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Review: Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare


Developer: Sledgehammer Games Publisher: Activision Platforms: PlayStation 4 (review platform), Xbox One, PC The newest Call of Duty game is actually decent. Seriously. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is legitimately compelling to play, which will come as a surprise to anyone whose interest in the series waned with the cookie-cutter sequels of the post-COD4 era. Credit has to be given ...

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Review: Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

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Developer: CyberConnect2 Publisher: Bandai Namco Games Platforms: PlayStation 3 (review platform), Xbox 360, PC Young ninja hero Naruto’s manga journey may have recently finished, but he still has plenty of adventures left in the world of videogames. His most recent adventure comes in the form of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, the fifth game in CyberConnect2’s current generation of ...

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Review: Dragon Age Inquisition


Developer: Bioware Publisher: Electronic Arts Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 (review platform), PC [I rant pretty hard about end-game stuff here guys, so dont read any further if you haven’t finished the main story yet] Being the RPG guy and someone thats been hyping my excitement here for Dragon Age: Inquisition in the last few months, I’m sure a ...

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Is Warlords of Draenor Worth It?


It begins. The assault on the Dark Portal. The Iron Horde has invaded Azeroth and you will help the great Wizard Khadgar and the great Shaman Thrall drive back the forces. You are now a Commander, fighting alongside some of the greatest people Azeroth has known. This new threat to the world has taken you into a Draenor you barely ...

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Review: Dust – An Elysian Tail


Developer: Humble Hearts Publisher: Microsoft Studios Platforms: Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4 (review platform) In an era of open-world sandboxes, it’s easy to forget what open-ended exploration games were like before we were free to wander the Capital Wasteland or the realms of Tamriel. The engrossing labyrinths of the Metroid and Castlevania series spawned an entire sub-genre of adventure games ...

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Review: Metro Redux


As with home improvements, sandwiches, and my intro paragraphs; seemingly pointless “filler” is essential to the gaming industry and the recent batch of remastered titles is exactly that, Filler. The Last of Us and Tomb Raider were (in my opinion) obvious candidates for an upgrade to the latest generation consoles as they were originally big sellers when released and have ...

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Review: Outlast


Outlast is a First person survival horror experience. Originally released in September 2013 on PC and was made available in February 2014 for the Playstation 4. It was initially a free release as part of PS plus membership but is now available on the store for purchase. In outlast you play as investigative Journalist Miles Upshur,  with the camera remaining fixed ...

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