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A musician and composer who occasionally likes writing about video games...

Banished Colonial Charter – Interview With Jeff Harr

banished interview

Jeff Harr is a developer and mod author for the incredibly expansive Colonial Charter mod for Banished. Developed by Shining Rock Software, a one person team of Luke Hodorowicz. With music by Joseph Hodorowicz. Banished is a city building, survival strategy game released in 2014. Shortly after the release of the mod kit, Jeff Harr and a few other mod authors ...

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How Sony Absolutely Dominated E3 2016


Full disclosure, I am a Sony fanboy in recovery. There was a time I believed that Sony could literally do no wrong when it came to the video game industry. Even when they released their defective first model of the PS3 for a ludicrous £600 and removed backwards compatibility for the models that weren’t destined for the dreaded yellow light ...

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From Software has 3 New Projects in the Works


Disappointed that you didn’t hear anything from the talented developers at From Software at this year’s E3 press conferences? No worries, a NeoGaf user has translated an interview with president Hidetaka Miyazaki, where he reveals that the company are hard at work on three internal projects. The first, an action RPG with a ‘dark fantasy setting,’ though Miyazaki claimed this ...

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Valve to Publish ‘Fan Made Battlefront 3’


Frontwire studios, inspired by the leaked footage of a cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3, have been working on an unofficial Battlefront 3 game of their own using Unreal Engine 4. The studio have previously had doubts about releasing the game officially due to fears of a cease and desist from Disney. But with renewed hope, Frontwire have secured a publishing ...

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The Mighty No. 9 Trailer is Bad, Quit Your Crying!


This article was written in response to “The Mighty No. 9 Trailer is NOT Bad, Quit Your Crying!” by Mock9’s John C. Last week, the internet had not really been talking much about Mighty No. 9. That is, until a really bad trailer for the game came out on Wednesday, 25th of May.  The trailer was so bad, it currently ...

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 & the Awful “Will” Audio Drama


We have two videos for you today! An in-depth discussion and review of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and a much shorter video summarising the ‘Final Fantasy X -Will-‘ audio drama. My co-hosts Tom & Luke had never played an RPG before Final Fantasy X and 15 years later, the game remains one of their favourite games of all time. ...

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Nosgoth Cancelled Due To Stagnant Player Base


The Legacy of Kain spin-off title Nosgoth, has been cancelled whilst still in beta. A beta that has been going on since January 2015 without the game having an official release. Yet Square-Enix has decided there is no hope for the multiplayer action game despite their attempts to draw new players. The free-to-play, humans vs vampires game was originally designed ...

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Project Cars – Game of the Year Edition Review


Disclosure: the author was provided with a review code of this game by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Platform: PC (Review Platform) Playstation 4, Xbox One Racing simulator, or arcade racer? Since the dawn of gaming it has been a question that has plagued the minds of the people who care about racing games. ...

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Resident Evil’s Fall From Grace – Part 2

Downfall pt 2

Following on from our in depth Resident Evil 4 review, we play Resident Evil 5 to shed some light on the most divisive title in the series. It’s a game that at first glance is incredibly similar to the 4th, but with some crucial differences which quickly become the focal point of our discussion. Look out for part 3 too, ...

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SEGA Looking in to Shenmue I & II Remasters


The latest SEGA Central video released yesterday, revealed that the company are currently investigating the possibility of HD remasters of cult classics, Shenmue I & II. Community manager Dan Sheridan said in response to a fan question on whether the re-releases would be coming: “Sadly, it’s not as simple as porting the games to current platforms as we will need ...

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