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Why Dark Souls III Needs an Easy Mode [Just Kidding]


Sorry. I’m just kidding. Dark Souls absolutely does not need an easy mode. You guys just need to, as the meme goes, git gud. No, really. This isn’t some impossible task. If you smack your head against the brick wall that is Dark Souls, it will eventually break. I mean, come on. DarkSydePhil was able to do it. A guy ...

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Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers Gets English-Asian Release

Moon Dwellers

Bandai Namco Asia has announced that the latest entry in the Super Robot Wars OG series will be getting an English release in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers will release in these territories for the PlayStation 4 at some point in 2016. For those unaware, Super Robot Wars is a strategy RPG franchise ...

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EA launches Origin “Access” subscription service


Today, EA launched a subscription service for their Origin platform. It’s priced at $4.99 USD/£3.99 GBP per month, and gives unlimited access to several games, listed below: -Battlefield 4 -Dragon Age Inquisition -Battlefield Hardline -Battlefield 3 -SimCity (2013) -FIFA 15 -Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare -Need for Speed Rivals -Dead Space 1, 2, and 3 -Dragon Age 2 -Dragon Age: ...

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Guilty Gear Xrd – Review (PC Port)


Disclosure: The author was provided with a copy of the game by the publisher for the purpose of this review Publisher: Arc System Works Developer: Arc System Works Platforms: PC Looks like I got an early Christmas present from Arc System Works today. It says “CAUTION: May melt eyeballs”. Eh, probably doesn’t mean anything. Let’s just open that up…..OH. MY. GOD. ...

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Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 review

Publisher: Square-Enix Developer: Avalanche Studios Platforms: PC (review platform), PlayStation 4, Xbox One Just Cause 3 is (obviously) the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Just Cause 2. A series about guns, cars, explosions, and everything in-between. That’s the goal: cause as much chaos as you can by blowing up as much stuff as you can. Pretty simple premise, and given the right ...

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Steam Controller Review – Round 2

Steam Controller Review

Well, it’s been… what, about a week since I wrote the Steam Controller review? This thing is a moving target. Valve has made a liar out of me. Already. Not that I fault them for it; They’re improving their product, after all. In the short time since the review went to print, they added a “Mouse Joystick” mode for games that ...

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Gran Turismo Sport Announced


Sony has announced another entry in its long-running Gran Turismo franchise, this time dubbed ‘Gran Turismo Sport.’ Whether or not this will be considered a mainline entry or a side entry, ala Forza Horizon, is unknown at this point. All we have is this trailer: The trailer itself is extremely light on details, with no information on, well, anything. It’s a ...

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Review – Steam Controller


When I heard that Valve had a controller in the works, I was sceptical. Valve is predominantly a software company, after all. Especially when it was announced that it’d work on any game, controller-enabled or not. When I first saw what would become the controller I now hold in my hand, it all clicked. It made sense, in theory….In practice? ...

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Second Chance: Zone of the Enders

Zone of the Enders

This week, I’m talking about that game that came with the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo. Um, what’s-it-called. That robot game… Damn, what was it called? Oh yeah, Zone of the Enders. That’s the one. Totally didn’t have to find the box or anything to remember the title. Zone of the Enders is a “High Speed Robot Action” game from ...

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Review – Until Dawn

Until Dawn Screenshot

Developer: Supermassive Games Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform: PS4 It seems like it’s every day that we get a game that comes out screaming that player choice matters. So it’s rare that we get one where that’s actually the case. Until Dawn is a third-person horror game that feels like a marathon-length horror movie. Think Heavy Rain meets Betrayal at ...

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