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Noshi says Hi!
Noshi says Hi!

GamesNosh is an independently run video game community founded in July of 2014. The site Is outside the scope of most professional game sites by focusing on Personality based content that adheres to certain journalistic standards. Join GamesNosh today and become part of the UK’s fastest growing gaming community!


What’s the Deal With Your Rating System?

GamesNosh reviews games on a 1-10, scale with One being the lowest available score and ten being the highest.

10 point ratings are pretty easy to recognize in terms of tiering, and we’re not big into trying to separate out games into endless categories of quality.

In short, games that range between five and and ten are games you should take notice of because they might be something you’ll like; Games that score below that , not so much. If that’s not enough, here are some simple guidelines we think you’ll find helpful:-

9-10 Superb. A must-have game.

7-8 Highly recommended.

5-6 Average. Worth a try/rental

3-4 Barely worth renting.

1-2 Impressively awful.

How Come You Don’t Review Every Single Game That Comes Out? And Why Are Your Reviews “Late?”

Unlike the major game websites, we don’t get press pre-release copies of games. That said, we want to make it a point to play as many games as is humanly possible, even when that means going and paying for games like everyone else. We’ll try to cover the big games we know you care about, and we’ll also try to cover as much of the smaller stuff as we can. Specifically though, we’ll go out of our way to highlight stuff we’re excited about and want you, the viewer, to know about.

Get Involved!

Have any tips or information you think we should know about? send them to Submissions@gamesnosh.com

Our offical Twitter is @GamesNosh

Are you a writer and would like to us to publish your article as a guest? contact us via the email above.

Looking to join our ever growing team? send resume to Submissions@gamesnosh.com and check out the Jobs Page

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GamesNosh™ is a wholly owned website and content platform  created by Christopher Heeley

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  • Guest

    “Are a writer and would us to publish your article as a guest?” – So if we were interested in sharing an article but didn’t want the responsibility of a full position, we would be happy to submit articles?

  • Wisdomcube2000

    Hey just curious before I go submitting an application..Would someone from the US be an alright candidate for the review position?

    • We’re not opposed to applications from outside the UK, especially if you give a very good first impression. However we do lean slightly towards local applicants due to time-zone and communication constraints.

  • Trigger

    Might I kindly suggest ditching the antiquated notion of the numerical rating? It means virtually nothing. Aggregators like Metacritic can make numbers meaningful to a certain extent (although even that’s heavily influenced by the “professional” opinions that are many times flat-out wrong), but one person or even a handful of individuals giving a game a numerical score is an extremely poor way of indicating a game’s content and level of quality to others.

    Instead of a numerical rating, I would like to put forward the idea of presenting a concise list of pros and cons at the end of every review. That’s the most objective barometer possible. The readers are then free to judge for themselves whether the pros outweigh the cons or vice-versa. After all, no one but the individual can decide whether a given game is worth owning. This also dodges the inevitable comparison of “which game is objectively better, X or Y”, especially when comparing across genres.

    tl;dr: Numerical ratings are inaccurate and do not serve the reader as well as a concise summary of pros and cons.

    • Subdistrict Computers

      I think the number is more for saying “This game is good, it might not be something you’re interested in, but you might like it if you give it a try.” That’s what I always think the numbers mean. Aggregate scores are useless, because too many people give the game a score because of hype or money involved or hate for a game.

      • fabrecass

        Your second point negates your first point.

        • Ben Kuyt

          No, the first point was talking about individual scores. The second was aggregate scores. You can tell when an individual score is skewed. An aggregate score can be sullied by someone with a grudge.

          • fabrecass

            “You can tell when an individual score is skewed.”


          • Ben Kuyt

            Just by how it’s written. If many other reviews are talking about things like game mechanics and story, and one of the reviews is talking more about sexual characters, you can tell that person has a more personal agenda to push. Stuff like that. Skewed doesn’t always involve money.

          • fabrecass

            I’m sorry, but whatever point you’re trying to make is nonsense. Your example is ridiculous, and only proves that you think you can tell when a review isn’t legit, but in reality, it’s only your opinion. This is my point, you can’t always tell, especially if you haven’t played the game.

            So, the problems that you and OP have with aggregate scores, also apply to individual scores.

  • Jordan

    Would you mind responding to my e-mails regarding contributing/submissions that I sent you several weeks ago? You’ll know which ones, I’m sure.

  • Jordan

    Would you mind responding to my e-mails regarding contributing/submissions that I sent you several weeks ago? You’ll know which ones, I’m sure.

    • Stephen J. Welsh

      Sorry for the delay. We’re just one last person to check and approve. You might just be greeted with good news.

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