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Stephen (or Steve(or Tojeka Steve)) is a kind young man who cares more about games, fiction, sleep and chicken than is probably healthy.

Are The New-Generation Consoles Still Lacking In Value?


Indies and ports. They’re the dirty words often spoken by gamers who are fed-up with the state of the current library of new-generation games. It is a, now-monthly, response and critique of Sony’s formerly adored Playstation Plus service; frustration growing to a constant as the slots for Playstation 4’s “free games” are occupied consistently by 2D retro-styled games, and independent ...

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Pre-order incentives: are you even trying anymore?


Pre-order culture has a noticeable stranglehold on modern gaming. Take a look through any huge retailer for the biggest upcoming games and you’ll see the likes of collector’s editions, day one steelbooks and pre-order exclusive downloadable content. Now, pre-order content is even announced when a game is revealed, such as the Harley Quinn DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight. This isn’t to ...

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Review: Infamous – First Light


Developer: Sucker Punch Studios Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platforms: PlayStation 4 In 2011, Sucker Punch Studios released an…interesting downloadable expansion for Infamous 2 by the name of Infamous: Festival of Blood. Rather than creating a typical piece of downloadable content for their superhero action game, they decided to get creative and transplant series star Cole MacGrath into a short adventure in ...

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