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Review: The Evil Within


Developer: Tango Gameworks Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC When I first saw the release list for this quarter I became all aquiver. A feeling stirred inside me, I felt that the horror genre was gaining momentum for this generation and shunning the terrible label “horror is dead”. The first title that stirred my loins ...

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Video: Trials & Errors!


Just a quick announcement to let you know that Gamesnosh has another new series starting called “Trials and Errors”, a series which I am lucky enough to host. Through this series we’ll be delving into the ever growing community that is “Track central” on Trials Fusion, finding the tracks we love/hate and posting my attempts to complete them. Full credit ...

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Review: Knack

Developer: SCE Japan Studio Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platforms: PlayStation 4 I am beginning to acknowledge the existence of this strange breed for human known as the “child”. I am even willing to accept that they need entertaining from time to time. So I therefore have to come to terms with the gaming industry creating games solely for these “children” ...

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Review: Metro Redux


As with home improvements, sandwiches, and my intro paragraphs; seemingly pointless “filler” is essential to the gaming industry and the recent batch of remastered titles is exactly that, Filler. The Last of Us and Tomb Raider were (in my opinion) obvious candidates for an upgrade to the latest generation consoles as they were originally big sellers when released and have ...

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Review: Wolfenstein – The New Order


I often wonder if there is a small group of people who fight for continuation of certain IP’s, is there a diehard legion of Wolfenstein fans who just won’t let the series go gracefully into the night?  Even after the shit flavoured trifle that was served when ID Software and Raven Software attempted to defibrillate the series back in 2009, ...

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Review: Infamous – Second Son


# I want to leap over buildings, Want to fly over the shores, Save the people from the villains, Catch the crooks who rob the stores. # Write my name upon the sky, When you call me I’ll be there, Faster than a lightning flash, Rushing through the, cool night air. # Ohh woah So start ignition count to zero, ...

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Money laying around? Aspire to be Phil Fish? Then read on…


The illusive indie game dev and part time tweeter Phil Fish has piped up claiming that “Polytron” (Game Studio) is up for sale, along with the IP “Fez”. This dramatic announcement was made via twitter stating that “no reasonable offer will be refused”  for the studio and its indie Game IP before once again suspending his twitter account. He has stated ...

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Review: Murdered – Soul Suspect


I have always been partial to the supernatural, it’s not like I believe in any of it but I do have a special place in my blackened heart for ghost stories and the like. So when I first heard about Murdered: Soul Suspect I must say I was excited but I know better than to pin my hopes on pre-rendered ...

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Review: Killzone Shadowfall


When selecting a launch title, console creators need to choose wisely as they will be setting the tone for their machine, whilst gamers are aware that better things come over time, standards are still high and with console prices being as high as they are a decent bait is needed to lure consumers in before the hook can be set. ...

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