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Stephen (or Steve(or Tojeka Steve)) is a kind young man who cares more about games, fiction, sleep and chicken than is probably healthy.

When Did Killing Female NPCs Suddenly Become A Crime?


I’ve been thinking a bit about something since watching ABC Nightline’s segment on #GamerGate last night. At least, it claimed to be about #GamerGate, but was making offhand comments and pull-quotes from the usual media narrative. You know, the one that says it’s a movement of male gamers (inaccurate) threatening women in the industry (disingenuous as there’s no evidence the assholes sending ...

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PC Gamer Owns Up To Conflict Of Interest


Yesterday, we reported on the revelations that PC Gamer writer Tyler Wilde was in an undisclosed relationship with a Ubisoft employee. Despite this conflict of interest, Wilde wrote about Ubisoft products numerous times for PC Gamer, with no transparency. After investigation by sub-reddit r/KotakuInAction, and what appeared to be an attempted cover-up of the evidence, Wilde and PC Gamer have ...

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Tiny Robot Justice Squad Is A UK Greenlight Game For Charity


Tiny Robot Justice Squad is the debut game from one-man non-profit studio Mind Relay. The UK-developed title will have all proceeds donated to GamesAid; a British gaming charity which helps disabled children and young people. The game will be a 2D platformer/arena shooter in which players pick from one of the three Tiny Robot Justice Squad heroes are tasked with ...

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Minecraft On Xbox Gets Official Simpsons Skins

SkinPack_The Simpsons_Family_1080x1080_V6_No_Sun_B

This February will see the release of a special skin pack for Minecraft: Xbox Edition featuring the cast of The Simpsons. Available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game, The Simpsons skin pack will include the family of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, as well as 19 other Springfield residents. The news post announcing the ...

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Toukiden Kiwami Coming To PlayStation 4


Toukiden Kiwami; the Japanese-themed hunting game that was initially announced for a 2015 Western release on the PlayStation Vita only, has now also been confirmed for the PlayStation 4. Koei Tecmo Europe revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the game will release on PS4 and Vita on the 27th of March, in both physical and digital formats. It’s also set ...

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It’s Time To End The Cultural Appropriation of Tetris


Tetris. An all-time classic, loved the world over. But I don’t care how much you appreciate this game; you are participating in yet another act of cultural appropriation by Western society. Alexey Pajitnov’s puzzler has been exploited and reproduced countless times, with the most recent being Ubisoft’s ‘Tetris Ultimate’. Yes, it’s broken, but that’s what you deserve, you greedy scumbags. As ...

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Wii Game Downloads Confirmed For Wii U eShop


Initially the Wii U’s backwards-compatibility with Wii games only extended to discs. Today, however, Nintendo Direct revealed that fans will be able to purchase and download digital copies of Wii titles in a release scheme similar to the Nintendo Virtual Console. This will kick off with 3 weekly releases of acclaimed Wii games for the rest of January: -Super Mario Galaxy ...

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Mortal Kombat X Shows A Slice of Kung Lao and Kitana

Mortal Kombat X

The newest trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X shows the return of classic fighters Kitana and Kung Lao. The razor sharp fan and hat wielding pair have been recurring cast members in the series since their debut in MK2. Kitana is a princess and the adopted daughter of the big bad ruler of Outworld, Shao Kahn. Kung Lao is ...

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The GamesNosh Awards 2014 (Part 2) – Game of the Year


(Click here for the GamesNosh AwardsCast Part 1 ) Welcome back to the 2014 GamesNosh Awards. Part 2 of the AwardsCast can be seen below. Here listed after the podcast will be the lists of the final 2 categories and our choices for them. As these are Top 10s, the winners will be listed from number 10 all the way to number 1. As ...

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The GamesNosh Awards 2014 (Part 1) – Categories

goty 2014

With 2014 drawn to a close, it’s time for Chris Heeley, Jak Garrity, Scott Shenton, Stephen Welsh and Jordan Helm to look back at the past year’s releases and decide on the highlights in this special two-parter NoshCast. The start of the AwardsCast goes through the majority of our categories. From Best Platform, to Best Soundtrack, as well as the ...

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