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SUPERHOT Release Comes This Month


SUPERHOT will finally see its release on PC, MAC, and Linux on the 25th of February. An Xbox One version is also due some time in March. As the new trailer below proclaims – SUPERHOT is a first-person shooter where time only moves forward when the player does. Shoot your gun, and the bullet won’t fly ahead if you’re standing still. ...

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Grey Goo Receives Its Second Free Expansion


Petroglyph Games, the real-time strategy developers whose team includes former members of Westwood Studios (Command & Conquer) are releasing their second expansion pack for Grey Goo. They announced the pack, entitled ‘Descent of the Shroud‘ at Pax South and also revealed that, just like the first expansion ‘Emergence,’ Descent of the Shroud will be 100% free to people who already ...

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Games In February 2016 – Street Fighting Mon

Games in February 2016

After a quiet January as usual, 2016 properly welcomes gamers with a bunch of notable releases, especially for fans of fighting games, strategy, and RPGs. Here’s a rundown of what we consider the biggest new games coming out in February, as well as their release dates and platforms. Also a quick note – Mighty No 9 was indeed a part of ...

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Tekken 7 Proposed To Nina Williams – She Said Yes


We are gathered here today in the holy house of Harada, to rejoice as Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, and series icon Nina Williams come together in sickness and in health. Nina has been an important part of Tekken‘s life since the very beginning – appearing in every game in the series, and even receiving her own action game spin-off, Death By Degrees. ...

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Umbrella Corps Releases in May


Capcom has announced a Resident Evil themed online multiplayer shooter entitled ‘Umbrella Corps.‘ Built in Unity, the game will focus on competitive team based matches (up to six players) and features a single player mode called ‘The Experiment’ for players who want to familiarise themselves with the controls and systems of Umbrella Corps. It is described as a “coliseum style ...

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Mighty No 9 Delayed For Third Time


Comcept and Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No 9 – a spiritual successor to Capcom’s classic Mega Man series, has been delayed yet again. The project had a highly successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013 where it made over 3.8 million dollars. The campaign finished up in October 2013, with the reward tiers indicating the game’s estimated release would be April of 2015. Fast ...

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Gal Gun To Get English Release In 2016

Gal Gun

Gal Gun Double Peace is a game very different from the normal railgun shooter you may be used to. Pulling away from your House of the Dead zombie affair, or a similar Time Crisis force of terrorists and mercenaries, Gal*Gun: Double Peace instead has you, the protagonist, tread carefully through a very brightly coloured Japanese high school. “Now, why is ...

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Danganronpa Triggers PC Release Next Month

Danganronpa PC

Spike Chunsoft have revealed that cult visual novel Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc will be receiving a PC port this February. The game follows a class of high school students locked in the twisted Hope’s Peak Academy. Imprisoned by maniacal robotic teddy bear Monokuma, the classmates’ only possible means of escape is to commit the perfect murder – to kill one of ...

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Tim Schafer’s AMA Sparks Concerns About Censorship


At 7PM on the 11th of January, 2016, Double Fine Studio’s Tim Schafer, currently working on a crowd-funded sequel to his cult classic title Psychonauts, started a thread for fans and critics to ask him questions on Reddit’s r/IAmA Sub-Board under his online handle ‘TimOfLegend.’ In 12 hours time, almost 3,000 comments and replies can be displayed in the thread. ...

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