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Metroid Prime Producer: Metroid To “Now Likely Be On NX”

Metroid Prime Samus Aran

It hasn’t been a relatively good past 24 hours for Nintendo admittedly. More pressing, neither has it been easy sailing for Metroid fans whom had, prior to the Digital Event yesterday, been eagerly awaiting and expecting the announcement of a new Wii U title featuring the iconic bounty hunter. But in an interview with Eurogamer, one of the Prime trilogy’s ...

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Just Cause 3 Gets New Trailer, Explosions Confirmed

Just Cause 3 Free Falling

Roland Lesterlin, game director of Just Cause 3, was on stage to present the first trailer of Square Enix’s E3 press conference. Avalanche Studio’s ambitions for Just Cause 3 are to make it the greatest game in the franchise by adding new features, such as the wing-suit and multiple grapple hooks. At the same time, Avalanche have polished returning features, ...

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New Hitman, Gameplay and Features Detailed

New Hitman

More info on the next game in the Hitman franchise was shown at Square Enix’s E3 conference. Christian Elverdam explained on the E3 stage that IO Interactive has taken a slightly different approach with the new game. The studio is planning ongoing updates and events, including new locations, missions and unique assassinations which can only be attempted once by players ...

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Gets Fans Thumbs-Down

Federation Force

Nintendo’s beloved sci-fi series Metroid is finally returning after a 5-year absence…as a 4-player handheld co-op game. Yes, Metroid Prime: Federation Force was unveiled today during Nintendo’s Digital Event, with series star Samus Aran nowhere in sight. The game features stylized chibi renditions of Galactic Federation soldiers. The game will also include Metroid Prime: Blast Ball; a first-person shooter fused with soccer ...

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Nier Series Getting Follow-Up, Developed By Platinum

Nier Main Art

Yosuke Saito took to the stage at Square Enix’s E3 conference to announce the next title in the NieR series on the Playstation 4…or not announce as the case may be – several words in the supposed sub-title appearing to fade in and out. The original Nier games – Nier Replicant being Japan exclusive – began as an offshoot of ...

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Combines Two Beloved RPG Series

Paper Jam

Today’s Nintendo Digital Event unveiled the newest installment in the Mario & Luigi RPG series…and the Paper Mario series. Yes, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for 3DS mixes the world of the M&L series with the characters and flattening powers of the Paper Mario series. Unlike recent installment in the Paper series, this will essentially play like the Mario & Luigi RPG games, with the traditional timed-hit ...

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Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Officially Unveiled

Integrity And Faithlessness Screenshot

A new entry in the Star Ocean franchise has been officially unveiled during the Square Enix E3 Press Conference after previously been leaked last April. The game is indeed titled Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness. Check out the official reveal below: Producer Shuichi Kobayashi also said that while the gameplay footage shown was running at 30FPS, they are currently pushing ...

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Kingdom Hearts III Offers New Gameplay Trailer, Tangled World Confirmed

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot

Square Enix at their E3 conference today, revealed a new gameplay trailer for their long-awaited game Kingdom Hearts III…but not before showing the audience a special video message from Disney’s Greg Coleman (Vice President of Worldwide Marketing) and Roy Connelly (producer of various Disney films) They proclaimed their excitement that Square Enix would be bringing Tangled into the world of ...

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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Coming West This Fall

Fatal Frame Maiden Of Black Water Screenshot

Maiden Of Black Water is the official sub-title of the Western localization of Fatal Frame V, Nintendo have confirmed today having released a brand new trailer. The Wii U exclusive sees the Gamepad used as a kind of paranormal camera to investigate and potentially avoid all the game’s demonic spirits that aren’t visible by the regular TV screen in third-person ...

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Releasing December 4th

Xenoblade Chronicles X Dolls

We finally have a release date for Monolithsoft’s Wii U exclusive open-World JRPG. Fans in the West can expect to get their hands on Xenoblade Chronicles X on December 4th as Nintendo’s Digital Event unveiled near the end of a brand new trailer. X is already out in Japan, however it’s important to note that the trailer did not feature ...

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