to attack and divide people. And the media have happily jumped on that bandwagon, whether they believe it or not, and I really think that some of them don’t they care more about page views; others however, we’ve seen are as bad as the most vile of the SJWs.

    So it’s nice to see people (I don’t often say “of other races, cred or gender” it feels pointless as you’re all people first and foremost in my mind, regardless of background, the only thing which is even important is do you enjoy playing games) telling the rampant SJW’s to cram it.

  • Don’t Taze Me Bro

    I understand why you think that MRA is rightwing because that is the narrative that is given when people speak about it but the more that I’ve researched it, the more moderate they seem, they are simply tired of the bullshit that is happening in the gaming industry right now, the big difference is that they are seeing it not only in gaming but everywhere. Their arguments are often much more solid and reasonable then the opposition.

    • Olivier Battōsai Dupont Renaud

      I get the same feeling reading about SOME (not all mind you, i’ve read some shit) MRA positions but i believe it has a lot to do with confirmation bias. I am a man and therefore see their points as reasonable, i’m not sure i’d say the same if i wasnt.

      • The MRA got screwed up when they merged with the more ‘rantier’ conservatives to form a bigger base, they are originally libertarian or left-learning, the early ones in the 2000s anyway. In fact that’s also where the non-rooshy PUA angle came from, sex being too heavily policed by both sides, turning the country into a ‘sex prison’ for certain branches of males, so they encouraged members to, if they were of means, take a trip out of the country and meet and hookup in foreign countries. Around I want to say 2008 they began to get more and more men who were just pure anger, and not depression and frustration, and these chaps fell in line with Talk Radio.
        You may remember some of old MRA’s stunts from the news, they were more show-boaty and focused on fundraising and wild political stunts like scaling buildings dressed as superheroes to raise money for various “Fathers for” charities. Glenn Sacks, khankrumthebulgar/Randall Shake, Angry Harry, and the youtube anarchists Kevin ‘Biomech’ and artfldgr come from this generation. The more modern ones like to curse a lot and aren’t as calm.
        That’s just my take on it but that was the kind of thing I saw when I really dug into their forum archives, feminists attacked these guys years ago, I wondered what was up, looked into it, then over time forgot about it. Then the ‘manosphere’ thing caught my attention and I looked again and they had become a tad bit more radical. Last time I spoke to anyone in it ‘manosphere’ wasn’t even part of their lexicon, so I’m heavily dating myself there.

  • IneffectualOrdnance

    The statistic cited on gender demographics in gaming can be fairly
    misleading by itself as it’s not dividing games by genre, or even more
    general grouping that one might label ‘core’ or casual’. Dividing into
    the aforementioned groups shows much more of a disparity in gender
    representation than simply dividing all of gaming. The problem with the
    statistic out of context is that it can be used to suggest changing of
    marketing strategies to aim for a demographic that is largely
    uninterested with a specific genre. Now, I’m sure gaming developers are
    all aware of the further statistics, but I think it’s important to
    provide context to the potentially uninformed.

    As for MRAs, I would suggest to anyone to try to judge any such activists or
    organizations on their actions, rather than potentially accepting a
    popular bias.

    • ZackRoyer

      I totally agree with you, people distorting statistics trying to prove their infunded arguments is a tatic that corrupt politicans uses VERY often.

  • gameragodzilla

    Right wing Chinese American libertarian here, but I agree with you. Doesn’t matter about political leanings, it’s about fighting against corruption. Any American is for that.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      This Canuck is with you on that as well, and I’ll clock in as a right wing female libertarian as well. The hubby was a member of the DPJ(social-liberalism) when he lived in Japan, which should give other people a good idea of how far reaching across all political ideologies this hits, and how tired they are of corruption in general.

    • ZackRoyer

      When you see that right and left wings are agreeing with something, then you know this really mean business.

      • gameragodzilla

        Yep. This is not about politics. This is not about race. This is not about gender. This is not about any of that. It’s about corruption and the people fighting for transparency and integrity. The only people who insist on painting all of us as racist, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic Nazis are the people trying to cover their own asses.

        • beerhammer

          Corruption hits all sides, thats for sure. It is in part politics though… we cannot escape the social justice aspect which is at its roots comes from Fabian Socialism. They believe in changing or taking over a society from within, what better way than to socially engineer through the media, education and politics. Every single one of these has nearly been taken over by them in the US, and some are just now starting to wake up.

          Unfortunately I dont know how this will turn out… its just one piece in a larger international puzzle. I believe its pretty obvious that we are heading right back into another world war, and much of it is no coincidence.

          • That’s why I don’t understand why people look down upon true grassroots movements so much. You would think they would realise most grassroots start BECAUSE people see corrupt people covering their asses, and they want them held accountable, right or left. While there’s a couple social issues we’ll disagree with conservatives on as corruption, like forcing out Eliot Spitzer from government, when it comes to blatant abuses of power such as Iraq, the NSA, or this, you see the cores of both wings fold in together and the only people opposing them are those with something to profit, or something to hide

    • Olivier Battōsai Dupont Renaud

      Oh yeh definitely. I’m a Québécois (french canadian) left-wing state socialist and i dont care about anyone’s political leaning in this story, what matters is honesty. I’m tired of the industry’s bullshit and lies. Some of us a minorities, some are right wing white US men – it doesnt matter: we’re all gamers.

  • AJ_G

    Wanting to have access to gaming media not be about who you’re friends with/sleeping with is not a left/right issue, and you shouldn’t feel dirty over agreeing with right-wingers over just this one issue. Maybe you should ask yourself why you hate right wing people who agree with you on this issue, and compare that to how you are hated by people you otherwise agree with because of this issue. People don’t have to agree with each other on every single issue, nor should they be hated/vilified because they don’t agree with you on every issue. I can tell this is the first time you have been hated because you have fallen out of lockstep with the thought police. What they are doing to gamers now is what they do to people they disagree with on basically every other issue. I’m not saying you should agree with right-wingers on any other issues, but maybe you should at least listen to them and consider they simply don’t agree with you rather than thinking they are evil.

    • This sort of crisis of conscience is a direct result of the perceived inherent duality of politics in places like the US. You’re either Left or Right, the issue is either Black or White. The people deal only in extremes and shy away from nuance, it’s compete nonsense and only results in conflict.

      Humans are incredibly complex beings and cannot simply be sorted into two separate boxes, once we all start to understand this we are able to get past those uncomfortable feelings that crop up when you find yourself agreeing with “the bad guys”

      • davem

        I have also found myself wondering if it is related a little to the perception of the meaning of Justice. For the US it is very tied to Punishment, rather than Correction. So the idea of justice becomes very brutal and lack any nuance. That will natural polarise opions.

  • GDI

    Thank you for writing this. This is almost exactly my perspective. I think this is generally something in the Western scene as everything has to be a bipolar battleground. Many countries don’t just have two political parties.

    Here’s a fun fact — the first MRAs I encountered online were reasonable, the first evangelist I saw on youtube was actually a black man complaining about how single mothers milked the tax system and who’s advising his peers not to get married to them. Apparently now they’re all supposed to be young straight white supremacist men. I don’t get it.

    And I don’t have a problem with White Nationalists either, I’ve had good discussions with them (me, as an “Orc”) and digging deeper their insecurities are legitimate, such as Europe being overtaken by Sharia law.

    What I don’t like is the smugness and the “Either you’re with us or against us” attitude of those in Zoe camp. Death threats? I have an aunt who was literally murdered by a business competitor. People who really want to kill don’t issue threats or their target will be warned beforehand!

    Sometimes I wonder whether this is all a dog and pony show.

    -signed, a developer from a third world country.

  • Wolfe

    Hell of a good read. Thank you for it.

  • Crazy_O

    This political stuff is really a head-ache. I believe in equal rights for everyone, not matter the race, gender and religion. I think that men have problems worth talking about like suicide rates, failing in education and having to pay child support after being raped. I also think capitalism with regulations to avoid cronyism and corporatism is a good system which makes me also kind of a libertarian realist.

    There might be some truths in all of the movements and opinions, but that puts me into a very difficult spot to find a place where I belong to.

    I chose to be a gamer and an anime fan, after work takes 60-70% of my time there isn’t much I can do other than that in my freetime anyway. I hate that my hobby is being used as an political agenda. Since my political identy is all over the place and to be honest, I have no time to bother and waste my little freetime on it.

  • Fatherless

    Good article. I feel heartened whenever someone puts “The Patriarchy” in scare quotes and recognizes its actual function of giving the writer the license to shut down discussion.

    I’m a ever so left leaning MRA, and believe me, there’s plenty of us. The only diversity I’m interested in is diversity of opinion. Its really too bad that in the SJ world working class minorities aren’t supposed to participate in social discussions unless they but into buy into the same obtuse rich kid uber leftist worldview.

    You’ll notice that SJ writers in games mention sex and sexuality more and more, and class hardly at all. I’m starting to think that is a way for upper middle class people to step on the throat of working class people of all stripes.

    Anyway, I’ll challenge the idea that the MRM is entirely right wing. Honestly, an article that dissects how people use victim ideology as a smokescreen for a corrupt agenda reads a lot like something an MRA might write. So, good on you. The only difference is MRAs see these patterns in other areas of society, like family law and education.

    For the record I support women’s rights and GLBTWI rights, I just simply observe that “The Patriarchy” is a rhetorical device meant to control people, and I’m leery of the notion that “gender is a social construct.” If feminists believed that they would treat men and women the same, and they don’t. Not by a long shot.

    At bottom I’m interested in eliminating mandatory gender roles for both men and women, and that includes not only traditional roles, but our recently minted set of Feminist Obligations For Men, which is nothing but a new gender role.

    Meet your new boss, same as the old boss.

  • Pablo Hernández

    This is exactly how I feel with the difference being I’m hispanic living in South America.

  • Greg Kashiwa

    I’m more inclined to believe it’s laziness rather than avarice that drives the game writers to take those stances. So much easier to be the white knight and take a broad stance then actually do research, ask questions and such.

  • Dennis Carter

    Before this mess started I had no idea what a cis male was and I believe in equality for everyone. I used to think I was as Liberal as they come only to be attacked by the industry I care about as a misogynist? This has actually made me rethink my views toward some conservatives, and how I treat them. So something good has come out of this for me at least. I am trying now to look at the individual behind the politics instead of just painting everyone that I disagree with by a broad brush.

  • Demo-Grafic

    Thank you for your very intelligent article, Mr. Tran.

    This succinctly lays out the reality of what’s been happening and what needs to be done to stop it.

    I’ve seen these people go so far as to claim that anyone whose “sick of hearing it” must be a racist misogynist.

    People are sick of hearing it because it’s ALL they ever talk about. They couldn’t care less what games are coming out this week or ponder about the new 3DS, oh no…ALL they care about is SJW concerns, and if they can’t flood every article with the social implications of everything, then they don’t wanna write about it…and will usually go off claiming the patriarchy is trying to shut them up or something.

    It’s just nauseating.

  • Kalezian

    Left, Right, Liberal or Conservative, if you play games, you are a gamer regardless of what people say.

  • Chino Gambino

    I think you probably have more in common with MRA egalitarians than you know, you are appalled at the stereotyping people of your political persuasion are engaging in against gamers. Think about all the other groups they vilify in other outlets. I have major disagreements with MRAs but I’ve never been dog piled by them like the so called enlightened. I’m a half-caste yet these SJW people will accuse me of being ‘white’ (bullshit racist term) just due to presenting an opposing argument. The only people close to as hostile I’ve encountered are racists, irrational hatred with noble intentions seems no better to me than plain bigotry.

    I think of myself as left leaning but I see an ideological totalitarian tendency among my peers that is basically a flip side to the coin of right wing callousness. I think you hit it on the head with ” In my personal experience, the kind of white liberal radical view that a lot of gaming writers subscribe to is outright offensive to me as a minority.”. As someone with the experience of being alienated and stranded between two ethnic groups who couldn’t accept me fully this attitude of “people who look different must think different thus diversity!” pisses me off. There is no nuance in general within the SJW attitude, I don’t give a fuck if you are white just don’t assume you speak for me. It’s trying when white women are calling you out as a racist right winger when I doubt they’ve ever encountered someone so consumed with hate in their eyes they are visibly animated by it.

    Honestly, you are better off losing your list of media coined ideological opponents. I think I would find more common ground with the devil than the media these days.

  • beerhammer

    The author sounds more libertarian, its where the original use of the word liberal comes from. Conservatives were called classic liberals. The problem I have with his article, which is a bit of tangent (since the original subject is spot on), is that it conveys a misunderstanding of the left to right wing environment. This kind of misunderstanding is also part of what I believes fuels some of the support Zoe Quinn and the general media agenda is getting.

    If you were to draw out the political spectrum, at the far left you have total government. This means everything from a monarchy to a dictatorship, communism and totalitarianism, yes even extreme socialism. On the far right of the spectrum you have the opposite… no government, anarchy. This is extremely important to understand.

    Social Justice and even progressivism is at its root, the construct of Fabian Socialism, just as it was for the Nazis and Soviets. Everything we are seeing now is at its root then intentional creation of Fabian ideology, one that wants to reshape the world but it ends in total government, one where emotion rather than reason reins.

    So I hope before anyone starts thinking the “right wing” is some how gross or afraid to lean in that direction, they know the facts. We have gone so far left at this point, that even being a left of center individual would make them far right on the spectrum. Its also important to make sure we know how to separate religion from conservatism, they are not the same nor are they sharing in ideology. Fundamentalist can fall on either side of the isle… dont forget many of those fleeing a very left leaning Europe were doing so to get away from a total government sponsored church (church of england..ect). Conservatism is far more rational than people realize. Read 10 conservative principles and find out what you really disagree with (away from all the noise of identity politics) http://www.kirkcenter.org/index.php/detail/ten-conservative-principles/

    One issue I see here is that so many people have began to use names and labels that often times the very name or label they identify as is in fact opposite of what they actually believe, thus the waters have become muddy, confusion or misinformation begins to form. The names have less meaning when that happens, and its a problem… which all again goes right back into this hot topic regarding the gaming press and gamersgate.

    It is, for all intents and purposes, the byproduct of whats discussed above, only its far more transparent this time around. My advice is for those who identify as right or left, liberal or conservative, is to wash away those titles. Drop them first, be a blank slate and then find out what you really believe in, then look at the source of those ideologies and stick which which one fits your belief, not which one some group has claimed as their own.

    • And don’t forget Social Justice was originally an extremist CHRISTIAN ideal too ;}
      Look up Father Coughlin for more on that, he even named his magazine that!

  • Mike Antley

    I’d argue that both political “sides” need to regularly “team up” against the establishment. The big boys seldom care about the people who support them. I am also a Libertarian (used to be Republican, but I don’t feel the world should be shaped to my preferences, so I have to oppose most social legislation) and find this whole us vs them mentality amongst the, basically, voiceless is self-defeating.

    Nobody argues harassment and bigotry is OK. I don’t know nor care what race or gender who I’m playing a game with online is. I’m not relevancy could be less existent than it is.

    I don’t expect everybody to agree with me on issues. I won’t agree with them, either. But, damn, I want to have fun. I’m sick of being a bigot or misogynist based on, literally, nothing, Just because I think Kotaku, RPS, Polygon, Giant Bomb, etc are full of crap.

  • Bananapants

    Could I ask for specific examples of yellow journalism or cronyism? I’m not too familiar with the pro-gamergate side of things

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