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UN Attempts To Mandate Japanese Culture


Earlier today I read an article on NicheGamer, stating that the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), was wishing to investigate Japan’s treatment of women and women’s rights records. Now, this is coming from the same UN that has Saudi Arabia on its Human Rights Council. Surely the fact that some video games are sexualised is ...

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Gal Gun To Get English Release In 2016

Gal Gun

Gal Gun Double Peace is a game very different from the normal railgun shooter you may be used to. Pulling away from your House of the Dead zombie affair, or a similar Time Crisis force of terrorists and mercenaries, Gal*Gun: Double Peace instead has you, the protagonist, tread carefully through a very brightly coloured Japanese high school. “Now, why is ...

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Final Fantasy IX PC Release Coming Soon! (also mobile)

Final Fantasy IX PC

Final Fantasy IX, fondly remembered as one of the very best games in the Final Fantasy series has been announced for PC and smartphones! The ports will be coming at some point in 2016, Square Enix announced earlier today in Japan. As of yet, a Western release has not been announced, but following on from Square Enix tradition, a Western ...

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Hideo Kojima to Partner with Sony for New Playstation Exclusive


After rumours surfaced of Hideo Kojima launching his own studio, a video has been uploaded to the Playstation YouTube account, confirming the future of Kojima’s work in the gaming industry. Within the video, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House proclaims that Sony is to work with “one of the most celebrated game developers in history.” pic.twitter.com/Lm04m6BNB1 — HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) ...

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After Six Long Years, Project M is Calling it a Day

Project M

For those of you out there who enjoy playing Project M, the popular modding sensation that gripped Super Smash Bros Brawl players, I have some bad news. The six long years of support and new versions has finally come to an end. The team itself have announced on their website that they shall no longer be working on the project. ...

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Fan of Retro City Rampage? A Sequel is Coming Your Way! IN 16-BITS

Retro City Rampage

If you were like me, you enjoyed Retro City Rampage when it came out in 2012. Being a small indie game at the time it definitely put VBlank Entertainment on the map. Understandably, a sequel may not have been on the mind of fans after their first playthrough, but last night VBlank Entertainment announced Shakedown Hawaii. Whereas Retro City Rampage ...

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Jazzpunk Review – For Punks Who Love All That Jazz

Jazzpunk Review

Publisher: Adult Swim Games Developer: Necrophone Games Platform: PC Jazzpunk. The name brings to mind the other genres that have sprung up over the years. Steampunk, Cyberpunk, hell, even Seapunk is a thing these days, when people are left to their own devices. However, the title itself is a parody of these other genres, proving the point that you can ...

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