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Resident Evil Outbreak – The Retro Perspective


Josh was too busy to film the Resident Evil 5 review, so Jake & Arron decided to play one of their favourite games of all time: Resident Evil Outbreak. It’s the greatest game never made.…A very difficult game, made even more so by persistent hysteric laughter. In this game, a waitress, a plumber and a “scrotum guard” are attacked by ...

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Dark Souls III Review (VIDEO)

Dark Souls III Review

Disclosure: the author was provided with a review copy of the game by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Developer: From Software Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 (review platform), Xbox One The one characteristic that universally applies to the games in the Dark Souls family is difficulty. Have you heard of Dark Souls? Then you’ve heard that it’s hard. In fact, ...

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Resident Evil’s Fall From Grace – Part 1


Resident Evil was once a colossal force in the gaming industry and no moment is more noteworthy for the series than the release of Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2005. So in this 3 part video series we want to de-construct what makes Resident Evil good so we can then start to work out what went so ...

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Dope Games – Race the Sun (VIDEO)

Race the Sun

Welcome to a new video segment where I discuss the underrated and forgotten about games of yesteryear. This time, I discuss the dope 2013 endless runner Race the Sun. Initially released on the PC, it has since been ported to other systems. This intuitive endless runner offers a variety of challenges and game modes that has just enough leveling hook to keep ...

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Eitr – Interview With The Composer

Cedric Thumb for vid

Eitr is an upcoming indie game inspired by norse mythology. In this interview with Cedric Baravaglio we talk about his soundtrack to Eitr including the epic song ‘Infectious’ from its trailer. Other topics include his inspirations and other projects including the Neko Light Orchestra who have gained popularity through their covers of video game and film music. Also, the Noob ...

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Censored Gaming Recap 2 – Fire Emblem Frenzy

Censored Gaming Recap 2

Welcome to The Censored Gaming Recap featuring YouTube’s Censored Gaming! Localisation changes, cut content, and outright denial of sales is an unfortunately ever-growing trend in today’s industry. We’re going to do our best to document gaming censorship as it happens, to make you aware of just what’s being affected and what content is being deemed too objectionable for your libraries. Yandere ...

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Star Wars Episode I – The Retro Perspective


In the second part of our Star Wars game binge we take a look at Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace for the Playstation 1. A remarkable game, but whether that’s in a good way, or bad, we’ll leave that to you. Joining me again is 3D artist Tom and Star Wars Episode I veteran Luke. I hope you ...

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Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void – Review


Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Platforms: PC Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is the second and final standalone expansion in Blizzard’s Starcraft II Trilogy. Though, to call it an expansion simply does not do this game justice. While at first myself and many other players may have felt short-changed at the copy/paste nature of the game’s mechanics from the ...

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Why I Quit Fallout 4


Watch the video or read the article, the choice is yours! Let me start by saying that Fallout 4 is not a bad game. Nevertheless…I quit Fallout 4. I didn’t finish the main story. I barely did any side quests and as I approached the final quarter of the game, I found myself utterly bored and begging for it to ...

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Star Wars Battlefront II – The Retro Perspective


The Retro Perspective is a retrospective gaming talk show where we discuss the differences between the gaming industry’s past and present. This time I’m joined by 3D artist Tom. We play Star Wars Battlefront II and discuss the possible shortcomings of EA’s new Battlefront game. Also on the table: the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens and everyone’s favourite…Star ...

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