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Tim Schafer’s AMA Sparks Concerns About Censorship


At 7PM on the 11th of January, 2016, Double Fine Studio’s Tim Schafer, currently working on a crowd-funded sequel to his cult classic title Psychonauts, started a thread for fans and critics to ask him questions on Reddit’s r/IAmA Sub-Board under his online handle ‘TimOfLegend.’ In 12 hours time, almost 3,000 comments and replies can be displayed in the thread. ...

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Censored Gaming Recap – Yohjo Oh No

Censored Gaming Recap

Welcome to our new feature, The Censored Gaming Recap featuring YouTube’s Censored Gaming! Localisation changes, cut content, and outright denial of sales is an unfortunately ever-growing trend in today’s industry. We’re going to do our best to document gaming censorship as it happens, to make you aware of just what’s being affected and what content is being deemed too offensive for ...

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Censorship – Breast Sizes Locked

Xenoblade Chronicles X Censorship

“This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.” Nintendo’s Wii U JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X releases in the West next month, and YouTube channel GameXplain have been going through a pre-release copy of the localised game. Most of the game’s content remains intact, but there are two notable instances of censorship made to female characters. The first fans have known about for a few ...

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Phantom Pain Patch Brings Back Your Favorite Character

Phantom Pain patch

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!? Today, Konami released the November update for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It adds the option to construct a 3rd Forward Operating Base, as well as new development options including weapons for online, and gun cameras to fight intruders. Notably however is one feature that the Phantom Pain patch notes do not list…     *Spoilers follow*      ...

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Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Listed On Linkedin Resume

Kingdom Hearts 2.9

The linkedin profile of game designer Richard VanDeventer lists ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.9‘ as a project he has been working on for at least 10 months, alongside his entry for Kingdom Hearts III (also 10 months). The Osaka based developer has also worked as interpreter for communications between Disney/Pixar and the Kingdom Hearts Team, and previously served as a game director ...

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Has Nikkei Shown Konami For What They Are?

Konami Offices Nikkei Report

Oh what’s that, you wanted a week of video game-related news minus anything remotely negative or off-putting to the current state of Konami. Well, be it a recent trend or a more gruesomely long-term situation, Nikkei – one of Japan’s leading economic newspapers and news sites – has published what appears to cast one hell of a light on the ...

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Scope Out Yandere Simulator Characters With This Map

Yandere Simulator characters

Want a little look at who you’ll be encountering in the under-development project Yandere Simulator? Rocky Bytes has created a handy infographic, detailing the current cast of Yandere Simulator characters. You can see the high-school’s boys, girls, and teachers that Yandere-chan will have to navigate and assassinate in order to be with her beloved Senpai.   You can keep up-to-date on ...

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Kojima Productions Allegedly Disbanded; Konami Refuse Comment

The Phantom Pain E3 2014 Screenshot

We’re a little over 50 days away from getting our hands on The Phantom Pain, but the on-going to-and-fro that is the Konami-Kojima saga shows no sign of letting up. In a recent tweet made by one of Metal Gear Solid 5’s voice actors, Akio Otsuka, the term kaisan was used which translates into meaning ‘break-up’ or ‘dissolved’. ‘Kojima Productions ...

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Fire Emblem Homophobia? Fates is Hit With Gay Controversy

Fire Emblem Homophobia

Edit: the imgur post included here was brought up because it highlights there are multiple interpretations of the scene going around. The article is trying to address the reactionary response by most media who are citing a single post as a source without seeking further parties or a statement from Nintendo. This is still a story in development, and it ...

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Warner Bros “Knew Arkham Knight was Broken”

Warner Bros

The PC version of Batman Arkham Knight suffered a turbulent launch last week, shipping out with bugs from day one, making the game almost unplayable. Frame rate drops, rendering issues and an insane amount of lag all came together to make Arkham Knight, well, not quite what the fans were hoping for. So much so that the PC version on Steam ...

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