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A musician and composer who occasionally likes writing about video games...

Dark Souls III Leak, Legit or Not?

Dark Souls III leak

Youtube channel ‘The Know’ claim to have received insider information about Dark Souls III and have backed it up with some screen shots of the game. They announced this via a video, in which they also shared some details about the new gameplay features, enemies, bosses, weapons etc. in the game. A few days ago a rumour was circulated about ...

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Tales of Berseria Marks RPG Franchise’s PS4 Debut

Tales of Berseria

The Tales Of festival was kicked off yesterday (June 6th) in Yokohama with the announcement of Tales Of Berseria, the 16th main installment in the long running JRPG series. Tales of Berseria will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and while we don’t know much about it yet, it’ll star a lady called Velvet who looks more than ...

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Jonathan Blow Says “Videogames Are Terrible For Telling Stories”

Jonathan Blow

Jonathan Blow, creator of the highly successful Braid and the upcoming game The Witness has proclaimed in an interview with Play Magazine, that ‘videogames are terrible at telling stories’ and this isn’t the first time either. When speaking to Vanity Fair in March he also likened games to porn, either referring to a lack of storyline or maybe meaning game ...

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XCOM 2 Announced for PC, Mac & Linux

XCOM 2 Screenshot

Set 20 years after XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 will have the player lead resistance forces to reclaim an Earth occupied by the Alien threat. 2K Games and Firaxis have confirmed that XCOM 2 will feature procedurally generated levels, five updated soldier classes, increased soldier customization, more alien and enemy types, evolved tactical combat and will also have much deeper ...

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Review – Boot Hill Heroes

Boot Hill Heroes

Publisher: Experimental Gamer Studios Developer: Experimental Gamer Studios Platforms: PC, XBLA, PlayStation Mobile Boot Hill Heroes is the first game from indie studio ‘Experimental Gamer,‘ a developer which aims to bring elements from classic RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger and breathe life into the genre once again. This very small team had a successful kickstarter campaign in late 2012 ...

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The Unity Asset Store or ‘How Not To Make A Game’

Unity Asset Store

Love him, hate him, or “thank God for him,” Jim Sterling’s alive and kicking on his YouTube channel. If any of you follow his ‘Squirty Play‘ series then you might be aware of an increasing concern around the Steam community regarding the Unity asset store. More specifically, how certain “creators” buy a random assortment of assets for the Unity game engine ...

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Is Hideo Kojima Trolling Konami?

Hideo Kojima

Much rumour and speculation has followed Hideo Kojima in recent times and we still have very little to go on. He may or may not have been fired. The new Silent Hill(s) which he was working on with Guillermo Del Torro was cancelled. Konami paid no mind to the possibility that this pairing may have been the best thing that ...

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Final Fantasy XV Demo 2.0 Update Coming Early June

Final Fantasy XV demo

Square Enix have announced via their Active Time Report and a subsequent tweet that a 2.0 update will be available for the Final Fantasy XV Demo ‘Episode Duscae’ early in June. The Active Time Report below shows detailed information on the fan feedback of the demo, including the hotly debated complaint that the mechanic character Cindy, is too sexy. in Japan, ...

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Wonder Flick – An Empty Promise and A Missed Opportunity


Shortly after completing Level 5’s JRPG masterpiece Ni No Kuni, I was left awestruck by how a company could deliver such massive scale, beautifully rendered, gripping tales so consistently. In Dark Cloud and it’s sequel Dark Chronicle, they seamlessly melded action RPG combat with tactical city building and time travel. They took Enix’s popular series Dragon Quest and pushed it, ...

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