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Review – Devil’s Third

Devil's Third Screenshot

Developer: Valhalla Game Studios Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Wii U The ravenous and often worrying state of play that is Devil’s Third‘s development is never too far from inspection. With a switch of game engines, its then-publisher THQ falling six feet under and the ongoing saga over whether North America would even get a release, the debut title for Valhalla Game Studios – ...

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Review – Yoshi’s Woolly World

Woolly World Art

Developer: Good-Feel Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Wii U Be it hand-stitched rainbows, lava represented by knitted material or snowballs essentially giant balls of wool, at its peak, Yoshi’s Woolly World is equally charming and impressive in regards to its chosen aesthetic and art direction. Not that Yoshi himself has been anything but the charmer since his first 2D outings on the ...

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Review – Splatoon

Splatoon Screenshot

Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Wii U Splatoon is a perfect example of how to encapsulate everything that is equally great and frustrating about where Nintendo stand at present. There’s rarely a game that highlights how a company can bizarrely be so ahead yet at the same time behind its competitors, but in 2015 this is ...

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Review – Affordable Space Adventures

Affordable Space Adventures Intro

Disclosure: The author of this article was given a code for the game through KnapNok Games for the purpose of this review Developer: KnapNok Games Publisher: KnapNok Games Platform: Wii U There’s no getting away from the Wii U Gamepad’s lack of efficient variety in usage. Aside from the occasional neat mechanic or rudimentary storage for your map or inventory, ...

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Review – Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10

Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nd Cube Platforms: Wii U Notorious multiplayer minigame series Mario Party has made its way to the Wii U. Mario Party 10 follows in the footsteps of launch title Nintendo land by providing 5-player gameplay, with up to 4 players using Wii Remotes, and another player using the Wii U GamePad. After so many installments, does Nintendo’s new system ...

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Review: Captain Toad – Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad

Without question, the Captain Toad segments in Super Mario 3D World were one of the game’s unparalleled highlights. In lieu of the classic Mario platforming, these segments dropped players into thoughtful puzzle sequences that could be mistaken as a stand-alone game mixed with the regular levels. It’s no surprise that on occasions the Captain would be praised more so than World’s four ...

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