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Review – AstropedV


Publisher: Joestar/Black Developer: Joestar/Black Platforms: Android, PC (review platform) PC review copy given by developer, played on the following system: Core i7-3770k, 16GB RAM, 2xGTX780 in SLI, Windows 7. Xbox One controller and keyboard used to play. It’s not every day you get a retro-inspired shmup (Shoot-em-up) passed across your desk. But when those days do happen, they’re usually great because I ...

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Review – The Revolution Will Be Remastered


Developer: Nintendo EAD / Grezzo Publisher: Nintendo Platforms: 3DS Nearly fifteen years on, there’s no doubting Majora’s Mask – the second of Link’s ventures into three dimensions – remains one of the most aspired and unique of Zelda experiences. Masks, quest logs, a three day cycle, that foreboding and terrifying moon. Depending on who you talk to, it’s either a ...

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Evolve Review – Like Hide and Go Seek, but with Giant Monsters


Developer: Turtle Rock Studios Publisher: 2K Games Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 (review platform), Xbox One Most of us probably remember the days and nights we spent, whether with friends or strangers, playing Left 4 Dead and its sequel. Hunting zombies, trying to survive, and sticking together, with the knowledge that moving too far away from our companions would spell certain, gruesome death. ...

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Review – Battle Ranch

Battle Ranch

GamesNosh was provided with a pre-release copy of Battle Ranch by the developer for the purposes of this review. Developer: Playboom Publisher: Playboom Platforms: PC When a game achieves sudden overwhelming popularity it affects many people. Potential players will hear about the game from the initial fans. The influx of new players through word-of-mouth will make the game and its ...

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Review: Gravity Ghost

Gravity Ghost

There’s an unspoken standard expected of indie games, notably two-dimensional games that focus to some degree on platforming. It’s the ability to share so much from so little; to use its constraints yet limitless imagination, to full undying prowess. Ivy Games are a mere four-man studio, yet it’s clear from the off-set, Gravity Ghost is an ambitious investment – a ...

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Review – Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan


Developer: Atlus Publisher: Atlus, NIS America (EU) Platforms: 3DS Since 2007, the Etrian Odyssey franchise has provided modern RPG fans and DS owners a little window into what Role Playing meant back in the early days of gaming: concise story that leaves a lot to the player’s imagination, extensive character skill customization, and dicey enemy encounters that require the player ...

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Review – Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell


Developer: Volition, High Voltage Software Publisher: Deep Silver Platforms: PC (review platform), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 PC version reviewed. Machine specs: Intel i7-4770k, 8GB RAM, 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 770. Used Xbox 360 controller to play.    Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is a $20 stand-alone expansion to Saints Row IV. Let that sink in for a second ...

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Review: HuniePop


Developer: HuniePot Publisher: HuniePot Platforms: PC A review copy of the game was provided to GamesNosh by the developer. HuniePop releases on January 20th. HuniePop is not a game for the easily offended. This is a dating-sim crossed with a fun match-three puzzle game, and while the character designs and cheery music are quite cutesy, it has a very cheeky sense ...

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Review: Captain Toad – Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad

Without question, the Captain Toad segments in Super Mario 3D World were one of the game’s unparalleled highlights. In lieu of the classic Mario platforming, these segments dropped players into thoughtful puzzle sequences that could be mistaken as a stand-alone game mixed with the regular levels. It’s no surprise that on occasions the Captain would be praised more so than World’s four ...

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Review: Kid Icarus – Uprising

Kid Icarus Uprising

Developer: Project Sora, Sora Ltd. Publisher: Nintendo Platforms: 3DS After Pit’s reveal as a playable character in “Super Smash Bros Brawl” in E3 2008’s trailer, fans have speculated that Nintendo would announce a game featuring the usually-flightless angel.  Behind the scenes, developer Masahiro Sakurai was helping create just such a game with a development group called Project Sora.  A trailer for this game ...

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