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Gaming IS Diverse; Please Don’t Ignore That


Time and time and time and time and time again I see these arguments: “Gamers are dead;” “Everything stars an angry white man;” “Games need to be more diverse.” It’s been repeated so many times that it’s become a widespread belief, that there’s a crisis in gaming where the industry and the audience are apparently not representing people from different ...

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Where WildStar Went Wrong


I learned earlier that Carbine Studios is being hit with layoffs across the board. That’s very sad news to me. I had a lot of hope for Carbine and what they might be able to do with WildStar. I am terribly sorry that Carbine is experiencing layoffs and I wish anyone leaving the company the absolute best of luck in the ...

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Should You Remember Jack Thompson?

jack thompson

For a long time there has been a subset of people convinced that videogames can be harmful; believing that games are damaging to the minds of the impressionable people who play them. Whether the controversy centers around books with mature content, rap music, or “Video Nasties”, it had already been a trend for there to be an outcry against creative ...

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Princesses Are People Too


At the beginning of my involvement in the NotYourShield movement, I came across a very interesting picture. Someone had posted a picture of Princess Zelda with a hastag #PrincessesArePeopleToo. I got in touch with the person who started this hashtag and found out it was much more than a hashtag, it was an awareness campaign for gamers meant to find ...

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Do Constraints Encourage Creativity?


Today is the most technologically advanced age since yesterday. We’re living in a world where people expect the very best of everything all the time and being denied it provokes the ire previously reserved only for megalomaniacal roman emperors or members of the Bullingdon club. People have asked me ‘How can a film in black and white be any good?’ I’ve ...

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Can You Trust Video Game Journalism?


To put it simply, no you can’t. Thanks for reading. Right, now that silly joke is out of the way let’s do this. Before I begin let me state that in no way do I consider myself as a video game journalist. I’m pursuing a career in a completely different field and whilst I do play games, I see my articles ...

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#GamerGate is Making a Difference


GamerGate can be seen to some as a strange movement. There are no leaders and there is no official organization. When one person speaks, they do not speak for the whole of GamerGate. Because of that, the following is the writer’s opinion and nothing more. GamerGate blew wide open a few weeks ago after actor Adam Baldwin tweeted a YouTube ...

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Heroes of the Storm First Impressions

Screenshot2014-09-16 05_28_09

  At first glance, Heroes of the Storm seems like a normal MOBA. It is an attempt to compete with the popularity of DOTA and League of Legends. However, Heroes of the Storm follows in tune with the rest of Blizzard’s games. It takes the elements that make a genre great, adds Blizzard’s own spin and then the game is friendly ...

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A response to a #GamerGate detractor.


This article is a response to the blog post “Gamergate Isn’t Even About That Anymore. It’s About Ethics in Journalism” at http://chezapocalypse.com/ First off, I want to make clear: I have done the research on this. Whenever anyone criticizes or has a negative opinion of this movement, they get told repeatedly, as I did, that they have a misunderstanding of what’s going on. ...

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