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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Review (Video)

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Review

2008’s Devil May Cry 4 proved to be a popular, if somewhat flawed, follow-up to the acclaimed DMC3 on PlayStation 2. After the divisive Ninja Theory reboot, Capcom have decided to go back and give the series’ fourth installment the chance to reconnect with the fanbase, and bring a new audience to the classic Japanese style of this spectacle-heavy action series. In ...

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The GamesNosh Noshcast 19 – Yoshi May Cry

Noshcast 19

The GamesNosh Noshcast 19   MP3 download here (86MB) Recorded on 5th July 2015 Stephen Welsh, Jordan Helm, Jake Wilson, and John Howard discuss what they’ve been playing recently, including thoughts on Yoshi’s Wooly World, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Batman: Arkham Knight, and The Witcher 3. The hype train starts for the new Digimon game coming West, Zero Escape 3, and sequel to Cook, Serve, Delicious!  There ...

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Mother 4 – Interview With The Composers (Video)

Mother 4

Following my Shuffle or Boogie article on the music of the Mother series, I had a chance to interview Shane Mesa & Dani Person who are hard at work on the music for the upcoming fan-made fourth entry in the series, Mother 4. While I decided not to badger them for a release date, the answers they gave were both ...

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The GamesNosh Noshcast 18 – E3 Reactions Recap

E3 Reactions

The GamesNosh Noshcast: episode 18   MP3 download here (99MB) Recorded on 18th June 2015 E3 2015 has come and gone, and it’s been a hell of a show. Stephen Welsh, James Ollero, and Jordan Helm recap the conferences and give their E3 reactions. Did Square Enix and Bethesda make a good first impression? Which announcement shocked us the most? Just ...

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The Sins Of Our Publishers 2: Electric Boogaloo


In the last episode, I covered three publishers and the sins I believed they committed against not only their consumers, but they own employees as well. This week I have even more than 3 for you. So sit back and prepare to hear about more publishers and more sins! Sony hacking, red rings, stupid localisation departments, deceptive marketing, and much ...

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Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Censored Gaming (Video)

Bad Fur Day

Rare’s Nintendo 64 classic Conker’s Bad Fur Day was infamous for holding many vulgar, violent, and shocking scenes despite appearing to be a standard collect-a-thon platformer for children. Despite being distinctly classified as suitable only for adults, there was still a lot of content planned that was deemed too hot for the 64 game and original Xbox remake. Our very own Tojeka ...

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The GamesNosh Noshcast 17 – E3 Predictions

E3 Predictions

The GamesNosh Noshcast: episode 17   MP3 download here (123MB) Recorded on 7th June 2015 The great big predictions podcast for this year’s E3 is finally here! Stephen Welsh, Chris Heeley, Jordan Helm, and Jake Wilson all discuss what outlandish or obvious things will be announced at 2015’s E3 conferences. Will Sony start late as always? Will Metroid finally come back? ...

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The GamesNosh Noshcast 16 – Apology DLC

GamesNosh Noshcast

The GamesNosh Noshcast: episode 16 MP3 download here (88MB) Recorded on 7th June 2015 In the first of a 2-part pre-E3 special, Stephen Welsh is joined by Jordan Helm, Jake Wilson, and Chris Heeley to discuss a busy week of reveals and stupid things. It’s been a week of happenings: Fallout 4 is happening, XCOM 2 is happening, Tales of Berseria is happening, Uncharted ...

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GamesNosh Noshcast 15 – Episode Duscae

Noshcast 15

The GamesNosh Noshcast: episode 15 MP3 download here (109MB) Recorded on 31st May 2015 This week Stephen Welsh is joined by Jordan Helm, Tyler Valle, John Howard, James Ollero, and Dave Evans to discuss what’s been getting played, and what’s been happening in the news this week. In Noshcast 15 we share our thoughts on The Witcher 3, Splatoon, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive versus Call of ...

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The Sins of Our Publishers – A Video Series Dedicated to Cleaning Out the Closest of Game Publishers


During the #GamerGate controversy, I was told time and time again that we shouldn’t focus on journalists, but instead should aim our grievances at the publishers who are the ones most responsible for screwing over gamers. While it is true that the publishers are NOT our friends, there is still a small issue. You have to ask yourself who were the ones that were ...

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