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Noshcast Episode 13 – Bomberman DC


The GamesNosh podcast: The Noshcast episode 13 MP3 download here (83MB) Recorded on 3rd May 2015 Stephen Welsh is joined by Jake Wilson, and John Howard. The line-up may be small, but the selection of news is plentiful. Aside from what’s been played this week, the discussion covers topics including the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter and its instant success, the revived demand ...

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Noshcast Episode 12 – Uri Geller’s Spoon Fatality

Noshcast Episode 12

The GamesNosh podcast: The Noshcast episode 12 MP3 download here (119MB) Recorded on 26th April 2015 (so we recorded before the Skyrim mod situation ended) Chris Heeley finally returns to the podcast, alongside a familiar lineup of Stephen Welsh who hosts again, and guests James Ollero, Dave Evans, Michael Carroll, and Jordan Helm. We discuss what we’ve been playing, as well ...

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Noshcast Episode 11 – Fun Is Problematic


The GamesNosh podcast: The Noshcast episode 11. MP3 Download here (108MB) Recorded on the 5th of April 2015 Host Stephen Welsh is joined again by Michael Carroll, John Howard, and James Ollero, alongside Jake Wilson’s introduction to the podcast. John follows up his Spirits of Xanadu review with an immense rant, Steve expresses disappointment and joy with Final Fantasy XV and Bloodborne (but ...

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Noshcast Episode 10 – Kojimageddon


The GamesNosh podcast: The Noshcast episode 10. MP3 download here (81.5MB) Recorded on the 22nd of March 2015. Stephen Welsh is joined by a small trio of returning contributors. Mike Carroll, James Ollero, and Jordan Helm are here to discuss what they’ve been playing lately, as well as discussing recent happenings in the gaming industry. Talking points include episodic games, ...

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Noshcast Episode 9 – Salt of The Order

Noshcast 09

The GamesNosh podcast: The Noshcast 09. MP3 download here (103MB): Recorded on 1st March 2015. In this episode, Stephen Welsh returns as host. The panel this week once again includes Jordan Helm, Dave Evans, John Howard, and Mike Carroll, while James Ollero makes his debut. We discuss what we’ve been playing, HTC and Valve’s VR headset, Dragon Quest Heroes, The Order ...

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Noshcast Episode 8 – Games Podcast

The NoshCast

Episode 8 of the Noshcast – the official GamesNosh podcast. Recorded on the 15th of February 2015. This week, Stephen Welsh takes over as host. Joining him again are Jordan Helm and Dave Evans, while Mike Carroll, John Howard, and Tyler Valle make their debut appearances on the show. We talk about what we’ve been playing, the New Nintendo 3DS, ...

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The GamesNosh Awards 2014 (Part 2) – Game of the Year


(Click here for the GamesNosh AwardsCast Part 1 ) Welcome back to the 2014 GamesNosh Awards. Part 2 of the AwardsCast can be seen below. Here listed after the podcast will be the lists of the final 2 categories and our choices for them. As these are Top 10s, the winners will be listed from number 10 all the way to number 1. As ...

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The GamesNosh Awards 2014 (Part 1) – Categories

goty 2014

With 2014 drawn to a close, it’s time for Chris Heeley, Jak Garrity, Scott Shenton, Stephen Welsh and Jordan Helm to look back at the past year’s releases and decide on the highlights in this special two-parter NoshCast. The start of the AwardsCast goes through the majority of our categories. From Best Platform, to Best Soundtrack, as well as the ...

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Noshcast Episode 5 – Games Podcast


The fifth episode of the weekly games podcast known to all as the NoshCast is here, and to celebrate this otherwise irrelevant milestone we’ve actually decided to release on time! This week we discuss the golden joystick awards with their somewhat premature game of the year awards, react with incredulousness towards EA’s frank courtroom admission that you’re stupid if you believe a word ...

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Noshcast Episode 4 – Games Podcast


The fourth and only equally as late episode of the weekly games podcast known to all as the NoshCast is here. This week we discuss the idea of games causing controversy and moral outrage and whether we face an era of increased self censorship, acknowledge Nintendo’s belated adoption of everyone’s beloved DLC, point out why Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning was a abominable idea for a main character ...

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