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IGN Staff Quit To Start New Venture: Kinda Funny


It seems after receiving heavy support from fans and their Patreon campaign that, Greg Millar, Colin Moriarty, Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys have quit their respective jobs over at IGN and are now venturing with their own Channel Kinda Funny Games. Announcing the news earlier on the GameOverGreggy Show and their Patreon campaign page. After setting up a previous Patreon during ...

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Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Teased Today


In what seems to be a productive year for Five Nights At Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon, after creating the debut and sequel of his popular game series only a few months apart, and is already hellbent on working on the latest title. Today a new image has popped up on his main home page Scottgames.com which seems to tease the ...

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Rumours Abound: TotalBiscuit Considers Organising Indie Award Show

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain - Portrait

Game Awards Fan Favourite and Popular YouTuber John Bain A.k.a TotalBiscuit has in the final segment of the latest Co-Optional podcast, put out his thoughts on possibly organising an indie gaming festival/awards show hopefully within the next few years. During talk of then upcoming game awards 2014, Co-Optional Podcast Co-host Jesse Cox muses upon his dream award show which leads to ...

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Rumours Abound: KH Series On Current Gen Consoles?


Consumers Want To Know If Kingdom Hearts will Appear On Current Gen Consoles? While I’m still waiting here for my copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix to appear later on this week a small tidbit of news has trickled through the pipeline. With the american release of the game being bought out today a great number of consumers have been ...

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Why Haven’t We Seen Reviews For The Crew Yet?


So Is Release/Review Censoring Going Be A Thing Now? In what seems to be a developing trend for Ubisoft lately, another one of their games, The Crew, debuting tomorrow (December 2nd) has been showing little more than mere  promises of what the content will actually hold. This is another game that has refused to release review copies until launch date meaning ...

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IGDA Hits Out At GamerGate Masterminds KFC


The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) have aimed to protect developers from harassment committed by the online terrorist group known as ISIS Super ISIS #GamerGate. One measure that IGDA and the opponents of the dedicated months-old harassment movement have taken is to encourage the use of “ggautoblocker”, a block list tool which automatically blocks Twitter accounts which support GamerGate. The tool ...

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The Game Awards 2014: Nominees Revealed


Its that time of the year again folks, award season is nipping away again, The Game Awards are back again and the nominees for the game of the year and other categories were announced yesterday via Geoff Keighley streaming live on Twitch. The award show itself will be live in the next two weeks on December 5th, live at the ...

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I don’t care if your Game is fun to play, This female character is sexist and ostracizing


So Recently Platinum games released a sequel to their incredibly popular 2010 release Bayonetta, the oh-so-creatively titled Bayonetta 2, an apparent ‘powerful step forward for the Hack and slash genre’. However, as the swath of high scores came in from gaming publications, the box art alone reminds how much progress remains to be accomplished in our society. A number of the ...

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A Collection of Assassins Creed Collections


Late to the party on the big series everybody is talking about and buying every year? Well no worries; the publishers have you in mind as they put out collections bundling the main line-up of games into one neat and complete package just for you. Ubisoft’s blockbuster franchise Assassin’s Creed is due not just one, but two new entries next ...

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Is Xbox’s Parity Clause Still The Bane of Indie Console Developers?


It’s the second time this week that this kind of news story has entered my line of sight and again it looks like yet another indie title will not be appearing anytime soon on the Xbox One, as it’s parity clause has turned into an allegiance stranglehold. First things first, The parity clause as it stands in laymen’s terms means ...

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