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Jon does like things other than games, including a shameful penchant for the Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees and stuff of that ilk. He's not bad at photography but terrible at writing in third person.

Noshcast Episode 5 – Games Podcast


The fifth episode of the weekly games podcast known to all as the NoshCast is here, and to celebrate this otherwise irrelevant milestone we’ve actually decided to release on time! This week we discuss the golden joystick awards with their somewhat premature game of the year awards, react with incredulousness towards EA’s frank courtroom admission that you’re stupid if you believe a word ...

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Noshcast Episode 4 – Games Podcast


The fourth and only equally as late episode of the weekly games podcast known to all as the NoshCast is here. This week we discuss the idea of games causing controversy and moral outrage and whether we face an era of increased self censorship, acknowledge Nintendo’s belated adoption of everyone’s beloved DLC, point out why Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning was a abominable idea for a main character ...

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Noshcast Episode 3 – Games Podcast


The third and even later episode of the weekly games podcast known to all as the NoshCast is here (and lacking in the Chris department this week due to a fairly virulent strain of something nasty). This week we discuss Capcom’s and Square Enix’s ridiculous sales expectation, sort of but not really mourn the passing of the Official Nintendo Magazine here in the UK, point ...

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Noshcast Episode 2 – Games Podcast


The second and slightly late episode of the weekly games podcast known to all as the NoshCast is upon us (and indeed, you too). This week we discuss Intel’s pulling of an advertising campaign due to consumer pressure, follow up on the news of the Tetris movie with a discussion on video game based movies as a whole, try not to ...

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Noshcast Episode 1 – Games Podcast


The inaugural weekly NoshCast has defied a veritable smorgasbord of technical issues and appears below as a download, stream or videocast depending on your preference. Each Sunday you’ll find the latest news, what games we’ve been occupying our time with as well as a cornucopia of tangentially related chatter. Download here (70.9 meg download) If you have any questions send them ...

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The Long, Sad and Drawn out Death of the Games “Journalist”.


Dear Games Media, I was originally going to write an article on the history of the games media from a British perspective, with particular focus on the many beloved titles published in Britain, as part of a series celebrating British Gaming Culture. Unfortunately it just wasn’t working out, simply because for all it’s past glories, the corporate games media isn’t cause ...

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WB Review: Donkey Kong Country


For those hoping for –  yet simultaneously doubting the possibility of Rare ever returning to their previously high form, let me tell you of the game that I 100% guarantee is Rare’s first stage in their return to greatness. Before you get too excited though, I’m referring to their initial comeback of 1994. You know (or quite possibly don’t, come to think ...

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